Lead; kindly light.

I receive advisory and targeted e-mails from many organisations, most of which end up in my ‘trash bag’; as I filter them away from an in-box which is kept for those deserving, i.m.h.o. of course, of my valuable time and consideration. Many of these messages are from people/organisations who have been in contact previously, and of course with t’Internet’s well-known ability to keep everything on file, they don’t even need to use a mouse to send out thousands of messages; so the marketing/garbage/advertising/propaganda goes on, and on: etc. I group just about all (fake) charities as one with the rest of the background; but occasionally, I hear from a group who are worthy of a second glance, and who also perform a tremendous service to the Nation, although I do believe that they would shrink from such an acclimation. They are the Christian Institute, a campaigning bunch whose efforts are based, fairly obviously, around Christians, Christianity in Great Britain and the gross attempts by many politicians and their fellow-travellers , such as the appalling ‘Dame Louise Casey’ to stifle debate, free speech and the very existence and use of a conscience within our daily lives.
Don’t get me wrong, as a man of, these days, almost an atheist’s viewpoint; I am somewhat bewildered by their steady belief in the existence of a God, with a Son who came to birth in Bethlehem by means of a virgin conception, and a third member of the Trinity, namely the Holy Spirit: but with over a billion believers, they obviously reckon that theirs is the message. But I admire them mostly because they use the Law to avail themselves of relief from oppressive and overbearing legislation; and they are both feared and respected by their opponents.

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2 comments for “Lead; kindly light.

  1. graham wood
    February 23, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Mike. I am intrigued by your “almost an atheist’s viewpoint”.
    As a matter of interest what would tip you from being “almost” to full? Or put another way, aren’t you really saying you are agnostic as to the existence of God?
    Re the Christian Institute. Agree they do a very fine job of opposing many of successive government’s authoritarian moves to impose social engineering and freedom of conscience.
    Ah, conscience. A most interesting concept universally existent – but where did that originate do you think?

    • February 23, 2017 at 10:46 pm

      Not unlike being a little bit pregnant. 🙂

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