The blog posting John Redwood MP did not wish his Diary readers to consider!

On 19th September, I replied to a reply, by John Redwood MP on his blog, which I then repeated on Ironies Too. My comment as it appears on my blog is preceded by the words “Comment awaiting moderation” and ends with a link to the posting quoted below. The comment, when posted on Mr. Redwood’s web site, excluded both such entries. My thoughts as to the possible reasons for this follow the posting ,which included a video on my web page (now updated to two videos), which may be seen at my site.


Is Germany saddling its EU economic enemies with excess energy costs?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

There exists a YouTube video which shows a German executive of E.ON addressing a UK audience and confirming that offshore wind energy production costs are some three times those of available alternatives. I will add it at the end of this post when and if I can re-locate it. Meantime consider the incredible figures set out by another E.ON operative in the following video:
The tragic accident this week that took the lives of four Welsh miners also provides food for further thought on energy costs, when considering the frequent broadcast comments that locals had no knowledge of the mining operations underway at the location where the deadly and tragic accident occurred. Yet Britain’s coal resources were nationalized for the supposed benefit of the nation many years ago. If coal-mining is again economically viable in Wales, why is it not being undertaken by the successor to the NCB, to ease both the nation’s energy costs and unemployment in South Wales.
Further signs of a conspiracy, involving the energy costs for our country, hit me last week, when I saw the huge two page advertisements by the Norwegian State Oil Company, Statoil, extolling the benefits for Britain of Norway’s neighbouring deposits of natural gas,
see more here. Nobody should need to point out such obvious benefits in a sane world, are they necessary because Britain’s rulers, now completely controlled from the near continent, wish to deprive our manufacturers of the benefits of competitively priced energy from which we may never recover?
Where does the blame lie for all of this treachery? Dubious decisions and actions that will lumber the nation with excess energy costs for decades ahead are this moment being made by this Coalition Government, thus making any manufacturing recovery nigh on impossible, to the main benefit of the German’s and the French, whose energy companies control Britain’s energy costs through their economic and possibly political imperatives. No blame can attach to their national leaders and politicians, they are doing their utmost to secure the jobs, futures and livelihoods of their own citizens!
The traitors are those in Britain who have ceded such powers to foreigners, presumably in stupidity or for their own personal advancement or the power gains of the foul and corrupt political parties to which they owe their allegiance.
Britain must seize this moment of crisis within the Eurozone to take back the responsibilities for determining its own future by quitting the EU. Gerhard Schroeder, senior figure of the next German controlling party, the SPD, has already made clear that an EU with no say for Britain, is Germany’s planned course, as I posted and linked yesterday on this blog. Those politicians not  NOW seeking an exit from the EU, for the UK, are blind to the future of generations of our citizens yet unborn

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I have believed for many years that part of the EU conspiracy against the economic interests of those who live in Britain lies within the arrangements regarding its North Sea energy resources which are lusted after by our energy impoverished continental neighbours. Due to either neglect, incompetence or indeed in some cases possibly even some dubious dealings within our three main political parties, Britain is the only EU member state that I can think of that has allowed its strategically important main energy utilities to fall into the hands and control of foreigners. Principal among these, of course, being the German E.ON and the French EDF (laughingly now a main sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics with TV adverts suggesting it is of ancient British heritage).

I was alerted to the nature of the problem on the eve of the launch of the Veritas political party in early 2005, of which I was appointed energy spokesman, on account of my long involvement at senior levels in the oil industry, when I travelled from the West End to meet Robert Kilroy-Silk, at The Valley to watch Liverpool take on Charlton from the Directors’ Box, where we were to make an eventually fruitless attempt to raise funds for our also doomed effort to inject some honesty into Britain’s political processes. Strangely enough, Michael Howard, then leader of the treacherous Tory Party, which had been prime mover in the subjection of our nation into land-locked Continental-style politics in the first place, was also a guest in the box, further complicating matters as it subsequently appeared my intended donors were already funding his also doomed electoral fantasies. In the Evening Standard that evening, which I read from cover to cover during the rush hour journey, I found page after page of advertisements for various grades of accountants all issued by the state owned Italian oil company AGIP.

I was aware that neither AGIP (nor its parent ENI) had much UK Continental Shelf oil nor gas production. Such vast numbers of employees and the establishment of a very large gas accounting department could only indicate the Italian state controlled company was planning a huge move into the domestic UK natural gas market. I suspected that only by use of massive swaps, exchanges, buy backs and other arrangements could such an operation be possible or profitable and that to facilitate such arrangements the theoretical possible pantomime of an interconnection of British and Continental gas transportation systems would be necessary. The Bacton Interconnector allowed that physical possibility to exist, hence my periodic mentions of this facility on my various blogs down the years. Ask yourselves how AGIP was to justify the costs of such an operation, unless they were ultimately to be met by Britain’s gas consumers.

Daft old fart, posted here recently on his outrage at his present utilities bill, “and I have just got an email from my Gas and Leccy provider to tell me that they are doubling my monthly payment”, just like millions others across the country, I wager. No wonder a Conservative MP prefers his voters not to know of such machinations!

Chris Huhne MP, the UK Energy Secretary, will no doubt rant at his conference today about consumers not often enough comparing the alternative energy prices available. What they cannot do, as only Governments can perform that function, is to query the basis on which the utilities are allowed to compute their costs and the bigger question raised in the posting Mr. Redwood sought to keep from his readers, that being why have we handed energy pricing matters AND forward investment decisions to our economic competitors?


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