A celebratory moment for democracy itself

That is what left wing columnist Suzanne Moore, writing in the Mail on Sunday, thinks of Thursday’s referendum on how we vote.

She feels it should be a big deal but that neither the Yes nor the No to AV campaigns have captured the public imagination.

Moore has just provided us with the latest example of media myopia.

It is hard to get excited about nothing more meaningful than a new way of catching the same tasting fish from the same shallow pool we always have always fished and which has long since left us unsatisfied.  Nevertheless, Moore argues that:

The whole point of trying to change the voting system is to reconnect the electorate to politics.

She is completely and utterly wrong.  The electorate is only going to reconnect with politics when voters finally have control over those who make our laws and govern our nation.  Thursday’s referendum will not make that happen.

This tinkering around the edges of the Parliamentary voting system will do nothing to repair our democratic deficit.  Our laws and regulations are hatched and created by the European Commission, led by its President José Manuel Barroso and the European Council led by its President Herman Van Rompuy, and rubber stamped by the European Parliament, led by its President Jerzy Buzek.  We elect neither the Commission nor the Council, and we cannot remove their respective members through any democratic mechanism.

Some members of the European Parliament are elected by us, but join political groupings led by people who again are unaccountable to UK voters, and it is they who direct the way in which the ‘bloc’ will vote.  Therefore, elections in this country are meaningless. Yes we are permitted to vote for representatives to local authorities and Parliament, but they are bound by the laws and regulations formulated abroad by people we cannot remove from power or hold to account.

This state of affairs has been increasingly acknowledged by the representatives we do elect to our Parliament in Westminster who now more openly admit they cannot make the changes people wish them to because they do not have the competence.  But despite the bleating they refuse point blank to take back the political power that has been handed to Brussels by successive parliaments of Westminster politicans.

The reason why contributors have lined up to write on this new multi-contributor blog is because the notion that we are living in a democracy is a carefully tended myth.  We are not a free people empowered to control how we live by determining our own laws   We are a politically powerless nation of millions, many of whom are simply refusing to be taken in by the illusion of democratic control.

Yes to AV, No to AV… it makes no difference how we vote if we have no say over who our ruling elite are.  But of course, that is something that will not be put on the table by our political class. If we as a people want power we will have to take it back because the political class will never willingly relinquish it. If we take it back that will be the celebratory moment for democracy itself.

3 comments for “A celebratory moment for democracy itself

  1. May 2, 2011 at 6:18 am

    “Moore has just provided us with the latest example of media myopia.”

    It’s exciting to those living in the media/political bubble. But that’s a tiny fraction of the people. Most of my family, friends and work colleagues are utterly indifferent.

  2. May 2, 2011 at 8:22 am

    I recall the last time we had a referendum – in 1975. I was too young to vote but my parents voted to leave the Common Market as it was then.

    What I do recall from that time was a comment made by my maths teacher. He wasn’t going to vote because there was no point. After all, he said, there won’t be a common market in 23 years time…

    In a way, he was right, just no in the way he thought.

  3. May 2, 2011 at 11:41 am

    This is a known known for us – no way will they voluntarily implement real democracy. It’s the lies and hypocrisy which are the most nauseating.

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