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The admins at OoL felt that on the issue of the secrecy of the Family Law Court and on secrecy in general between public bodies and the public today, we’d run the poster below. We make no comment about the individual case but we do about secrecy on matters which affect people’s lives:

“The time has come to put an END to the Secrecy of the Family Courts”
Please attend
The Court of Appeal, Royal Courts of Justice,
Strand, London WC1
Thursday 27th October 2011, 9.30am – 4.00pm
If you and your family have suffered at the hands of the Family Courts
YOU NEED to be HERE! Also, this could happen ANYTIME to ANY child or family!

On 27th October, in a landmark hearing in an OPEN Court of Appeal, a disabled young woman who claims to have been repeatedly abused by a high-level paedophile ring during her childhood will be asking for permission to pursue justice and her human rights against her former abusers. She and her mother have been silenced by people in official positions using and abusing their powers of secrecy to shield those who commit these horrific crimes against the young and vulnerable. In her own words, in mounting this appeal, this young woman is “fighting to stop other children being hurt”, as well as silenced and intimidated, both by the powerful perverts perpetrating the abuse and by the SECRECY of the family court system seemingly backing them up.

The young woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, may not have very much longer to live. She is already well-known both internationally and nationally and all eyes are on her. With the help of her many friends and supporters, despite her disability she is determined to achieve justice. She and her mother are making this stance in the Court of Appeal for their inalienable human rights, which have been denied them by the malicious and unlawful actions of their local authorities to shut them up. The authorities have used false claims of a thorough police investigation into the case which did not take place and denied the unlawful sectioning under the mental health act to silence her mother after the two women reported crimes of sexual abuse to the police.

The Family Division of the UK Royal Courts of Justice (and its equivalent in Commonwealth countries) is known for its SECRECY and not for transparency nor for its compassion in listening to the voices and anguish of children/vulnerable adults and their families. These are then sidelined by the courts who unlawfully force the appointment of the Official Solicitor under the guise of protecting the child/vulnerable adult. Significantly, local authorities with the help of the Family Courts, receive substantial remuneration from central government for fulfilling ‘alternative placement targets’. In fact, every step of the process of putting a child/vulnerable adult into care, with the youngest ones being adopted generates cash for all involved. The sheer numbers being processed annually suggests an agenda to break up families. Or, has CHILD-TRAFFICKING, traditionally regarded as a Third World phenomenon become BRITISH REALITY?;; Worse,could children ‘stolen’ by the State be feeding this country’s paedophile confraternity, of which our young woman due in court on 27th was a victim?

Please, if you love children and abhor any form of violence or injustice against them, sexual or otherwise, come to Royal Courts of Justice in London on 27th October. THE TIME IS NOW – A BIG CROWD IS NEEDED both to fill the public gallery and to line the street outside. The action is to be peaceful and dignified, with no need for ‘gimmicks’, the issue speaks for itself and all we need is NUMBERS. Press, please be there! Just WHO in very high places is a closet child abuser, necessitating such a massive cover-up, as in the case of the disabled young woman about to appear in the High Court, with the biggest establishment guns trained on her and her very life on the line? You might not be allowed to publish the story but at least by close of play on 27th October you might know WHY you can’t! <ENDS>

Press & media contact: Belinda McKenzie 07770 97734

3 comments for “Family court secrecy

  1. October 11, 2011 at 6:34 am

    Blair supposedly promised to end the practise of Local Authorities recieving cash bonuses for adoption placements, partly as a result of the excellent work by Chris Booker at the Daily Telegraph.
    And he’s still at it

  2. Ian
    October 11, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    In response to “banned”, Blair also imposed stiff central government adoption targets on local aurthorities, on top of their own informal ones, which were quite high enough already. Think ‘barren middle England voters’……

  3. Maaarrghk!
    October 12, 2011 at 7:17 am

    What a coincidence!

    Mrs M!’s mate was round last night wanting us to give statements regarding her good charectar and parenting abilities.

    Her toddler was stolen by the ss last year after her (now ex-) boyfriend was denounced as a “child pornographer”. That was last October. This may she gave birth to a little boy who was stolen at 1 day old.

    No charges were ever brought, the cops giving the distinct impression that they felt they were having their time wasted. They were.

    She has a poor command of English and is completely at the mercy (what fucking mercy? you may ask) of the family court.

    There is one ray of hope though. Her Mum managed to get in to the last hearing and pleaded with the Judge for some form of representation. He has provided them with legal aid and a Barrister instead of the solicitor that the ss had made them use. Yes, you got that, the ss were able to stipulate who she could have as their solicitor.

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