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Say no to plain packaging!

Not content with banning smoking in every pub and club in the country, prohibiting the display of tobacco in shops and outlawing tobacco vending machines, tobacco control lobbyists now want tobacco sold in ‘plain’ (ie groteseque) packaging.

To combat this threat the smokers’ lobby group Forest, which runs the Save Our Pubs & Clubs campaign, has launched a website that gives opponents of plain packaging the opportunity to petition the government when it begins a public consultation next month.

The initiative, says Forest, is in response to Plain Packs Protect, a campaign launched in January by an alliance of tobacco control groups including Smokefree South West and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).
Those who have pledged their support for Hands Off Our Packs include Mark Littlewood, director-general of the Institute of Economic Affairs; Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas, and Josie Appleton, director of the Manifesto Club which campaigns for “freedom in everyday life”.
Please visit the Hands Off Our Packs website today. You can show your support by completing the online form which will take you no more than a minute. Once the consultation opens we will let the Government know that you are against plain packaging of tobacco.

What next? Alcohol, sweets, fizzy drinks?

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