The Euro as the centralising mystic force of the EU.

The Sunday press and other media are full of the need to save the Euro along with threats of the consequences of failure. This is all rot. The EU elite who now run Europe are the enemies of the people of Europe, as can be seen by the destruction of our democracies.  The Euro is their chosen weapon for both the destruction of democracy and the subjugation and control of the citizens of the former nation states. 

Last evening I posted the justification for the Euro Currency as stated by a federalist in 2002. It may be read here or immediately beneath this posting. I quote below the guts of what this arrogant man stated while hiding behind the pseudonym Henri l’Esprit de St Paul, hinting at a French linguistic background probably only to confuse as a French speaker would most likely have included a hyphen between the "St" and "Paul".

"The Euro has an important value as a symbol of a united Europe. It might be seen as giving candidate countries some prestige. But it’s also an engine, drawing EU economies closer to the centre, making EMU membership more and more inevitable, both politically and economically. The EU will survive enlargement. But not for logical reasons, but for the same reasons as make the bumble bee fly, it just does."

The newspaper that hosted these various discussions, the Financial Times no doubt has the ability to discover the identity of this poster "Henri di’ESP" but will certainly not be prepared to do so while continuing on its course of centralising control over Europe and the absolute destruction of all democracy. Presumably it is for this reason that it also chooses to keep the archives of all these increasingly relevant discussion fora of the early century beyond public access!

On the same day of the Bumble Bee posting of 4th December 2002 on the forum "EU Reform, is it possible" I had, inter alia, stated the following, some three hours twenty minutes ahead of the assumed response (quoted in full yesterday) being posted:

"Reform of the EU is not possible in the absence of democratic accountability. This requires a means be found for the people of the EU to periodically remove or change their rulers. IMO such democratic powers will nowhere near be achieved by strengthening the powers of the present parliament nor by electing or appointing a European President."

Finally, to make absolutely clear that these federalists knew exactly what they were about, the consequences of which they now plan to set in cement next week, I quote yet another respone of mine to this "flight of the bumble bee" posting, on the forum "Will the stronger euro hurt eurozone recovery?" on 6th December 2002, the same day I had quoted Henri to that forum,I ended my remarks to another poster as follows:

…"Henril’EdStP, makes clear the euro is the centralising mystic force required to bring the EU together. If ever there was a recipe for a currency to struggle and fail, such a role should ensure that result. Last flight of the Bumblebee?"

(This post was first published on Ironies Too 0857 GMT 4th December, 2011)

3 comments for “The Euro as the centralising mystic force of the EU.

  1. john in cheshire
    December 5, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    What’s to stop us issuing our own currency, and bypassing the criminal ruling elite?

  2. December 5, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    It’ll all end in tears, I just know it.

  3. Voice of Reason
    December 5, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    “…But not for logical reasons, but for the same reasons as make the bumble bee fly, it just does.”

    Except that the flight of bumble bees is logical, and has been studied.

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