The Internationalism of the America’s Cup World Series – Shames the EU’s self-absorption !

Off Plymouth Hoe this weekend, another great maritime battle will be played out, as the second stop for the Americas Cup World Series today reaches its semi-finals stage!


I have been privileged this week to be back in my native Devonshire and have the chance to witness first hand, the high-speed yacht racing that modern technology has driven to new heights, involving catamarans flying seven different national flags but crewed by athletes forming the cream of international competitive yacht racing from across the entire globe.

What a contrast this has proven when compared with the spineless, gutless and completely brainless leadership of the European Union, which has concurrently been staggering into an ever deeper crisis almost entirely caused by a flawed design, built mostly upon self-conceit, mutual bragging and hypocrisy! The EU is thereby slowly approaching its inevitable collapse.

Such a spectacle in the fresh air  has provided me an escape from the computer keyboard, to observe teamwork, experience and local knowledge drive identical boats to widely different outcomes.

Now I must aside such excitement and with it the tranquil, still-remaining Devonshire countryside, to return to chronicling the painful end to my years of of blogging on the EU. Almost inevitably, corruption brings chaos in its wake, the demise of the common currency of the EU must expose the inherent design flaws of the EU itself and not be permitted to drive the former nations involved even further towards submission to the EU’s ever-growing, non-democratic tyranny!

Competition and co-operation between democratic nations breeds prosperity and attracts the cream of the world to participate with them. Democracy cannot be defended by bodies such as the EU or the UN!

3 comments for “The Internationalism of the America’s Cup World Series – Shames the EU’s self-absorption !

  1. WitteringWitney
    September 18, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    Odds on how long before the EU decides that they should be allowed to compete, being one of the world’s financial power houses?

    • September 18, 2011 at 7:50 pm

      Has anyone told them it’s not their usual race to the bottom?

  2. September 18, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    As a former cat sailor [a bit long in the tooth now], it might surprise that I’d be against the America’s Cup being sailed for in cats. I sailed cats because they were fast:

    … and we had our holy grail, the Little America’s Cup for C Class:

    They took it away from the C Class, the thoroughbreds of cat sailing and gave it to some production class called F18 – dozens and dozens of these chasing each other around the course. It was like replacing F1 cars with Passats. Not bad cars but …….

    The America’s Cup has a fine, terrible tradition and one thing the boats always were, were elegant:

    It was never about the fastest boat afloat [at least not in the 1900s] but about the faster of two – it was about a challenge by a world YC to the NYYC and the boats had a dignity which made the Auld Mug revered.

    These cats are fast, yes but they’re hardly elegant and they should not be sailing for this prestigious mug. If anything, they should be contesting the LAC. They’d be worthy there. True, the deed of challenge allows the boat specs to be agreed each time but recently, that’s gone by the board and now it’s who can outcheat whom in the courtroom and before the races even begin:

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