No, really? We’re shocked. Shocked, we tell you.

Pondering The Affair of the Marred Reputation, I find myself mildly amused at the outraged clamour of the media about ‘all these appalling superinjunctions’ – and more than mildly curious about the position of some BBC top bananas.

Everyone with even a passing interest in the political circus, in whose wagon-train he and his media friends (sic) are first class passengers, has been aware for years of Mr Marred’s hypocrisy-on-the-high-wire turn. It would be vaguely interesting to enquire how many highly-placed hacks and editors have savaged him in private, and how many of them conspired with him to keep him up there at his big-top vantage point from which, to great applause from, erm, Righteous people like himself, he has shat upon people with proper jobs which pay a lot less than his but carry terrifying life-and-death responsibilities.

You know, Prime Ministers, Home Secretaries and suchlike, people charged with ensuring protection for the helpless, keeping the country solvent, defending us against our enemies (yes, I know… but we’ll do that another time), war and peace and all that. Stuff involving more heartache, headache and stress and many fewer dinners at the Ivy than Mr Marred’s own grubby trade.

Naturally, I consider Gordon Brown a political criminal and borderline lunatic but recalling his humiliation at the hands of Marred, forced to subject himself to interrogation about his private life and his suitability for public office by a man he knew to be a whited-sepulchre gobshite, and on the ethically-challenged BBC too, one might almost feel sorry for the bastard. I said ‘might’.

Where is the ‘respectable newspaper’, apart from the entirely honourable and courageous Private Eye, whose editors and proprietors have even considered dismantling Marred’s dirty armour, pro bono publico?

Oh, there has been the occasional impotent splutter but, in the meantime, why has Marred been so well-paid by so many media moguls who, when criticised, protest that it is their job to ‘speak truth to power’ in defence of Liberty, against the malignity of over-mighty ‘justices’ and the mendacity of corrupt and inept politicians and ‘opinion formers’, the latter including themselves, and especially hack-royalty anchors on the flagship political interview programmes of the main publicly-funded terrestrial (and world-reaching) TV channels.

It would be outrageous to even imagine a quiet Green Room exchange concluding with, ‘Say that again, sunshine, and I’ll see you in jail for contempt’… because that could and would never happen, obviously.

If Guido’s little poll is any guide, the tide of anger is gathering strength. Any waves lapping at the doors of Broadcasting House, yet? And would it matter to those within, anyway?

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  1. April 29, 2011 at 9:43 am

    It’s OK, Prodicus, I’m not watching the wedding. Hislop – yes, he does come out of most things smelling of roses and it’s his professional responsibility to be clean as a whistle, I suppose, so that he can savage the hypocrites. Has anyone ever tried to do a complete snowjob on Ian Hislop? I mean, apart from litigants?

  2. April 29, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    I think it’s a natural mutation of the system. The news media can be irritants so the oyster has learned to coat them and turn them into pearls. Even PE holds back more than it used to, since it’s paying pensions.

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