Britain in good hands

How not to develop wave energy

They had been told (by academics and other grant fed organisations) that the key to success of Danish wind had been their wind research “institute” called Risø, and therefore by inference, the need was to create a research institute for Marine energy and to pump all the money to grant fed organisations (particularly academics) and … etc.

Of course it was complete codswallop! Risø was not a research institute, the people there weren’t academic, indeed the only research they could think of when I asked a member of the original group that formed Risø was “we went down to the scrapyard and ‘researched’ some lorry gearboxes for the windmill”.

Energy giants want billions for back-up to windfarms

Britain’s richest energy companies want homeowners to subsidise billions of pounds worth of gas-powered stations that will stand idle for most of the time.

Developing country groups slam UK’s climate loans

Groups from 13 developing countries Monday slammed UK climate loans, set to be agreed in South Africa this week and given through the World Bank.Community leaders in countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Mozambique and Yemen have written to British cabinet ministers Chris Huhne and Andrew Mitchell rejecting the loans the UK is providing to their countries to help them cope with climate change.

Quote from the National Express East Anglia website [no link, sorry]

‘I am very sorry for the delays and disruption to train services yesterday caused by the extremely high temperatures. A number of faults affected the overhead power lines in particular at Bethnal Green, Maryland and at Hockley. Network Rail also imposed temporary speed restrictions on the route between Liverpool Street and Chelmsford / Southend which resulted in trains running at slower speeds.

Network Rail is currently investing over £200m to replace the overhead power lines between London, Chelmsford and Southend. Much of the existing equipment was installed over 50 years ago and it is liable to expand in extreme hot weather causing problems of the type that occurred yesterday.

The new system that is being installed is much more reliable and will allow for adjustment of the tension of the wires to compensate for extreme temperatures, removing the need for speed restrictions.

We will continue to work closely with Network Rail in ensuring that the renewal project for the overhead power line replacement is prioritised.

Once again, my sincere apologies for the delays that occurred yesterday and for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Andrew Chivers
Managing Director
National Express East Anglia ‘

BBC hands back Panorama RTS award

The BBC has handed back an RTS award won by Panorama documentary Primark – On The Rack after the BBC Trust ruled a scene may not have been genuine. The corporation said on Monday “a serious error” was made and it would be “inappropriate” to keep the award.

France nuclear power funding gets 1bn euro boost

Naturally, ours doesn’t. The country’s in great hands.