Why we need to leave (again)

One of the functions that a government is supposed to do is defend its borders, sometimes there are treaties in place that allow free movement of goods, people and services within a certain set of countries such as the Schengen Zone within the EU, though in this instance it’s a loophole within the Schengen Zone which has cause a breach in our own borders where passports and othe border controls are not checked owing to a “loophole” in EU/UK law.


The Government alone is powerless to close a loophole which enables people to enter the UK illegally, the Immigration Minister admitted today.
Damian Green said the so-called “Lille loophole”, in which passengers miss key border checks by buying a train ticket from Brussels to Lille but then stay on until London, could only be closed through negotiations with European countries.
People can travel freely between Brussels and Lille as both Belgium and France are in the Schengen agreement, which allows them to cross the borders without passport checks.
But the UK Border Agency (UKBA) operates border controls in the country of departure, so by staying on the train from Lille, no passport checks are performed on the route into London, BBC Radio 4’s The Report found.
Mr Green told the programme: “It’s one of those things that the British Government can’t solve on its own… that has to be solved in negotiations and that’s what we’re now doing.”
He added: “There are strict British immigration controls in place in France and Belgium and we have UK Border Agency officers based at St Pancras to target those we believe are intent on entering Britain illegally.
“We are currently working closely with our Belgian counterparts and Eurostar to resolve this as quickly as possible.”
Jonathan Sedgwick, the former UKBA acting chief executive who is now the agency’s international group director, is expected to be questioned over the loophole when he appears before MPs on the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee today.
It comes after senior officials at the UK’s border force scrapped key checks against a Home Office database without ministerial approval, allowing an unknown number of suspected terrorists, criminals and illegal immigrants into the UK.
Border force staff have also been threatened with arrest by the Belgian police for trying to close the loophole, emails seen by The Report showed.

Apart from the Independent announcing to the world how to get into the UK undetected and in comfort (there are other methods I know) you have to wonder just what sort of incompetent allowed this loophole to exist and why wasn’t it closed earlier. An obvious solution would of course be to have a customs check at Ashford I or International or even having UKBA staff board the train when it leaves Lille. Why we need to negotiate is somewhat of a mystery to me as well. It would be simple enough not to allow the Lille trains access to this country unless the border checks have been made. Yes I know it’s not convenient for some, but that’s the way the UK is supposed to do things. We don’t (and should never) allow anyone into the country who does not belong here or has no reason to be here.

As for the British Government not being able to sort out on their own, actually they could, they just don’t have the political will too. Withdrawal from the EU would certainly fix it (and a good few other problems too) Instant removal (no appeal) of any illegals here would do the trick as well along with making an asylum claim impossible in this country (has to be done the British Embassy  in say Moscow, Riyadh, or Pyongyang, certainly not in Croydon) No benefits for immigrants either unless they pay at least 10 years worth of tax at the level of average earnings for each member of their families. That way only those who really want to work will come here, same with health tourism, come here from abroad to have treatment, no fee no treatment, no exceptions save for emergency treatment for accidents.

In this our government has failed us and continues to fail us, which is why the UK is currently in a mess and people no longer really trust politicians.

Leaving the EU is but a start, hanging the traitors who got us into this mess must come a close second.

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  1. ian
    December 10, 2011 at 6:21 am

    It’s all about the corruption of politicians (London, Brussels, it doesn’t matter). Too many workers + too few jobs = wages lowered through competition for work + kickbacks.

    All that wrangling about whether it’s Brussels’ fault or London’s is just a smokescreen. Think of all the excuses for immigration since Attlee felt “sorry” for the Indian cotton workers he imported into Lancashire.

    It’s absolutely nothing to do with human right (those judges are political appointees), skills shortages (there are none) or pensions black holes (who’ll pay THEIR pensions?)

    The sooner people see through the fake socialistic veneer of Blue Labour and the EU the better. EUSSR indeed!

  2. December 10, 2011 at 6:34 am

    No argument that the UK would be better off out of the EU and developing a more Swiss style relationship with the bloc, but that in itself isn’t really going to stop the desire of illegals to get to where they see easy living. Close the Lille loophole and they’ll come another way, and they probably are coming by many other means anyhow. They’ll continue to as long as they think there are handouts waiting for them, and they’ll start looking elsewhere once they’re told that the money’s run out and that newcomers must be self supporting or gamble on charitable support if they’re not to starve to death on the streets. Unfortunately the last few UK governments, probably including the current one, believed that free money is a yoominrite. Don’t want to sound bitter about it but I never bloody got any of it – quite the reverse.

  3. December 10, 2011 at 8:15 am

    I don’t understand the desire for strict border controls. Personally I get peed off everytime some one checks to see if I am allowed into my own country.

    Border control is no different to ID cards, random breath tests, anti terrorist law that is used to confiscate cameras used in a public space. Simply put border control is another symptom of inconvenience the majority to look like something is being done.

    Fix the problem, no hand outs to illegals. No appeal against deportation for non residents.

  4. John
    December 10, 2011 at 9:34 am

    They used to have roaming guards on the train but it was “too expensive”. Eurostar wants to differentiate itself from air travel, so it doesn’t like immigration queues on arrival.

    The solution is quite simple: UK-bound passengers on one part of the train, intra-Schengen passengers on another. Lock the doors.

    They will probably need to put the roaming officers back. When DB runs trains from Frankfurt to London surely it will want to stop somewhere in between, and they will have to build more border posts in Germany…

  5. December 10, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Last year I went by train from Brussels Midi to Angoulême with a change from Eurostar to TGV at Lille. At Brussels the boarding procedure was bizarre for intra Schengen train journey. I was accosted by a UK Borders Agent and in spite of having a tickey for Angoulême, avoided the usual nastiness by having my British passport available as a back-up. There was some hassle for other passengers with their bags which I cannot recall.

    As I had a first class ticket the Eurostar staff assumed I would be dining on board the train, but advising them I was only going to Lille I merely received a complimentary small bottle of wine. They had no way of knowing apparently, in spite of my seat having been booked, that I was remaining in France.

    At Lille getting from Eurostar to the normal platforms is a bit like leaving a Luftwaffe pow camp. (Trying to board at Lille for the UK is even more of a shepherded nightmare).

    It was obvious to me that here was a gaping hole in the UK border controls.

    Until this week I had assumed that the general inability to get anything right in the UK was some recently attained affliction, the shocking news of the completely manipulated exam results now explains these common sense failures, from passport controls to MOD waste on armoured vehicles. If our brightest are merely trained dupes and dummies, no surprise the best have left and all around is a shambles!

  6. December 10, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Leaving the EU: should happen, won’t. The vested interests and the political classes that serve them are simply waiting for those who can see through them, to die off. Time is on their side. Only the implosion of the Euro and of “ever-closer union” can save us, if save is the right word.

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