It’ll end in tears. If we’re lucky.

The stitch-up fiscal union proposed by Merkozy (cf. Élysée Treaty) is merely a relaunch of the existing Stability and Growth Pact but this time with the teeth and claws necessary to force compliance by defaulters like France weak economies like Greece, nations coerced or conned into the Euro by Franco-Germany and their pals in the Euroclub of gravy-train-riding elites, against the interests of the peoples of Europe’s nations.

Whether F.U. goes through depends on, among a raft of other unpredictable factors, the assent of the sick-of-the-effing-Euro German people, which may by no means be taken as read. But if it goes ahead – a helluva big if – it will be fascinating to watch foreign soldiers (French? German?) on the streets of Athens and Rome, aiming water-cannon (?) (bullets?) at protesting Greek and Italian partisans in an effort to persuade the vassal-states to do the Brussels-writ will of their masters, France and Germany.  And all to preserve the Franco-German monetary device which crippled them in the first place and looks like continuing to do for generations to come.

Germany and France believe in the rule of law, of course. But in France’s case, only for its vassals and its enemies. Not for La Patrie. France was the first country insouciantly to ignore, for its own convenience and sod the lot of you, the laws of the current Stability and Growth Pact to which it had signed up, and persuaded other nations to sign up, with all the usual communautaire rhetoric.

Smoke and mirrors. France does what France believes is good for France. Laws and treaties are honoured in the breach the moment they conflict with the interests of France, otherwise known as the re-election agenda of the tenant of the Élysée Palace. Any tenant of the Élysée Palace.

No-one around Europe’s intergovernmental tables had (or has) the balls, let alone the means, to make France behave itself. And in terms of communautaire spirit and compliance with EU laws, France pontificates and finger-wags in the most hoity-toity fashion while misbehaving itself on the grandest scale, from lamb-burning to budget-busting. And then looks around for scapegoats. Plus ça change…

But things have got a bit serious now, so it’ll be different this time. Well, for the Greeks and Italians it will. And possibly for La Grande Nation what with losing its AAA, its three major banks finally going down (they will) and the little people of Europe, especially the patient, industrious, hardworking Germans, deciding (as they will) that they’ve had just about enough of Marianne’s dissembling, self-congratulatory posturing.

Oh, I almost forgot. Welcome to the EU, Croatia.


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  1. nemesis
    December 13, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Thanks for informing me of the Élysée Treaty which I wasn’t aware of but it does fit nicely into the analysis that North and Hitchens give over the mystery of Cameron not veto-ing a treaty because there wasnt a treaty to veto:
    A recommended read to understand the machinations of what really happened last week.

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