Quartzsite, Az, symptomatic of a wider malaise

Some of you will remember this one:

Woman arrested for exposing corruption, another for defending the pledge

… concerning the town of Quartzsite and how this sort of thing appears to be rampant in the U.S.. Well, there is now further information available.

Quartzsite, Arizona, the town now infamous for arresting a citizen for speaking during a public city council meeting, has apparently declared martial law.

This, according to Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, happened after a secret meeting was held during which the city council voted in favor of declaring a state of emergency.

Jennifer Jones, the woman who has gone on a full scale crusade against corruption in the small town of 3,600, posted an urgent update on here blog The Desert Freedom Press.

“At about noon today, the town council, at the request of the police chief, declared an official state of emergency. Sgt Xavier Frausto was dressed in tactical gear when he and the police chief demanded the mayor get in their car,” wrote Jones.

That’s right, according to this report, police in tactical gear ordered a sitting mayor to a potentially illegal secret meeting.

The Mayor instead drove himself to the meeting which he himself later called illegal.

And now, just to put one small part of a litany of corrupt activities:

Voicing disagreement with the Police Chief or City Council results in arrest and criminal charges. City Attorney Matt Newman, who refused to abuse the law in this way and dismissed all charges against several people, was fired “without explanation.”

In his place, Martin Brannan was appointed, though he was recently reprimanded by the State Bar Association for prosecutorial misconduct in a murder case. Brannan ordered officers to contact the defendant without giving prior notice to his attorney. The detectives made several threats if he did not waive his legal rights. Their actions resulted in a dismissal of all charges against the defendant, though that dismissal is being appealed.

Patrick Harris reports a result for the Mayor and the people of Quatzsite. [pdf]

In essence, the mayor and that lady have been vindicated. I think the essential thing in all of this is not so much that there is corruption – hell, there’s always been but the utter impunity with which it is done.  And it’s not limited to that side of the pond.

Captain Ranty reports [vid]:

Liz Watson is a forensic investigator and a paralegal. Listen as she asks some basic questions of the Bulk Centre. They “authorise” local councils to issue Warrants. Unlawfully. Warrants must be signed by a judge or a magistrate to have any legality/lawfulness.  [L]ocal councils simply churn them out, demanding money from people, without even bothering to follow any recognisable law process. And people receiving these “warrants” simply pay up. They assume they are real.

They are not.

It’s this illegality at government level, especially small government, I’d add the taking over by Common Purpose of key positions and the overall lawlessness in the past few years, on both sides of the pond, within the instruments of state, which should have all the law-abiding citizenry greatly worried.

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  1. August 29, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    It’s only very slightly relevant, but in Spain planning permission is not granted by a committee sitting in open session, as in Britain, but by the local council planning department. In small villages this can place in the hands of a single person the ability to multiply the value of your land by 100 at the stroke of a pen. There is some control at higher levels of government, but the possibilities for graft are enormous, and are often taken, especially as everyone knows everyone in such places.

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