Rajoy is different but no better

We’re caught between a rock and a hard place, between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The smart minds realize that Mr. Rajoy’s landslide is a mass reaction to the crisis and to the socialists, rather than an endorsement of him. This comment at the Telegraph:

Can’t do any worse than the previous idiot, you know, the one who gave amnesty to nearly a million illegal immigrants and instituted a “green jobs” policy that has resulted in mass unemployment; for every one “green job” the socialists created, three real jobs have been lost.

The really smart minds realize well actually, he can do worse. It’s this fixation with “The Debt”, the fictional numbers plucked from the IMF’s, WB’s and various other parasitic bodies’ illgotten ripping off of people through national governments which the conservative forces have got completely wrong. How do you get an economy moving by slashing every little break people have, while the workplace is decimated and all the wrong jobs are still in place – quangos, fake charities, bureaucrats on 6 figure salaries, departments for interference, all with their whole admin structure?

They’re slashing in all the wrong places, reducing people to penury – seriously so – and there is quiet panic everywhere. Everyone either fears for his job or else that the benefits are just going to be stopped on a political stroke of a pen to please a party’s supporters. No thought of how it’s going to be done or if there are jobs to go to.

What’s Rajoy going to do? Consult the regions, he says, to see if anyone knows what to do. The really, really smart minds know:

Watching the Euro lately is like watching an old Frankenstein movie. The beast was clobbered together from foreign bits and pieces which were sinfully mated together to create something beastly. And, from the moment it took its first gasp of air, we all knew that it must soon die because it did not belong in this world.

The pieces are rejecting each other and the body is rotting from within. This thing that should have never been created, now suffers and we see that it can not continue to survive for long. It is better that we now humanely put this beast out of its misery. It is time for the Franken-Euro to go to sleep!

The really, really, really smart minds know that The Enemy, as Sean Gabb calls them or Them if you like, has designed this to happen. There is a wealth of evidence that there has been collusion on this, with the aim of bringing ordinary people into penury, to weaken them as a political force, to gather the wealth so far created and its further production into a narrow range of hands – this including “the” wealth created by every small person’s own efforts and workhours multiplied by the number of people actually producing any wealth. And it’s done by means of a plethora of ridiculous regulations and strictures, exactly as the Soviet Union worked it.

Many don’t realize that the Soviet Union actually did work to regulations – everything had to be done legally at official level and it was all documented. It was just that if there was a loophole, it was plugged by new laws. Technically, it was a democracy – Deputats and local officials could be recalled and sometimes were – but for reasons of corruption or gross inefficiency rather than for any ideological differences … and that’s where we’re going now.

Worst is the era of the parachutee, putting people in jobs who are woefully uneducated due to the socialist decimation of the classical underpinnngs of what we would say constitutes an education and the product of this process put into admin roles all across the nation. That’s why nothing works – there is an incompetence factor so rife that if you need anything doing, the odds are that it will be stuffed up somehow. Out of the jaws of victory …

And these people, being people, tenaciously hang onto these non-jobs and quite understandably don’t want to fall off the wheel in these times. A nation is pushing s*** uphill to try to prise these people away and anyway, there’s nothing to go to for them, no jobs, just benefits which are going to stop anyway and the process has already begun.

You have to get businesses running again but that can never be while the Grand Project is this oligarchical federalism, euphemistically called communitarianism, while Common Purpose infests every council in this country and while the Cult of Wrong Decisionmaking is all-pervasive. It’s not just getting rid of Cameron and cronies or even Rumpy Pumpy and cronies which is the issue – it’s reversing the mindsets of so many of the people in the community as well.

It’s for the country to actually start producing again, rather than running IT projects to supervise the non-production.

It’s not so much a mess as a designer mess and there has to be a first step somewhere. Putting in Rajoy is better in one sense but ultimately useless. Freeing the nation from the oligarchs is the first and foremost priority. They won’t “grant us” a referendum? Then let’s conduct our own, nationwide – anyone willing to start gathering the pollsters for this who’ll sample every major centre in the UK?

Then officially or unofficially, that would be accepted as a referendum of the people.

At the same time, the elimination of the middle-class, the powerful bourgeoisie, is a major aim, for along with that goes private property, and even the bourgeois sense of right and wrong.  So while they’re hellbent on completing the socialist project, the conservative Themists are also ferociously slashing everything people have to live on, seeking out anything someone might have tucked away, with a view to stealing it.

And who gets caught in the middle?  Everyone knows the whole text of this post and its answer.

3 comments for “Rajoy is different but no better

  1. Andrew Duffin
    November 21, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Actually, he’ll be just the same, because the EU will tell him what to do the same as they did the last guy.

    “Meet the new boss…” etc.

  2. Jens Kaufenberg
    November 21, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Hi James.

    Sorry to be OT….or is it? I dunno. Couple of months ago you posted consecutive articles concerning WTC 7. I was a new reader to this here fine blog at the time and posted a very late comment on your excellent article ‘WTC7 – controlled demolition or not?’…thinking rightly that it would be far to late for response.

    Yesterday we have this from abc news…(oh yes…that’s the MSM that is)

    “Why are the nearly 3,000 9/11 victims missing from an official federal death registry?”


    “The mystery about 9/11 baffles me,” said Beth Givens, executive director of the San Diego-based Privacy Rights Clearinghouse which has received complaints about the accuracy of the death file. “The only things that come to mind are some of the conspiracy theories that we hear out there — and I don’t want to go there.”

    Conspiracy theorists, indeed, have noticed and are questioning whether the government has told the truth about what happened that day. A video posted on YouTube entitled “Where are the 9/11 Victims?” shows that only 405 people are listed as dying in the state of New York that day.”

    It’s what these guys have been saying since 2007…

  3. November 22, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    James, I’m not being sarcastic, but who is Mr Rajoy?

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