Press Freedom–A matter for growing concern

I believe that Orphans of Liberty partly exists to compensate for the advancing encroachments against our freedoms of public expression. A survey from “Reporters without borders” makes worrying reading for all those with such concerns. The UK lies at 19th in the world, France 44th for press freedom, shameful positioning! In the EU, the report comments by individual country, it has this to say:

European Union loses its leadership status

Reporters Without Borders has repeatedly expressed its concern about the deteriorating press freedom situation in the European Union and the 2010 index confirms this trend. Thirteen of the EU’s 27 members are in the top 20 but some of the other 14 are very low in the ranking. Italy is 49th, Romania is 52nd and Greece and Bulgaria are tied at 70th. The European Union is not a homogenous whole as regards media freedom. On the contrary, the gap between good and bad performers continues to widen.

There has been no progress in several countries where Reporters Without Borders pointed out problems. They include, above all, France and Italy, where events of the past year – violation of the protection of journalists’ sources, the continuing concentration of media ownership, displays of contempt and impatience on the part of government officials towards journalists and their work, and judicial summonses – have confirmed their inability to reverse this trend.

As centralisation and the EU economic crisis continue apace within the EU, restraints upon press freedom, operating across the EU as a whole, are perhaps hard to identify and record, yet they must surely be a growing menace. Reaching an ever wider public across the EU with an Orphans of Liberty for the entire EU would perhaps be one way of achieving this. The EU federalists have such a tool with the EU funded, multi-lingual, EurActiv (from whence, ironically, I first learnt of this press freedom report) but those believing in democracy rather than the tyranny, as defined by Karl Popper, that we actually have, can at first perhaps only first advance in English, but could links with Google translation of postings  widen our readership?

I am increasingly of the view that pan-EU opposition is the only way to restore national parliamentary democracies!


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  1. alex
    September 25, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    What’s this site’s view on media ownership? The report identifies that as a problem in say Italy where the prime minister owns large amounts of the media- you don’t address this, concentrating your fire on an agency i don’t think anyone has actually ever heard of.

    • September 26, 2011 at 5:44 am

      “….concentrating your fire on an agency i don’t think anyone has actually ever heard of.”

      The predator you can’t see is always more dangerous than the one that’s visible to all.

    • September 26, 2011 at 1:13 pm

      I cannot speak for the views of Orphans of Liberty as a whole, merely for my own views which I express quite frequently on Ironies Too. The main enemy, to democracy, freedom of speech and a whole plethora of other restrictions on our individual liberties and our prosperity IMO comes from the EU.

      A posting today on another website citing some examples of this now very real threat may be found at the following link:

  2. Uncle Badger
    September 25, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    The greater threat to Press freedom in the UK is the monoculture of views held by those in the trade. Peter Oborne recently noted the takeover of the FT by Leftists 25 years ago. Today, the Telegraph is drifting in the same direction.

    Given that the broadcast media are entirely on the Left and that printed media are almost completely Left dominated too, worrying about who owns them or exerts influence over them is almost irrelevant.

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