Obstacles to perception [3]

Part 2 is here. Part 3 concerns the next stage in the nobbling of society.

The truly dastardly things which are done are done behind closed doors, by faceless men and women, with bureaucratic penstrokes.  A little change here, a little change there and a barrage of propaganda saying that that’s how society is “progressing”, when it is anything but random, as Yuri Bezmenov has said.

You and I have no way of bringing down Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke, Paul Tucker, Rachel Lomax, Veronique Morales but at least we’ve heard of them. We’ve heard of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, of Mandelson, Ashton and and Trichet and so what? Can they be touched?

At least they can be observed.

Have you heard though of Peter Dittus, Stephen Cecchetti or Günter Pleines?  Google them together and see.  These are three of a few thousand orchestrating what is happening in Europe. These are three men having a great say in what happens to the Euro or to Greece.   While we believe that national politics still matter, we fail to observe the daily machinations of these people who are not subject to any sovereign constraint.

Even if you nail them, there are all the others with key influence as well. It’s a hydra and I gave up after the 1000th or so name came up. I was meant to give up. It can’t be penetrated because, like an EU committee which forms, advises then disbands, none of these can be nailed.

There was a commenter at my place called Xxxl and he was right about visible politics – it is flim flam. All the things we do –  the TPA, OoL, your blogs, all of it – we are not hitting the true source of the trouble.  When finance allies itself with dogma, religion, ideology, philosophy, the oligarchs turn into druids, high priests, the untouchables, neither to be scrutinized nor questioned.  By dint of their finance, blanket campaigns are launched to “educate” people in “modern thinking”.

The key to perpetuating one’s interest is through education and producing little clones of yourself, a la Agent Smith.  This battle is raging now and the attacks on our heritage are often quoted on OoL:

“to enforce participation in daily worship in community schools – to do so goes beyond the legitimate function of the state and is an abuse of children’s human rights, especially those who are old enough to make decisions for themselves.”

There is something missing here.  There is a failure to recognize our Judaeo-Christian heritage – terribly sorry but that was our heritage, whereas Islam was Iraq’s, say.  Buddhism was South-East Asia’s.  To go into denial because you don’t like it does not negate it – you can’t negate what was, just through your own willpower.

Globalists do though and are quite subtle about it.  Placeman after placeman, placewoman after placewoman, you are vetted for jobs and if you are of a traditional mindset, you are quietly passed over.  One of the things now demanded for teaching applications is to include your “educational philosophy”.  If you say, “To teach,” you’re out, mate.  You need to bang on about equality, diversity, child-centred education etc.

I actually put this to the test and it was a test – a test of fifty questions.  I gave PC answers to them all, had a glowing report written on me and there was my socializtion – why not do what gets me somewhere?

Because it’s bleedin’ iniquitous, that’s why.

This is going on in World Education.  In 1999, the Bologna Process began, which the EU explained was:

… a major reform created with the claimed goal of providing responses to issues such as the public responsibility for higher education and research, higher education governance, the social dimension of higher education and research, and the values and roles of higher education and research in modern, globalized, and increasingly complex societies with the most demanding qualification needs.

Translated into English, Dr Chris Lorenz of the Free University of Amsterdam, explains:

“the basic idea behind all educational EU-plans is economic: the basic idea is the enlargement of scale of the European systems of higher education, … in order to enhance its ‘competitiveness’ by cutting down costs. Therefore a Europe-wide standardization of the ‘values’ produced in each of the national higher educational systems is called for.” Just as the World Trade Organization and GATS propose educational reforms that would effectively erode all effective forms of democratic political control over higher education, so “it is obvious that the economic view on higher education recently developed and formulated by the EU Declarations is similar to and compatible with the view developed by the WTO and by GATS.”

Translated into simple English, it means that TBP is an attempt by the EU, under the guise of “standardizing educational standards across each member state of the EU”, to sell its concept of the EU superstate to every academic and student it comes into contact with. This pdf touches on it obliquely, when it states:

bologna 1

bologna 2

… and it touches on education “as a social responsibility”:

bologna 3

It is, as stated, an old dilemma of education, whether to serve the society which supports it or whether to be dedicated to some “higher learning” or learning for learning’s sake? Most universities have attempted to combine the two in various faculties. At east, until a process occurred which is addressed in Part 2 of this article.

In terms of the EU, this means that Europe’s educational institutions, which had hitherto prided themselves on centuries of academic excellence, were now to be hitched to the EU political process, under the heading of “social responsibility”.

If that was the process, then the formal organization was in Erasmus Mundus programmes and the Mundus should make you shudder for a start. Naturally, these are now being expanded into the greater Mediterranean area under the Union for the Mediterranean banner [H/T IPJ]. The goal is the harmonization of political thought within the area of EU influence and the movement of “sound” academics within its programmes to any part of the empire.

The process by which the first European Coal and Steel Community probings became a few meetings, e.g. the Treaties of Rome [1957] and from there on, until the current state of affairs where it is not an economic community in the least but a federalist superstate, is all in the documentation discoverable by any who care to look.

Uniformity, universality

What is less well known is why there should be such uniformity of policy across all developed nations, why there are immigration and racial problems in many countries following the same pattern, the same formula, how all the social ills seem so uniform in nations from Canada to New Zealand, from Norway to Mexico – how nightlife got to be in the form of clubbing, how drugs and sex became universal and reached down into schools in all those nations, how parents gave up their responsibilities to provide their children with moral codes and soon and so on.

If nations are separate and distinct, if traditions appear to be peculiar to each individual nation, then how come all these social ills are now both uniform and found everywhere round the world?

Obstacles to perception

When you are drawn into certain beliefs, certain ways of thinking, as Yuri Bezmenov pointed out, from cradle to grave, it is impossible to break out of them until a very great shock occurs to you.

It’s the aim of the politicians to keep us from those shocks until the very last moment. Right up till that point, those of a more sanguine temperament will smile benignly and move on, secure that nothing untoward whatever is going to happen – we’ve had bear markets before, we’ll have them again.

That’s the current state of play and most of us are so far behind in perception that we’re only starting to understand the nature of the globalists, particularly through the EU but the EU is only one manifestation of the game, a game of financial reorganization on a massive scale which will dwarf the hedge fund scams, the sub-prime crises and so on.

We can rush onto the street in anger but whom do we target?  Will the real culprits ever be touched?

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  1. September 8, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Excellent well-conceived series. Conspiracies don’t need conspirators in the Guy Fawkes sense, just like-minded people who select each other, depend on each other and are absolutely convinced they know best. Once you have that you have a machine with no master but itself.

    • September 9, 2011 at 5:53 am

      We do seem to be breeding a generation of people like that, don’t we? Selfishness and the cult of ‘Me!’ rules…

  2. September 8, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    So bloody depressing. But one day each of us won’t be here any more. Then it won’t matter.

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