Climbing Aboard The Media Tiger (Pt II)

An angry mob gathered outside Jonathan Bloomfield’s home in Stanley Street, Grimsby, after footage of him abusing 18-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier Butch was posted on Facebook by a neighbour, as reported.

And last Thursday, Grimsby magistrates banned him from keeping dogs for 15 years after admitting two counts of animal cruelty.

And that would be the end of it. You’d think.

You’d be wrong:

Today, the 37-year-old father told the Grimsby Telegraph that he was “sorry” for what he did, but felt aggrieved by the invasion of privacy committed in making the video.


He said: “If my neighbour had concerns, he should have got in touch with the RSPCA, not make videos of my family and put them on Facebook and YouTube.

“I will be seeking the advice of a solicitor and should be compensated for the invasion of privacy which has left my family homeless and denied my young son a better future.”

Oh, great! If the mob was incensed before, you’ve just thrown a can of gasoline on the fire!

Mr Bloomfield continued: “Neighbours didn’t like us because we are from London.

“They would come round complaining that the dog was making a noise and then film me when I smacked him.”

Oh, good grief! Is this pasty-faced lardbucket for real? Did he really think the answer to neighbours complaining about the noise of his dog barking was to beat it up?

And does he think telling the local reporter this (who must have been thinking Christmas had come early) would help?

Mr Bloomfield, who claims to be an “animal lover”, also kept lizards, a bird and a fish.

He gave them away because he “genuinely thought” he was going to prison.

“I plan to replace the lizards but after everything that has happened, I will never keep a dog again – even after the 15-year ban is up,” he said.

I would say who’d sell one to you, but there are just as many unscrupulous breeders as there are utterly unsuitable owners, sad to say…

“We lost everything we loved in the space of an hour.

“I have lost my house over this and it is wrong.”

No, you don’t seem to understand (and I suspect I’m wasting my time, because it’d probably be simpler to try and explain this to the dog), what YOU did was wrong.

And blustering to the local reporter in an attempt to justify it, when people with an ounce of shame and – let’s face it – self-preservation would keep quiet, is not going to help you.

The proper, sensible, response to the reporters knocking on your door would have been ‘no comment’. You are just digging yourself a bigger hole, and they came to you with a nicely giftwrapped spade that you are just too thick to recognise…

2 comments for “Climbing Aboard The Media Tiger (Pt II)

  1. December 3, 2011 at 8:56 am

    I suppose this is what happens when the pages of some papers have received an airdrop of onions for far worse. The common or garden pondlife see real scum getting their sympathetic hearing in a national daily and decide to go crying to the local papers expecting similar treatment. If they had a better understanding of how most people perceive natural justice they’d know better, but then if they had that they wouldn’t be caught kicking dogs and end up on ShutyerFacebook.

  2. Chuckles
    December 3, 2011 at 11:49 am

    Was the lizard perhaps named Eric?

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