Breeding CAN be taught

One thing which had so many conservatives up in arms was Obama’s utter lack of class and absence of manners:

obama feet on furniture

Most of the criticism was for his habit of putting feet up on furniture in street shoes. This was not a quality person and it showed in his manner, his dishonesty, his policies.

Now that we have this:

kellyanne gauche

… the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak and she’s been roundly condemned by the left. Uh huh, this is the same left that parades around with vaginas on their heads, smashing windows and urinating in public?

Having said that, yes she is most gauche and ‘unclassy’ – clearly she’s not been taught simple rules of society. There are so many thoughts coming from this issue.

If I go down to the docks, I expect to find rough men with hearts of gold who don’t stand much on ceremony and that’s fine. I’ve done that, I’ve been a storeman, I’ve a few biker mates and that’s how things are. If I go to the White House, I expect to see some refinement – even the Donald seems to show that in his new situation.

We have three different divisions operating here:

1. Social class
2. Generation
3. Gender

Kellyanne Conway strikes out on all three.

1. The burgeoning middle-class, of which I’m both at the lower and upper end was taught basic rules of society which did not really depend on social class – every child was taught the same: how to use a knife and fork, stand up when a lady walks in and when she leaves, walk on the outside of the footpath, don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t put feet in shoes up on furniture.

2. At least, it was taught to Boomer children but then came the gauche Generation X and fewer and fewer knew manners – you can see that quite easily in discourse in the media. Read a newspaper of 1960 and read the Mail today – low class preoccupations, foul language, inability to spell, complete lack of grace and walking around with airs, graces and tattoos. Millennials were worse, the new generation after them is simply ignorant.

I wish to point out here that I had no silver spoon in my mouth when born – the only manners I have today were what every child of the day had. Speak when you’re spoken to, look someone in the eye, stop kicking your leg when sitting. They were just basic for Boomers, even the hippies knew of them, though rejected them of course.

3. Girls used to be taught refinement, how to be ladies. Even the gals of St Trinians knew how to be polite and not vile, how to behave in a civilised way. A lady never swore in public. Look at this lot today. But women do not have the same shackles as men in terms of dress and following rules – they have their own set of values and their own codes. They’re a law unto themselves.

And one thing I don’t like and agree with the feminists on is that they are too willing to subordinate themselves, debase themselves. Worst example I know was a lady I’ve known most of my life – she was head of school, an all round jolly hockey sticks gal, moved in what-ho tweeds and moleskins circles. She was at Kate level, an achiever in her own right and yet she gets a boyfriend and all reason leaves her – she showed me pics in the most subservient positions because she was being accepted by his crowd.

This was exactly what Kellyanne Conway was doing. So excited to be part of elite society and so welcomed by the Donald that she forgot all decorum in public with visiting dignitaries and treated the place as if it were her own home. I can’t be doing with that. Wonder what Ivanka feels about it? Also, look how those black movers and shakers are conducting themselves in the picture.

Some people might claim a fourth division:

4. American v British.

I’ve known quite a few east coast Americans who were refined, educated. If you look back at the history of the British working class, turn of the century, you find evening classes, ladies associations, charitable work, people tried to improve themselves, to improve their education.

It’s not class per se, it’s approach, attitude, pride in oneself. Those things do not depend on your social class. These days, there are those people of all social classes … and then there are the new barbarians. Kellyanne Conway really needs someone to take her aside and educate her.

In the days of a fairly homogeneous society, it might have been not quite so important but today, with the invasion of the savage hordes, it’s perhaps more important than ever to show how civilised people live.

9 comments for “Breeding CAN be taught

  1. rapscallion
    March 1, 2017 at 9:26 am

    “At least, it was taught to Boomer children but then came the gauche Generation X and fewer and fewer knew manners”

    Concur. I would say (as a boomer, born in 1958) that it wasn’t so much bred into you as beaten into you. You didn’t speak unless spoken to. children were to be seen and not heard. Woe betide you if you put your elbows on the table, slouched or failed to use your eating utensils properly. Your elders were your betters and don’t you forget it sunshine. You stood for a lady when she entered the room or rose from the table. You always opened the doors for ladies and always gave up your seat on the bus for a lady, a pregnant lady or someone older than you. You never, ever put your feet on a chair or table, You always said please and thank you, always asked for condiments to be passed to you – not stretch over the table and if you swore you had your mouth washed out with soap. You got a clip round the ear if you wore any headgear inside, and another clip round the ear if you gave any “lip”

    You know what, it always paid off, and sometimes in unexpected ways if you catch my drift. Now single again I did a spot of online dating. Sometimes we’d meet for dinner. Many ladies were astonished that I should stand for them when they left the table to powder their nose, and stand again when they returned. Or ensure that they sat before me. Many time I got the compliment that it was so nice to meet a real gentleman. Another thing I was always taught – manners maketh man. Anyway it costs nothing.

    • March 1, 2017 at 12:27 pm

      Quite right. It served me well too – I thought everyone did as I did, she’d be impressed by these ‘manners’.

      • March 5, 2017 at 7:04 am

        Spot on, both!

  2. Voice of Reason
    March 1, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    We knew some serious aristocrats when my father became an officer in the British Army. My observation was that their manners were worse than those of the middle class, as if the latter were trying to fit in.

  3. Graham Wood
    March 1, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    Genuine aristocrats, or as they were commonly referred to in past times “the quality” had no need to demonstrate their breeding , courtesy to others, and ability to mix well irrespective of so called class distinctions, as these qualities came naturally without ostentation or effort.
    But yes, agree with your observations – “manners still maketh man”
    – a lesson that needs to be re-learned by every generation.

  4. March 1, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Yes, that was why it was written as lower to upper middle. Or the bourgeoisie perhaps.

  5. DaveK
    March 2, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Playing Devils Advocate, the lady in the pic was going to take a photo and was stood by the sofa. The actual photographer then says she is in the way and suggests she sits down. When seated she was too far back to take the picture and therefore knelt on the sofa and leaned forward. This is I believe her explanation too.

  6. Bemused
    March 3, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    And yet us perfect boomers created and brought up generation X.

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