Fighting back

It’s looking increasingly likely that the ridiculous plain tobacco packaging plan is going to happen in Australia – coming to a country near YOU soon – but it’s also having a positive effect in that people and businesses are at last starting to push back and tell the government to leave reasoning, responsible adults alone to make their own decisions. The latest effort, part of a campaign called simply Stop This Nanny State is rather good and I thought both my readers (hello Mum) might like to see it.



As with the older it’s a simple website with the ads (which is where I half-inched them having seen them a few times on TV the last few days), some info, and a form to fill in which fires off a letter to your federal MP:

Dear [Local MP Name]

I’m an adult and I say NO to Plain Packaging Legislation

While many rules are necessary in a modern functioning society, there’s a limit. The proposed Plain Packaging Legislation is quite simply regulation gone too far.

As an adult, I can make my own decisions.

I strongly urge you not to make Australia a Nanny State and ask that you represent my views to parliament.

Thank you

[First Name] [Last Name}

I’d quibble over some of the wording and argue over the need for ‘many’ rules in society, but I’m bang alongside the intention – needless to say I’ve already filled it in and I encourage my Australian reader to do likewise. And if you don’t smoke watch that first one again, paying particular attention from 0:11 onwards. Don’t go thinking that this is good for the majority, those of us who don’t smoke, because the things that we do like to do are on the hit list too. They’re already talking about health warnings on alcohol so it’s no more an exaggeration to bring that up in the ad than it was to have the Nanny constantly demanding more money from her victi- ah, her charges. And even my fellow non-smokers and/or non-drinkers should by now realise that the food we eat is next – we were reminded of that only the other day.

It’s a simple choice, folks. We can choose to be free or we can submit to those who are so concerned for our physical welfare that they feel we must be prevented from doing anything they disapprove of. As C.S. Lewis said, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. And the nannies are so very, very concerned for the good of their victims.

3 comments for “Fighting back

  1. WitteringWitney
    June 17, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    Next time the State says……. Just say NO! Simples really and it works. The word Why works wonders too.

    West Ox’shire District Council made a complete mess of sending out Council Tax bills this year with some residents not receiving them. The next we heard was a copy bill with a threatening letter stating if we did not pay the two months arrears then accumulated we would lose the right to pay monthly. I replied to the extent that as a protest of their inefficiency I would pay any arrears when I saw fit. They then tried a second threatening letter to which I responded that if they wished to take me to court please be my guest as they obviously needed the publicity far more than I did. Nothing further heard from them………

    My ‘altercation’ with the Census crowd is still on-going and is proving great fun, especially as it is also obvious they do not know the meaning of the word ‘No’. The last two occasions they have called, I have been out and each time they leave a printed form with a phone number and also stating they will call again. So why bother calling them if they say they will visit again? As the regularity of their visit is approximately once a month, this game could well continue into next year – as I said: great fun!

    • June 18, 2011 at 6:22 am

      It’s just a ‘tick box’ exercise, hoping to eventually wear you down while also gathering enough ‘attempts’ to please their line managers.

  2. David A. Evans.
    June 19, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    When they wanted to impose the smoking ban, many of us on the Morning Advertiser website, (A pub-trade site,) said they shouldn’t sit on the sidelines & let it go through. We warned that if they succeeded, alcohol & other pet nannying would follow.
    Pity no-one listened. 🙁

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