If we’re treading on thin ice, we might as well dance. [Unknown]

When Dylan Rattigan, MSNBC host “blew a gasket“, as Rossa put it, it was no more nor less than what G. Edward Griffin, Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., Louis T. McFadden [Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency], Senator William Jenner of Indiana and others had been saying, with the obvious difference that now mainstream people are questioning these things.

A solution was proposed to cut Congress out of the conversation but just how do you go about that?

If Congress is indeed “bought” and if Wilson, Roosevelt, Jenner and Ike were right about the hidden power, which leads to dissenting thought being suppressed or “disappeared”, then the next obvious question is what is the nature of this power? I believe it’s nibbling around the edges to put it all down to the Frankfurt School, the CFR, TLC, C300 because it begs the question – why?

The potential for getting one corner of what’s going on and extrapolating that into a theory is very high.  All the corners people get hold of might well refer to a fragment of truth but you’d need to see them all beside each other, on a big board, to get the full picture.  And all the time, Occam’s Razor is at the back of the mind, urging us to beware.

This is the problem of exploring around the edges – one has to tread carefully, if not for the traps which have been laid, then for the alienation from the mainstream. Not many people would bring up 911 again, ten years on, except in a retrospective – it takes a certain kind of mind, the kind of mind which helps set up fora where free speech is the rule and refuses to censor thought when it doesn’t accord with your preconceptions. That sort of mind.

There was a late comment to the WTC7 post and it referred, at one point, to a blog where the moonlandings were discussed and no, I’m not getting into that. However, the thing I was interested in was a show I’d never heard of, described this way:

Remember when Luther (played by Don Knotts) gets taken to court and sued for slander in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken? … So anyway, he goes to court and a character witness is called and the guy delivers credible testimony favoring Luther and it is clear that the courtroom is impressed and everything is looking good for our nebbish hero, Luther.

Remember what happens next though? On cross-examination, the witness reveals that he is the president of a UFO club that holds their meetings on Mars! The courtroom, of course, erupts with laughter and all of that formerly credible testimony immediately flies right out the window.

Any political comment must run this gauntlet. If it’s mainstream, no one bats an eyelid but if it’s out of the mainstream, then all sorts of ridiculous tests of proof are demanded. Nothing wrong with demanding solid evidence but if you’re reporting on a done deal, there ain’t that much evidence left lying about to be picked up. And yet, if so many keep pointing out anomalies, some sort of vague unease sets in and it never goes away, e.g. on David Kelly.

My interest in the outer edges is simply to find out what there is, what can be affirmed, the motivation of any explorer and as one who’s lived around the world, that’s obviously in the blood.

The problem of evidence is an acute one if you’re trying to establish nefarious dealings, so little can be affirmed that we’d probably best stick to the mainstream issues such as riots and the jailable Rebekah Brooks. Reading that comment on 911 caused me to remember a line in the Manchurian Candidate about it all being factored in – people’s reactions, the inevitable loony theories, the orthodox debunkers charging moonbattery – in fact, the whole circus can have the script written well in advance.

Take the riots. Luikkerland made reference to Dobba-dobba and I took that to mean the procedure whereby you denounce your neighbour [think I spent too many years in Australia], very popular in Soviet Russia. In fact, I saw that at second hand. Once when I brought a client back to where I was living, my landlady stopped her at the door and blew a gasket, pushing the young lady out and explaining later that her mother had denounced her [the landlady] over something which had happened at school a decade earlier.

Story was that the LL had given said daughter bad grades and the mother had then invoked the Denunciation provision, a very real provision whereby you denounced your neighbour for doing unSoviet things and the van [“chorni voron” or black crow] then came to take you away. I’d always thought it a bit far-fetched but no, many Russians explained to me how it had worked.

My landlady’s son had been taken to another room in school because in the lesson, he had dared to question the Soviet system. He’d apparently then undergone “corrective sessions” concerning his folly and never uttered a dissident word again, until the collapse of the Soviet system.

That’s how I took the reference to Dobba-dobba. It’s a hop, skip and a jump from turning in rioters you know to the principle of turning people in, with a “temporary” office just off the high street to enable you to do so and the phone number of said office on billboards around the town. So, if your neighbour plays loud music, you can ring the number and accuse that person of anti-EUSSR subversion. That neighbour would be away for a long, long time, whilst the “sudebni protsess” took place, the legal process.

The other thing which concerned Macheath or Angry Exile [can’t remember which exactly] was the presence of troops on the streets. Nigel, in the King World News segment, said he was basically libertarian leaning but in this case, it demanded the presence of the military, as so many people in London were frightened. That’s a major step, Nigel, a major step.

I believe we are being sold a dummy, not by the government who are just as much puppets as us but by the real power, referred to by so many before their disappearance or demise. It might be no more than Ike’s MIC, which is frightening enough or it might be something far more “interlocked”, as Wilson and Jenner put it. It goes way beyond Marxism or any other ism and here’s where those who’ve gone along with me so far might now part ways.

For you could look at this power as just a pack of greedy oligarchical bastards who have set up a vast scam, including GW and the bankster rip-offs – there’s a heap of evidence for that and in line with Occam’s Razor. Then there might be something beyond that, which Christians refer to and that goes a long way to explaining the mania to suppress an already defunct official front to the faith.

Once people get it into their minds that there is a hidden, organizing power, then all the targets offered up – the Muslims, the Zionists, the whatevers – at any given moment cease to convince the average person and we can’t have that.  Scapegoats are part and parcel of the whole political process.

The only thing of which we can be certain is that none of it has our best interests, as citizens, in mind. The whole move is to restrict, impoverish and control at this present time and the conditions are now ripe to do it.

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  1. August 14, 2011 at 8:23 am

    Much to think on here for a Sunday morning, and all those links from Julia M, to get through! Who needs the Sunday broadsheets with OoL to chew over?

    • August 14, 2011 at 10:25 am

      We want as much discussion as possible on all the issues, nothing censored.

  2. August 14, 2011 at 9:04 am

    Wasn’t me going on about troops on the street, though only because I hadn’t got round to it.

    • August 14, 2011 at 10:26 am

      Sorry, AE though every little bit helps.

      • August 14, 2011 at 12:24 pm

        Don’t think it was me either, but thanks for the link!

        However, I have been wondering wonder why we didn’t have army medics and fire-fighters called in to avoid police being pulled from riot duty to escort civilian emergency personnel.

        • August 14, 2011 at 2:47 pm

          Maybe we both thought it really loud.

  3. August 15, 2011 at 12:04 am

    ‘The Ghost and Mr Chicken’ — whoever mentioned that is stretching things a bit. Had to go back into the memory vaults about that film — not one which would immediately spring to mind when discussing this subject and not one to mention in a courtroom! ‘Moonbattery’ indeed.

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