A Rather Interesting Development…

Laura Williams, 23, was a passenger in her boyfriend’s Mini when it was hit from behind by Giles Furnival and sent crashing into the central reservation on the M25.

Furnival, who failed to tell the DVLA he was epileptic, was jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Married Furnival, of Winfields, Pitsea, sat in the dock at Basildon Crown Court yesterday, sobbing as the court heard he had suffered epileptic fits since the age of 16.

Furnival, 33, had been told by experts he should not be on the road and the DVLA should have been informed.

Gosh, doesn’t that sound familiar, somehow?

Judge John Lodge told Furnival: “Driving a motor vehicle carries with it responsibility. It is an object of immense power and a potential danger in the wrong hands.“In your case, the vehicle was in the wrong hands.

Touching on the fact Furnival was aware of his serious health condition and had been warned not to drive, he said: “You took the view you knew better.

Because of your arrogant decision, you were a tragedy waiting to happen. The accident which occurred was sadly predictable.”

*snaps fingers*

Oh, yes. I remember now!

And so do some commenters:

Rayleigh Reader, says…Where is the ex-editor of this Rag?

A doctor with terrible eyesight killed a pensioner recently, and the ex-editor seem to think that the Doctor had been punished enough, without having to go to Jail!

Whats his thoughts on this terrible tragedy?

Yes, it’d be good to know, wouldn’t it? Sometime before 21st July, when the doctor comes up for sentencing…