Athenian Democracy – Born 508 B.C. – Buried 2011 A.D.

The Greek people, its Government and its Parliament, now look almost certain to bury Democracy in Athens, fittingly the city which is generally accepted as having given it birth, on this coming Tuesday, 28th June 2011.

Greece’s creditors, particularly its partners in the 17-country eurozone, are demanding Greek lawmakers back fresh budget cuts and taxes in the austerity bill and an additional implementation law by the end of June. Only then will they approve the disbursement of the next batch of loans, worth €12 billion, from Greece’s €110 billion bailout loans.

Without that money, Greece will face the real prospect of running out of money by the middle of July. A default by the country could drag down Greek and European banks, endanger the finances of other weak eurozone countries such as Portugal, Ireland and Spain, and spark financial uncertainty across world markets.

So wrote Elena Becatores, of Associated Press,  on Thursday, just before EU leaders were scheduled to meet to agree the requirements for the privatizations sequestrations confiscations and added austerity, which they will now require from the Greek people. Austerity and privatisations NONE believe can alter the inevitable end result of a default by Greece and an ignominious end to its full membership of the European Central Bank, the Euro Currency and the Euro Group who administer the doomed currency through Ecofin,

Who can prevent this disaster? The leaders of the EU member states, could when meeting in the EU Council on Thursday and Friday, as I indicated on my blog first thing on Thursday morning, with an accompanying video of the Coyote Leap, to indicate the hopelessness of expecting these overpaid, pampered zealots to ever abandon their chosen path. Parliamentarians of the National Assemblies of the member states could impose a change, but the parties that pull their strings and give them a comfortable and unstressed lifestyle with overgenerous pensions, are themselves now dependent upon the EU.

In Greece the disenfranchised voters could contrive to bring Parliament to a halt before the vote on Tuesday, but the authoritarian EU authorities have rehearsed, trained and prepared for just such an eventuality. A clutch of the socialist MPs from the Governing Party of Prime Minister, Papandreou, could throw their salary, perks and pensions to the winds and block the austerity package and second bailout memorandum, but in reality such courage seems to have departed our Continent long since!

Seemingly all involved in the EU are enthralled by MONEY, that or perhaps false pride! In a few rare cases, perhaps a little guilt too about the damage they have now so clearly wrought.  Yet all groups that are involved, The EU Commission, the Euro-crats, the MEPs, the National Politicians and their political parties, ALL are addicted to the easy money for nothing which they have obtained from ripping off the corrupt, unaudited institution and thus eventually their own national exchequers!

As Mary Ellen Synon, wrote in the Daily Mail last Monday, commenting on Greece leaving the Euro as being the best course available, as reported in a study by Lombard Research:

“….. if Greece gets out, nobody need lose: ‘The answer is utilitarian, of course, It assumes the purpose of economic policy is to achieve the maximum economic/welfare benefit to the population. In reality, the losers would be the bulk of the continental European elite, which has hitched its wagon to a "falling star" — a "black hole" would express it better — since the early 1990s. This elite would be shown up for the arrogant blunderers they have always looked like, and have proved to be. Pride, guilt and fear are some of the most powerful motivations on earth — hence the resistance to shrinking or dissolving EMU.”

In my view Greed should have been added too, if not figured first in the list of the failings above.

Nowhere, in the former nations, which gave birth to the nightmarish organisation that the EU has become, does there appear to be politicians with the courage to step forward and give voice to the growing outrage of almost 500 million Europeans, watching in amazement as their democracies and historic rights are brutally terminated, together with any chance for future growing prosperity, both sacrificed and replaced with the prospect of slump and servitude to a deaf and uncaring elite.

Eventually, when Tuesday’s package has been voted through to preserve the lifestyles of the Greek parliamentarians for a few more short weeks or months, the people of Greece will be compelled to come to terms with all that has been forcibly taken from them. Other countries, as they fall victim to the same invidious process, will potentially turn be seeking scapegoats on the streets. The EU will be forced to become ever more oppressive and therefore ever more hated, as the economic decline not only deepens, but gathers pace and oppression becomes the EU’s main facilitator.

All because our leaders have forgotten, that in the long run, you cannot rule without the consent of the majority of the people. There is no majority anymore across Europe for the EU!


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