Paul’s going for the wrong role

There’s an American, Bob G, who pops up now and then at my site, he doesn’t talk a lot but when he does say something over where he semi-blogs, there are those tend to listen. Here’s his take on the upcoming election:

I’m certainly getting tired of all the garbage in the presidential races; I can’t stand the current POTUS, and the contenders for the GOP slot are pretty much a bunch of losers, in my opinion. Most of them I wouldn’t even want living in my neighborhood, let alone running the country. The only one that I seem to have any agreement with in some things is Ron Paul (the rest of the so-called “Republicans” don’t seem much better than the idiots and crooks in the Democratic party), and I don’t think he has a chance of being elected.

After a bit of thinking, I have decided that the independent and libertarian voters are going about this all wrong; instead of trying to elect Paul to the office of president, we need to find more like him and vote them in Congress. I think a bunch of people like that in Congress would do more good than one guy in the White House. The office of president is strange in some ways; a president can’t really do much good with the backing of the Senate and Congress, but they can whip up all sorts of bad shit without the two houses being able to stop it.

All a POTUS has to do is slap together some bullshit agency (plenty of letters in the alphabet for a lot more), and then let it make laws he wants and bypass Congress completely unless they put up a decent fight. And too many of Congress and the Senate don’t have the guts or integrity put up a fight over anything that doesn’t score them some pork.

Time to hit the reset button and boot them all out. Let’s start over with a new bunch.

Food for thought.

2 comments for “Paul’s going for the wrong role

  1. Jiks
    January 14, 2012 at 9:34 am

    I don’t believe Ron Paul is going for any group of voters, he is simply stating what he has always said all along and it looks like many voters are agreeing with him.

    While I don’t exactly agree with him on everything his core stuff I certainly do. Namely: defending the constitution and liberty, ending the wars of agression, getting rid of the malign Federal Reserve, slashing government and encouraging personal responsibility.

    In short the man is and always has been a Right Libertarian and there is little wrong with that.

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