Curious doings in the U.S. and Canada

Cherie sent me a piece by an American Patriot and at first sight I was sceptical about the alleged nefariousness, on the grounds that parts of it weren’t corroborated.

Didn’t make them wrong but dangerous to just assume, no matter how many anomalies there are to Obama.

On this one Cherie sent, basically the man makes reference to the raid by:

“the U.S. Air Force of the Citadel Gun and Safe shop in Las Vegas, NV on Friday August 19, 2011. …

Even though the raids have drawn nationwide media scrutiny and outrage from civil liberties groups, citing a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, the operation, led by heavily armed Special Agents of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), was launched to recover nuclear warhead detonators that were stolen from Nellis Air Force Base by persons involved in another false flag attack against the United States.

Well, there was actually corroboration of the raid:

An official from the Air Force is speaking to Action News about that raid. New information clarifies that this may have been an inside job, and the penalties could turn out to be very severe.

The writer goes on:

As of 1990 a significant number of nuclear weapons are stored at Area 2, a highly guarded part of Nellis AFB at the foot of Sunrise Mountain also known as Nellis Area II and Lake Mead Base. As of 2002 Nellis AFB ranks 4th in number of nuclear warheads deployed. Nellis AFB serves as one of two main Air Force nuclear weapons general depots in the United States. A portion of air-launched cruise missile warhead stock is estimated to be stationed at Nellis, made up of approximately 575 W80 ALCMs.

Nellis afb. Sunrise Mountain Area II.

This all seems mainstream. The airforce claims that “basic military parts” were recovered. This writer says:

Detonators. Detonators on their own are not classified as a weapon, gun, explosive or bomb. They are basic military parts that become a weapon only after they are hard wired to a bomb or explosive device. The American people should be thankful that the United States Air Force took action to recover those detonators. They went in first only because they knew what to look for and how to handle an incident involving nuclear weapons.

One commenter asked the question, quite validly:

What happened to an American law called the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits US Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from actingin in a law enforcement capacity within the United States.

Well yes – it’s an extraordinary [in the sense of out of the ordinary run of events] move on the part of the airforce. Why not rely on law enforcement to get the parts back? Another writer comments on Posse Comitatus:

The Posse Comitatus Act has traditionally been viewed as a major barrier to the use of U.S. military forces in planning for homeland defense.[1] In fact, many in uniform believe that the act precludes the use of U.S. military assets in domestic security operations in any but the most extraordinary situations.

As is often the case, reality bears little resemblance to the myth for homeland defense planners. Through a gradual erosion of the act’s prohibitions over the past 20 years, posse comitatus today is more of a procedural formality than an actual impediment to the use of U.S. military forces in homeland defense.

My question, at this point, is how anyone got into Nellis to steal detonators and/or bombs in the first place? There’s always the simple explanation of some inside operation going down for commercial gain, then there is the explanation the writer gives. Perhaps the second was part of the first.

The writer claims:

After recovering the stolen nuclear warhead detonators from the Citadel Gun and Safe shop the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations proceeded with federal law enforcement agencies in joint operations to recover the nuclear bombs as they still posed a major threat, even without their detonators.

On Tuesday morning, August 23, 2011 the United States Air Force tried to recover those nuclear bombs but something went wrong and at some point either some of those in possession of and transporting them, via the massive tunnels that links the deep underground military bases, detonated them using plastic explosives.

That’s the part I have trouble with – where’s his corroboration for that? Now, the difference between the mindless “I’m not going to read what you wrote but you’re a whack-job anyway” brand of investigation [what I call CS investigation] and genuine investigation is that the latter doesn’t say things like:

The “nuke quake theory” – seems the readout may have been doctored by conspiracy nutters. Too many crazies waiting for the End Times, hard to keep your compass true.

It’s the attitude of such people I have trouble with. My first reaction was: “Where’s his corroboration for that?” rather than: “All these conspiracy nutter whack-jobs waiting for the end of the world.” That says more about the closed mind of the person who uttered it than about the target of his ire. So we both agree that theory is wonky and move on, one with an open mind, one with a closed.

As it turns out, a comment on this:

… went:

I followed the link to the photograph supposedly from Washington and Lee University. It wasn’t a .edu website but it had a Virginia Tech. tag on the name. So I Went to Virginia Tech Seismology for some readouts.

It looks like someone doctored the graph linked to your blog article because the actual readout does show what might be called a p wave.

I did some exploration of my own and came up with this:

Most earthquakes occur along plate boundaries where tectonic stress is greatest.  Unlike the West Coast, the East Coast is situated near the center of a tectonic plate and resides on what geologists call a passive margin.  This is not to say that earthquakes don’t occur in Virginia, but they are much different than in California.  West Coast quakes can be very shallow and often break the ground surface, while in Virginia they usually occur at depths of anywhere from three to fifteen miles and it is not always possible to associate a specific quake with a specific fault.  In general, East Coast earthquakes are less energetic than those on the West Coast, but due to the coherency of the basement rock (think concrete slab vs. brick patio) they are felt much farther away.  The affected area can be up to ten times larger for a similar magnitude event.

So what do we get out of all of that?  Nothing proved, nothing disproved.  Could have been nuclear, might not have been, perhaps the graph was doctored for mischievous reasons.  For what mischievous reasons?  So that sharp-eyed pundits would jump on it, conclude as they have about nukes then someone calm and assured comes in and says it wasn’t one university, it was another and that the real graph shows p waves.  Nuke theory falls to the ground.

But as the last link shows, it doesn’t fall to the ground.  We’re actually left not knowing one way or the other.

On that basis and only on that basis, best to leave the nuke idea, particularly as our original writer now goes into something which is more interesting – nearly all American Patriots of the old school go on about this and have done for decades – G Edward Griffin and Louis T. McFadden went on about it, for example – that the Fed is still controlled by “Britain” and therefore the U.S.A. is also thus controlled. McFadden’s speech to Congress, 1934:

We were opposed to the Aldrich plan for a central bank. The men who rule the Democratic Party then promised the people that if they were returned to power there would be no central bank established here while they held the reigns of government. Thirteen months later that promise was broken, and the Wilson administration, under the tutelage of those sinister Wall Street figures who stood behind Colonel House, established here in our free Country the worm-eaten monarchical institution of the “King’s Bank” to control us from the top downward, and from the cradle to the grave.

In American eyes, Britain meant the PTB, i.e. Crown and government. But many of us over here do not see Cameron as “the government”. For a start, there are the EU diktats and the constitutional problem of the monarchy within the context of the EU but also, you might check out this, about The City:

The Crown” is actually a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule the independent sovereign state known as London or ‘The City.’ ‘The City’ is not part of England. It is not subject to the Sovereign. It is not under the rule of the British parliament. Like the Vatican in Rome, it is a separate, independent state.

Aubrey Menen wrote, in “London”, Time-Life, 1976, p. 16:

“The relation of this monarch of the City to the monarch of the realm [Queen] is curious and tells much.”

This area we’re talking about here is known as the Crown Temple and has been known by that name or a variation of it for centuries.

Thus the Four Inns of Court to the Crown Temple use the Banking and Judicial system of the City of London – a sovereign and independent territory which is at once part of and not part of the United Kingdom, preceding the UK by some considerable time.

The Temple Bar and their Bar Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Gray’s Inn. The Queen [and formerly the Queen Mother] are/were members of both the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray’s Inn specializes in Taxation legalities by Rule and Code for the Crown. Lincoln’s Inn received its name from the Third Earl of Lincoln (circa 1300).

None of the Four Inns of the Temple are incorporated – you can’t make claim against a non-entity and a non-being. They are private societies without charters or statutes, their constitutions are based solely on custom and self-regulation.

While the Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license affecting Canada and Great Britain, it is the Middle Temple that has legal license to affect America. This comes about directly via their Bar Association franchises to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple through the Crown Temple.

That, I think, is what McFadden and the current writer I’m quoting from are going on about. And that’s before we even look at the Privy Council. Patrick O’Connor QC wrote a paper on the Privy Council, its powers and its role.

But that’s digressing.

Regulars at my place also know that I’ve posted often on the NAU or SPPNA, as it was known after March 23, 2005, when Martin, Bush and Fox met at Baylo University, Waco, to discuss the pooling of national resources. For example:

Here is the pdf put out by the CFR outlining a North American Advisory Council, with an advisory capacity over:

# single economic zone,
# single area of free movements of people,
# single education system,
# single defense and security system,
# single social benefits system

Most readers have pooh-poohed the idea, on the grounds of “nah, they’d never do that” and although the SPPNA seems to have died a death under that name, in the face of criticism from the media and in particular, from key sections of the blogosphere, the need for the policy continues just as much as it ever did. In other words, there is a need to find a context in which the U.S. and Canada can jointly move troops across borders. An emergency situation is the vehicle, of course.

So it’s interesting that this writer now goes on:

Last week while Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was on a trade mission with countries of South America the Canadian Armed Forces was quietly renamed the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Navy. Stephen Harper singlehandedly indefinitely suspended The Constitution Act, 1982 and put back Canada under British rule.

The next part is, on the face of it, the most difficult to accept:

“Royal” signifies the British Royal family’s authority over its colonies. Had the false flag nuclear attack against the United States occurred and Washington DC was destroyed, Barack Hussein Obama was to (could still) call on the Royal (British) Canadian Air Force, Army and Navy to assist him in restoring order. Obama is forbidden from using the US own military on U.S. soil to police the nation – as per the Posse Comitatus Act.

To get around this, Obama and Prime Minister Harper signed a secret deal in February 2008 that paves the way for the militaries from either nation to send troops across each other’s borders during an emergency

If you follow that last link, it gives you an Ottawa Citizen news report:

Canada and the U.S. have signed an agreement that paves the way for the militaries from either nation to send troops across each other’s borders during an emergency, but some are questioning why the Harper government has kept silent on the deal.

And that business of the “Royal CAF” is corroborated here:

In 1975, the two commands were merged to become the Canadian Forces Air Command, which adopted the current name in August 2011. The Royal Canadian Air Force …

So, after Kate’s and Wills’ recent visit, the name of the CAF actually was changed, as were the other forces as well.


There is something clearly going on but obviously I’m not privy to it. While speculation might be unproductive, there’s no harm in questions and I have some. Firstly, in the context of where America is now headed, where are Obama’s loyalties? Primarily to the United States of America’s Constitution? Why all the well documented anomalies surrounding that man? Why the sheer illegality in the financial sector in the past few years? Why the impunity? America has been downgraded and repossessed American homes are now being sold off to conglomerates.

Also, in the context of all of this comes an article by Paul Craig Roberts, former editor on the Wall Street Journal and Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Treasury:

Remember, the Times sat for one year on the leak from NSA that the Bush administration was violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and spying on Americans without obtaining warrants from the FISA court. The Times published only after Bush was reelected. Wikileaks is the only way whistleblowers can get the word out.”

“You mean if the government convicts Assange, it is the end of Wikileaks?”

“Yes. If Assange is convicted of spying, then ipso-facto a successor would be a spy. The ability of whistleblowers to bring accountability to government is about to disappear.”

What do you make of it all?

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  1. David
    August 31, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Well, well, well. Nothing surprises me anymore. For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, watch and learn:

  2. August 31, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    This is the U.S. situation. Not sure about ours over here:

    Tax protestors and (the coming) draft resistors trying to renounce the parts of these contracts that they now disagree with will not profit by resorting to tort law (fairness) arguments as justification. Judges will reject these lines of defense as they have no bearing on contract law jurisprudence. Tort law governs grievances where no contract law is in effect.

    These private agreements/contracts that bind us will always overrule the broad general clauses of the Constitution and Bill of Rights (the Constitution being essentially a renamed enactment of English common law).

    The Bill of Rights is viewed by the Crown as a ‘bill of benefits,’ conferred on us by them in anticipation of reciprocity (taxes). Protestors and resistors will also lose their cases by boasting of citizenship status. Citizenship is another equity agreement that we have with the Crown.


    Be aware of these:

    Names in caps:

    The Crown and ABA:

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