Cameron must become the champion of the people of the EU!

Cameron was clearly all alone in that Brussels’ conference room in the early hours of 9th December as the leaders of the other 26 member states of the EU, the various Presidents of its institutions and the other loathsome officials for whom the people of Europe daily acquire ever greater contempt, as the pictures shown on TV across Europe clearly demonstrated. The facts were otherwise. History should record the truth, but it will not be able to do so unless a proper effort is now mounted to explain and inform, using all the communicative powers to hand, the real facts behind this week’s dramas across Europe.

The members of the EU Council have been engaged in a massive illegal conspiracy against the people they are supposed to serve, since the Ecofin meeting of the Euro Group on Sunday 9th May 2010. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble was in a nearby Brussels hospital but did not attend, French Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde, (now IMF head) later confessed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the actions there agreed were not in accord with the EU Treaties. (Some Ironies Too postings on that gathering and its aftermath are here).

Since that time, the  EU illegalities and conspiracies have continued, all involved seeking to solely maintain the positions, perks and powers of those in their present positions within the European Union or its institutions or in place in power in its constituent member states. These conspiracies have now delivered us to a point where at least two democratic governments have been replaced, and the democratic procedures of others have been subject to irresistible financial pressures. All this, with even the pretense of saving the euro now appearing to have been abandoned, while the resultant austerity has certainly already demonstrated its uselessness in proceeding towards such an objective.

One man has had the courage to say “enough”. That man is David Cameron. His enemies within the EU Council, immediately saw the danger and tried to label his act in accordance with their own motivations, namely money, by painting his decision as merely taken to protect the earnings and wealth of the City of London, naturally enough, I suppose, for it was indeed, that wealth, to which their lust had most recently turned. Yet that must not be allowed to appear to be the issue. The truth goes much deeper. The facts are available to those who attended the EU meetings since May 2010: Alistair Darling, George Osborne, Nick Clegg and of course David Cameron himself.  If necessary that truth should eventually be told. We must trust these four now work together with the entire Foreign Office and all the other machinery of Britain’s government, whereby in supporting Cameron all the people of all the 27 former democracies of the EU will be best served.

Believe me, when the general elections in France, Germany and the other countries where these conspiracies are being fed, Cameron will find he was not alone, but on 9th December was speaking for millions of ordinary people all across Europe, who this weekend, fear for their sovereignty and their democracy!

The citizens of the EU need such a spokesman, they are being gravely oppressed.

4 comments for “Cameron must become the champion of the people of the EU!

  1. BJ
    December 11, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Well said – I’m hoping against hope that Cameron is doing this for the right reasons.

    I came across an interesting comment by one of the EU’s favourite UK converts wondering whether Cameron has turned on the FO civil servants.

    This is certainly a defining moment in the history of the EU.

    • December 11, 2011 at 8:56 pm

      Thanks for the comment and especially the fascinating link, stuffed full of much useful detail. I have posted again on “Abnegation of sovereignty” tonight on Ironies Too, right back to square one for me. What Cameron says tomorrow will be of much significance, let’s hope we will be a bit clearer when he has sat down!

  2. December 12, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    At the moment… he’s just the champion of the City fraudsters… and Nigel Farage speaks for the oppressed.

  3. December 13, 2011 at 12:48 am

    Since when did the vile and disgusting EU care for legality?

    Along the same lines how come they have not yet deselected Dave in the same way they did for Papandreo, Berlusconi and Maggie Thatcher?

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