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I would like to thank everyone for the invitation to contribute, although the very libertarian tone of some of the posts makes me feel a trifle out of place.

First, an introduction:

I was born to a British soldier and his German wife, gaining the English sense of humour and the German ability to organize (and not being forced to eat English cooking). I spent my formative years moving around England, Wales, Germany and Cyprus, until I moved to the mid-Western US in 1978. I have stayed here ever since, working in higher education as a teacher and scientist, and recently in administration. I did not become a US citizen until 2009, because of the deep loyalty that I felt to the country of my birth.

In terms of the topics discussed here, I am a firm believer that most of what enlightened Western governments try to do is the right things. Those that are done very well for the good of society, such as scientific research, appear to happen not due to the structure that promotes them, but in spite of that.

My observation is that much of our social and economic mess is an obvious consequence of the kind of people that rise to management and political power. They are the ‘B Ark’ folks of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, who impede every new venture because of the constant fear that they might do the wrong thing. I wouldn’t trust most of them to change a toilet-paper roll. They share the supreme confidence which comes with complete ignorance, which enables them to ‘organize’ people with real talent.

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  1. May 26, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Text I’m going to use later:

    The Voice of Reason, at Orphans of Liberty, wrote:

    most of what enlightened Western governments try to do is the right things


    They share the supreme confidence which comes with complete ignorance

    I initially mentioned this, in response:

    Interesting combination. If you take Cameron, his overriding interest was in power and just that, for without power, there is no changing anything. When he almost got it, sufficiently to be called on by the Queen, he knew by then that the power was in Brussels and in the very people Woodrow Wilson referred to all those years ago, and Senator Jenner and the Queen herself.

    The person in the White House and in N10 are puppets who owe their position to patronage but few people look behind their supposed “power” at what governs their decisions, why the strange reticence and u-turns and so on.

    It’s not a profession which seeks talent but compliance with the patrons’ wishes. Whilst there “in power”, they need to do something, anything, to make their mark and so policy victories are constructed by their permanent heads, accommodating the ideological bees in their bonnets which endeared them to enough people to get them in in the rigged electoral system.

    I would agree they often go into politics for the right reasons and have spoken to enough of them not to doubt their sincerity but that was backbench sincerity. As they clamber up the slippery pole, again due to patronage, it is always someone else’s voice being heard.

    Who that someone is not many pundits try to find out.

    Zeroing in on Wilson himself, he was mentored, according to documents of the time, including House’s own trumpet blowing, by Colonel House. Now, a reading of House’s antecedents shows him to have been an uninspiring nobody, in the Dick Cheney mold who cultivated the right people and found himself proxy for very powerful people, always nebulously identified, always there.

    It truly is political naivety or blindness not to see this power and the dispute should be how far it is one power and how far just a fragmented plethora of interests backed by inordinate amounts of money and with a common ideological purpose, namely control for control’s sake, using various ideologies which so grip the minds of men and women, under the buzzwords Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Diversity, Fairness, Tolerance – never specifically defined until a particular puppet PM’s real notion of the words comes through legislation.

    For example, Fairness means oppressing the majority of the indigenous people and skewing benefits towards minorities, whose new impunity is enshrined in law and is enforced using the police and courts. “No child left behind” then becomes “prizes for all” and if one questions the leader of the state, he replies, with profound wisdom:

    “Yes we can.”

    … or something equally high-soundingly inane and meaningless.


    As for “out of place”, VoR, this is very much where you can express opinions without someone defining what you can or cannot say and diversity of opinion is found in these pages. Mind you, a writer needs to be able to back up any claims with chapter and verse.

    • May 26, 2011 at 3:53 pm

      I’d echo that last comment – we are not exclusively a libertarian blog.

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