Democracy or Pan-European Totalitarianism!

 My posting with the above title first appeared on the web site on Sunday 9th February 2003. It may be read as it then appeared from this link.
The moderately long posting concluded with the following plea:


I appeal directly to the Chairman of the convention, who, probably co-incidentally, incorporated my earlier minimum requirement in his initial constitutional draft, to read Popper’s excellent book and consider its implications. To achieve lasting renown, requires a bold step in favour of democratic fundamentals which will be strongly resisted by the various Brussels and National elites! Courage mon brave!
Should Europe’s new institutions be directly controlled by ‘the majority’ using the new tools available from the revolution in information technology?
Why is the major topic of discussion in the Convention, not about how the people of Europe may periodically remove their leaders and avoid the new organisations such as the ERRF and Europol becoming the instruments of a despot?
Are, perhaps, the tyrants already in control?
These are the questions that need to be addressed. Using Popper’s labels of societies, they can be democracies or tyrannies, if the EU is to take on the full characteristics of a State, as the majority in Europe seem to believe is desirable, test whether this statement is true with a pan-European referendum. If the answer is Yes!, then build a Democracy for which all should wish, and of which they can be proud.
If No!, then at least the convention and its Chairman will not have lent their name, to the creation of perhaps the largest tyranny the world has yet to see!
Against whom will the name of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing be set in history… Pericles or Plato?… and for the creation of what kind of European Union, one of democracy and freedom or Popper’s only alternative…?


The entire posting had been prepared for and submitted to the EU Future of Europe discussions forums, to which around the turn of the century, I had been a regular contributor, even exchanging directly with Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, on the only occasion that I know of, when he held a public exchange on that Futurum Forum!
That crucial posting was rejected for publication by the EU moderator, one ominous signal that the die had been cast, and the response to the posts crucial question"Are, perhaps, the tyrants already in control?" was not already answered in the affirmative but had been already been accepted and put into effect across the entire EU organisation, as must have certainly been obvious to the EU appointed moderator of the Forum, which had been supposedly set up for the future EU citizens to discuss their concerns over the methods of their governance!

I realised very quickly, that one posting on Samizdata, would not add anything to the long term debate and therefore by the end of that same month – February 2003 – had started my own blog

"Ironies" to continually and regularly push the same case.
On Sunday 23rd February 2003, I had grasped the essentials of blogging sufficiently well to post "Democracy or Pan-European Totalitarianism" on my own blog.
A link is here.

Today due to the slow loading of the archives of Ironies old postings, I am presently preparing them on a monthly pdf file basis, which will be available free on line. The first month of posts for February 2003, should be linked here later today. An even more significant post from that same month, I posted on the Orphans of Liberty website earlier this month, that too seems now worth quoting here:


Parliamentary Democracy Unsuitable for Europe
The article in the 25th February edition of the Financial Times to which the link above refers, concludes as follows:-

A popular compromise is for the Commission president to be elected by the European parliament. But this would be a first step towards a parliamentary form of government and, once in place, it would preclude evolution towards a presidential system.
In the short term it would be better to have the Commission president elected by an electoral college. Member states would then be free to choose how to appoint members to the college, whether by direct election or appointment by their parliaments. Over time, this arrangement could evolve into a fully fledged presidential system, as it did in the US in the first half of the 19th century.
The writers are professors of economics at Bocconi University in Milan and at the Graduate Institute for International Studies in Geneva and are research fellows of the Centre for Economic Policy Research

The early portion of the column casually discounts parliamentary democracy as being inappropriate for the EU.
Europe’s intellectuals continue their determined assault on the Continent’s democratic traditions and the drive towards tyranny continues apace.
Remember this quote from Professor Bertrand Badie’s paper entitled "The Nation State One Player Among Many"
"The advent of citizenship has conferred on the national political community the status of a community with voting rights. In the context of the 19th century, and in the major part of the 20th, this was necessary for forging and perfecting democracy. There is no choice today but to admit that national political communities have fewer and fewer voting rights because the major decisions are no longer taken by the national political communities. Some of them are taken by the European Union, or even at world level……..The national level will remain the citizen’s level, but his freedom of debate will become totally illusory."
Note, we are not just to lose our right to vote, but also the freedom to debate.
When will some of these poltical theorists explain why democracy, parliamentary or otherwise, is unsuitable for Europe. My very ability to type this page, which instantaneously becomes available to be read by every internet connected citizen across the globe, let alone just within the existing or proposed EU, makes that position a nonsense. From here, within minutes I can register a vote on countless different websites expressing my opinion on pretty much every subject under the sun. The technology exists all we lack is the will!
posted by Martin at 2/27/2003 05:07:00 PM


In February 2003, it must therefore be clear, democracy as a tool for use by the EU had been already rejected by the powers that be. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing was not acting alone, but as one leader of the new self-perpetuating EU elite! The same men and women who have now brought the EU to this moment of existential crisis!
My delight last evening when I saw the article in a popular magazine from the EU’s most popluace, wealthy and influential nation state can therefore be well imagined, by all regular readers of my blogs.

I will post later today and this weekend, on the difficulties I now foresee and the best way forward that I can discern, given our truly dreadful starting point.
If my calls for direct democracy within the EU are to be now no longer completely ignored, careful thought and consideration before making further posts is now essential! The answers of course have all been provided time and again in the archives of both Ironies Too and Ironies.

This post first appeared on Ironies Too 2àth August, following an article in Der Spiegel, linked from my blog, calling for democracy across the EU and a pan-European Referendum!

5 comments for “Democracy or Pan-European Totalitarianism!

  1. Fred Forsythe (not the)
    August 21, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I think that we need to appreciate that the driving force behind the EU is Germany and they are not famous for their democratic bent.
    If they are buying Europe they will not want to risk losing the investment at the whim of the citizen. Therefore voting is not even a consideration.
    If we view their latest efforts of conquest as we did their last and oppose it with the same vigour all would be fine.
    This time however they have bought european wide politicians and planted front men in the heart of the project. Those front men have been very well provided for and it is not in their interests to do anything other than touch their forelocks.
    There is no opposition with money or organisation and what opposition that does exist is fragmented and has no governmental support anywhere so we may have seen our last VE day.
    Ghetto nations..

  2. August 22, 2011 at 9:16 am

    Fred has it right here. This is an excellent summation on an issue you feel close to the heart [so do I]. I can understand lack of comments on something that heavy and yet I really hope many can find the time to knuckle down and read it because it sums up the situation.

    Note, we are not just to lose our right to vote, but also the freedom to debate.
    When will some of these poltical theorists explain why democracy, parliamentary or otherwise, is unsuitable for Europe.

    Yes indeed and Witterings has also been on about this, plus other pundits of note. Trouble is, it doesn’t rouse many people in the broader community, this issue and that is worrying because this is the true danger at this time.

    • August 22, 2011 at 3:21 pm


      The point to try and get over at this stage, and therefore the need to regurgitate in whatever form I may some of these old postings and references, is that it bears out that the situation we are in has not arisen by chance.

      It is deliberate, countless experts have warned all along the way, and many learned papers and newspaper comments have pointed out the known direction of travel.

      As I have stated on Ironies Too this afternoon, Libya has been almost finally relieved of its tyrant, we in Europe have yet to really experience what a tyranny as defined by Karl Popper really involves!

  3. David
    August 22, 2011 at 9:18 am

    IT – thanks for all your efforts in making your articles accesible to everyone. However, I must take issue with your final point

    ‘…the difficulties I now foresee and the best way forward that I can discern, given our truly dreadful starting point.
    If my calls for direct democracy within the EU are to be now no longer completely ignored,…’

    I don’t want direct democracy. I want OUT. I am NOT an EU citizen, I am an Englishman and will not have an identity imposed on me by a corrupt cabal of communist fcukers! I will not accept a fait accomplis.

    • August 22, 2011 at 3:15 pm

      I understand your point of view entirely. A pan-European, same moment, in/out referendum could even gain approval for a continuation of the EU even from today’s dreadful starting point, almost everywhere except in the UK is my belief. (Look at Mats Persson in The Guardians Comment is Free today

      The fear of the unknown is now so deep, and the deliberately contrived economic whirlwind so all encompassing, it would be a brave electorate indeed who turned their backs on what they have come to know.

      I will next be answering James Higham’s comment along the same lines as could be included here.

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