Don’t Let Our Government Escape Its Share Of The Blame…

A Nigerian rapist escaped deportation yesterday after European judges ruled he had a right to a ‘private life’ in Britain.

Yes, once again, it’s the ECHR who are at fault:

Akindoyin Akinshipe, 24, was due to be sent home after losing appeal after appeal in the British courtsover his jailing for an attack on a girl of 13.But in a staggering reversal yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights said this would breach his right to a ‘private and family life’.

This is despite him not having a wife, long-term partner or children in the UK – factors which foreign criminals have used to stay here under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

And so the government is in full-on ‘This is disgraceful, we need to do something about it!’ mode, while ensuring that they don’t actually do anything constructive about it:

Tory ministers have pledged to replace the Human Rights Act – which enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights into British law – with a UK Bill of Rights.But they have been opposed by their Liberal Democrat coalition partners.

‘Ah, well, we tried, see, but look at what the nasty LibDems always do, isn’t it shocking?’

Well, hold back some of that blame and fury, and put it where it belongs. Like charity, that’s ‘at home’.

More accurately, the Home Office:

His case was so flimsy that the Court of Appeal refused to hear it and in January 2008 his domestic legal avenues were exhausted.But astonishingly, two years elapsed before the Home Office began action to deport him in September last year. In the meantime, he had obtained three A-levels, and he was about to finish a degree in economics and banking.

He then appealed to Strasbourg. The European judges, citing his education and employment record and lack of any further crimes, said that since his release his conduct has been ‘exemplary’.

Yup, it’s the usual story of foot-dragging incompetence in the UK civil service, which curiously escapes censure by the table-pounding MPs.

Funny, that, eh?

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  1. Peter Whale
    September 23, 2011 at 11:12 am

    “Akinshipe was 13 when he came here, was 15 when he committed the crime, has been fully rehabilitated, and his mother and sisters live here. There may be a very good reason for deporting this person, and it should always by British judges that make the decision”.

    This can be found on the EU referendum blog and I agree with it.

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