You’re Never Alone With An E-Cig!

Oh, one for Leg-Iron, I think!

Smoking with friends in a huddle outside bars or with colleagues on a break from work has always been sociable.

But a new electronic cigarette has been made for the social networking generation with sensors that alert smokers when someone else is lighting up nearby.

Three cheers for social networking, telling the Righteous where to get off at every opportunity!

Packs of Blu e-cigarettes, which release a nicotine-laden vapour instead of smoke, vibrate and flash a blue light when they are within 50 feet of another pack.

Smokers can meet up with their fellow e-cigarette users and exchange contact details – all of which is stored electronically inside the packs of cigarettes.

The reusable packs, which also serve as a charger for the cigarettes, go on sale next month for $80 for five e-cigarettes.

The cigarette cartridges last for an average of approximately 250 puffs before they need to be replaced.

The packs conveniently vibrate when a smoker goes close to a store that sells the refills.

Hard to see how they are going to throw cold water on this concept, isn’t it?

But not all market analysts were convinced that there is a demand for cigarettes that communicate with each other.

Charles Golvin, of Forrester Research, said: ‘The way that groups of affinity are conferred just by physical proximity makes a bit of sense.

‘If someone walks by with a Nintendo, great, I share a common interest. The fact that I walk by a smoker? Seems like a weak link.’

Once upon a time, maybe. But now? Now they have something in common – persecution. And who do we have to thank for that?

Mind you, I’m not sure their other plans are going to be met with such dismissal from the usual suspects:

The company also plans to develop an app that monitors how much people smoke and then report back to the user, or their doctor.

*shivers* Who’d choose that setting?

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  1. May 15, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    A fine idea. Won’t it be hilarious if the Righteous become jealous of the social aspect – if they begin to feel left out. They’ll have to dream up a whole new raft of silly arguments for the BBC and the Guardian.

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