Tory Party members poll: a study in useful idiocy

The wheels are turning in the minds of Tory High Command; the conundrum, as Lord Ashcroft calls it, is how to get enough people to vote for a standalone Tory government. The obvious answer, ditching Progressive Dave, his cabal, and their pseudo-Marxism is not on the table. Naturally, the preferred option is good ol’ smoke ‘n mirrors, and fooling enough of the people enough of the time.

I can tell this because when I finally got around to looking at it (via Heaver’s blog, actually), I quickly realised that Lord Ashcroft’s Conservative Party Members Poll was a test to see how well the Tory Party and the Coalition Mouthpiece Media is shaping the perceptions of the Tory Membership; or as I see it, how well the robot people have accommodated the new programming. The results are all predictable but nevertheless always shocking.

For instance, 96% of robot people thought that “getting the economy growing and creating jobs” should be a high priority for a British government. 90% thought that “cutting the deficit and the debt” should be. A smaller figure of 76% thought that “standing up for Britain in the EU” should be a high priority.

Here is a snapshot of how Tory members – not unlike the wider British public – are missing a picture of the logical connections between the great issues of the day. They don’t seem to understand, for example, that if Osborne and Darling had refused the Stabilisation Mechanism, then billions of pounds of their money could have been saved from the deficit black holes in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and now Spain. Surely they would rather that money was urinated down our own black hole – what they naively call reducing our deficit?

Secondly, how do they imagine that a government who doesn’t impose border restrictions against EU citizens can get an economy growing when as a consequence the most abundant sorts of low waged jobs are snapped up by a potentially endless influx of immigrants? When the jobs are all gone, the benefits will keep enticing people, and who can really envision where LibLabCon policy will end? How, for instance, is the housing market going to fare when the people in most jobs in the UK only earn enough to rent, or are forged-document-possessing gangs of Russians and Albanians (or any extra-EU nationality here to work illegally) who have by necessity to live in slummy dwellings together?

The poll shows that even the basic concepts elude so-called conservatives. Very low percentages of respondent thought that “cutting taxes” and “cutting the size of the state” should be a high priority (34% and 49% respectively). These things should be core conservative values, and it should be understood that growth in the economy won’t happen without them. Tory members seem to think – like the majority of Progressive-infected Britain – that government will fix the big problems. They should be of the opinion that government will only fix things by removing itself.

Look at this poll result and be bemused at the delusion: 70% of robot people thought that the Tory Party would stand up for Britain in the EU much better if it weren’t in the Coalition. Across the board in all sorts of policy area, the Tory Membership thinks that Cameron would govern more effectively (or more like they would expect) if he wasn’t – as I suppose they imagine – hamstrung by the Liberal Democrat Party. It is, as legendary sports commentator David Coleman oft used to say; remarkable. Weren’t they listening when on many occasions all kinds of Tory dignitaries described their party as a Progressive one?

Here is another doozy. Respondents were asked to imagine a scenario where a combined Coalition candidate stood in an election instead of separate Lib Dem and Conservative ones. 84% said that they would vote for the candidate if he was from the Tory Party. 50% said that they would vote for the candidate if he belonged to the Lib Dems. What? Is this really the height of stupidity? It’s like saying you prefer the same chocolate bar in a blue wrapper paper instead of a yellow one.

Finally, the last statistic that caught my eye was this: 35% of the Tory Membership said that they could see themselves voting UKIP in the future. To me, this indicates that these 35% already see that there is a contradiction between reality and the stated Tory Party policy and attitude towards the EU. It suggests to me that they know that they are on a path down which they are being taken by their political leadership to a final place that would be so unacceptable to them that they would abandon the party in reaction. I would say this to those people: we are all already at that place; our government is already collaborating with the unlawful occupation of these islands by the EU. Your annual subsidy payment helped bring it about. Whatever action you thought you were going to take some time further down the track needs to be done now. What are you going to do right now to redeem yourself?

4 comments for “Tory Party members poll: a study in useful idiocy

  1. May 19, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Too many Tories are completely thick, falling for Cameron and his nonsense. UKIP seems to be the only answer at the moment.

  2. John Leslie
    May 19, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    If I recall correctly when I read the laughable report there were a few different groups of people polled but the one group he never polled was “those who would like to vote Conservative but didn’t”.

    This would have given a more enlightening set of results on why the Conservatives are unable to garner enough support to run a stand-alone Government when it should of been a landslide after the idiocies of the Labour years.

    UKIP is the only alternative now the LPUK is disappearing. Pity they are generally ignored by the mainstream media.

  3. May 20, 2011 at 12:44 am

    As John Leslie noted, they are not asking the right questions. They have failed to ask what people actually want and what would therefore make them vote Conservative. Roll on Ukip.

  4. May 20, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Very low percentages of respondent thought that “cutting taxes” and “cutting the size of the state” should be a high priority (34% and 49% respectively).

    Yes, it is this preoccupation with a fictional figure called national debt, ignoring the fact that the nation is no more anyway and the EU is pumping money direct to the regions, which is blighting us. Fine – pay off this fictional figure which bears small relation to our internal problems but begin with all the measures necessary to free up the regulations in order to trade again, to set up businesses and so on.

    I’m trying to set up a business and it is the greed of London and the local council which kills off any prospect. No sooner does one raise one’s head above the parapet than it is clobbered.

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