Surgeon upsets Cast-Iron Dave – the Mouthpiece Media attempt a hatchet job; it’s the predictable Progressive Way

Dave’s already demonstrated that he is a revenge-driven maniac, but there is more to it than that. It’s the Progressive Way of the British ruling establishment to take their opposition down not through argument, but by having their mouthpiece press lackeys launch a spurious attack on a reputation. (Once again, this is why destroying the MSM is crucial to dislodging the alien-Marxist head that sits atop the British conservative body). If the Progressive schemer in question isn’t the Prime Minister of a country with a whole media corps (paid-off with prestige-by-association and favours) at his service, then the reputation-ruining is achieved by grinding the rumour mill. I suspect that by now we’ve all come across the vindictive types who work the hate-machinery that gets us marginalised (or worse) one way or another.

David Nunn is that consultant surgeon at Guy’s Hospital who shouted at media-hangers-on and Downing Street press people while “Cast-Iron” (and some other bloke) were trying to make a bit of perception-shaping for the news broadcasts. His beef was that while the rules stipulated that staff in the ward had to wear shirt-sleeve order, the media-types somehow thought they could waltz around with jackets and ties on. No room for misunderstanding there you’d think. Well, we’ll see.

I first came across the story on EUReferendum where much delight was being taken (deservedly) at Dave and the other fellow’s discombobulation. However, I immediately began to look elsewhere for the nasty little paybacks aimed at Nunn because it would be entirely predictable that Wee Davey – great white hope of the Blue Rin-sed and Beslipper-red Robot People; Hero of Libya – would not be able to bear the burning cheek-smarting humiliation of being made to look like the pip-squeak he undoubtedly is.

SKY News had published an article with reflex actions that would rival those of Peter Shilton (in his heyday of course). They complained that:

Almost 10 years ago David Nunn, a top orthopaedic surgeon, stormed out in the middle of an operation.
He was apparently upset that the foreign nurses assisting could not understand his orders.

Reading on, and garnering facts from other places, one finds that Nunn was already disturbed by the way NHS target culture was causing deterioration in patient care. But all that is overlooked when the important thing to point out to a nation suffering from a short attention span (now a real disease, apparently) that Nunn is a nasty racist who doesn’t agree with the orthodox Progressive view that people should die on operating tables so that a target culture can be satisfied. The impression we are also required to foster is that Nunn’s hatred of foreigners is such that he leaves people to bleed to death while he acts out some diva complex. Actually, the operation was abandoned, and Nunn has expressed himself in a reasonable manner on the subject: “if medical staff cannot communicate effectively then patients’ care may be put at risk”.*

In the Daily Mail – flagship and gold-plated Coalition Mouthpiece that does so very well to pretend that the Liberal Democrats are to blame for the Tory’s new and unnatural “leftist” tendency – they first seemed to understand that there should be a concern for the following of hygiene regulations – after all, aren’t they always berating hospitals for dirty wards? Consequently, they made Dave out to be some kind of Captain of Medicine who had always known that full sleeves were a bad idea, and who masterfully directed his team to leave the ward; Nunn was some barely consequential, barely sane person:

Mr Cameron looked clearly perplexed by the orthopaedic surgeon’s sudden entrance and aides quickly tried to smooth things over.
They swiftly ushered Mr Nunn out into the corridor before Mr Cameron took over saying: ‘Why don’t you disappear,’ and gesticulating with his arm.
In the background Mr Nunn can be heard shouting: ‘I still mean it,’ which the Prime Minister swiftly agrees with as they leave.
A cameraman can be overheard saying: ‘We’ll come back.’
And as they leave the small ward Mr Nunn shouts: ‘I’m not having it.’
The bizarre scene unfolded when the politicians were visiting the London hospital to unveil changes to reforms to the NHS.

Actually, Cameron looked frightened.

There was a change in the Mail’s approach overnight. Today (16th June), and the paper had evidently been in cahoots with management:

A spokesman for Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘Arrangements for the visit were entirely consistent with the Trust’s infection control policy.
‘One individual member of staff expressed concern with one element of the infection control measures employed, but this was not a view shared by the wider team.’

This clever piece of “journalism” now made it seem as if Nunn had had no grounds to complain all along. So, why would he disrupt Dave and the other bloke while they were being filmed chatting to a patient? Ahhh, right; because he was an outspoken critic of the sustained NHS mismanagement on the watch of two successive Progressive governments, and who had written articles in, and letters to newspapers in complaint.

The surgeon who confronted David Cameron and Nick Clegg as they launched their revised NHS reforms is an outspoken critic of the management of the health service.
David Nunn burst into a hospital ward as the Prime Minister and his deputy were meeting a patient to angrily berate their entourage for their apparently unhygienic dress.
As the stunned politicians looked on, the consultant destroyed the carefully orchestrated photo call by attacking their aides and a camera crew for not having rolled their sleeves up or removed their ties.

How dare Nunn break up the carefully orchestrated photo call! What a beast to make a political point while Cameron and the other bloke were trying to do a bit of honest perception-shaping.

Perhaps the most startling thing of the whole affair were some of the comments under the first Daily Mail article which were against Nunn purely because the contributors had seemingly never seen anyone exercise authority in that way before. How rude he had been, they whined.

It’s not a surprise since folks now grow up knowing only faint-hearted teachers and parents who don’t like disciplining their kids because it might spoil their friendship with them. And of course, a nation that is too used to seeing the typical man on TV adverts as a gibbering idiot who can’t open a can of beans unless his multi-tasking wife is on standby to help would wet its collective pants at the sight of an assertive bloke. It is all the deliberate doing of the Progressive’s who hate paternal authority for a political reason. The dominant man is a manifestation of Judeo-Christianity that MUST be destroyed in order for the new religion of Equality and Diversity to be established. Above all, people who don’t agree with derived policy must be destroyed so that their opinion doesn’t count. It’s the new way, get used to it.

*Related: please check out Olly Figg’s article on the impact of the EU on the NHS.

9 comments for “Surgeon upsets Cast-Iron Dave – the Mouthpiece Media attempt a hatchet job; it’s the predictable Progressive Way

  1. June 18, 2011 at 6:58 am

    “Almost 10 years ago David Nunn, a top orthopaedic surgeon, stormed out in the middle of an operation.

    He was apparently upset that the foreign nurses assisting could not understand his orders.”

    Ah, the (supposedly) killer blow, at least as far as the progressives are concerned; the hint of ‘racism’.

    Because, how dare he intimate that poor English might be a bit of a danger in the operating theatre?

    • PPS
      June 18, 2011 at 10:00 am

      How could anyone consider that racism?
      That’s not even a particularly good attempt at racism.

      • June 18, 2011 at 11:21 am

        Trust me, the ‘experts’ (i.e. the people who make a living out of it) can spot racism in anything… 🙄

  2. June 18, 2011 at 8:29 am

    For taking that little shit Cameron down a peg or two, Nunn is a hero in my eyes.

  3. June 18, 2011 at 9:04 am

    Excellent, and like the bit about the dominant man in the Judaeo-Christian tradition in the last para.

    Only, as a teacher (in one role), can I ask you not to call teachers faint-hearted? How is it faint-hearted to go into battle with no bullets in your rifle?

    • luikkerland
      June 18, 2011 at 10:53 am

      Thanks, I don’t have time to make a full response. Hope this suffices. I did make a distinction: “faint-hearted teachers (and parents) who don’t like disciplining their kids…” and gave one reason. Yes, there are other institutional ones. Faint-heartedness can apply in terms of choosing not to defy those. I know about teachers and teaching first hand from experience.

      • Sackerson
        June 18, 2011 at 2:36 pm

        Sorry, I must’ve mentally placed a comma after “teachers”; a good example of why punctuation matters.

  4. PT
    June 18, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Progressives? Well, I suppose so. Cancer and other diseases progress, don’t they?

  5. June 18, 2011 at 10:57 am

    I don’t normally do conspiracy theories, but your version of events seems very plausible indeed. Far more plausible than what the MSM are saying.

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