The ‘Poverty’ Pimps Are On The March!

The statistics show almost 10,000 children in Brighton and Hove are growing up in poverty.

Oh noes! Shock! Horror!

Families in parts of Brighton and Hove are relying on handouts of bread, clothes and shoes to keep going.

Appalling! Outrage!

…health experts warn that breaking barriers to doctors, immunisations and later health problems are harder for children living under the poverty line.


Wait. What?

Aren’t all those things….free (at least at the point of receipt)? Thanks to the NHS, Wonder Of The First World?

Just who compiled this report?

The figures come from a unique estimateof child poverty at a local level, published yesterday (January 9), which has shown wide variations across Sussex.It has been released by the Campaign to End Child Poverty (CECP), which predicted an “economic and social disaster” caused by the effect on families of spending cuts.

Ah. Right. And where they lead, all the other little quangos, pressure groups and fakecharities follow…

Georgie Kennedy leads Brighton and Hove Parents and Children’s Group, which organises trips for children whose parents are on low incomes or benefits as well as childcare and after school activities.She said children from poor homes face stigma growing up.

She said: “There is such a rich and poor divide. It is not fair for the children at school.

“It is not their fault. A lot of them don’t invite their friends home because they don’t have a lot to show.

This is ‘poverty’ now. Not having the latest Playstation to show your schoolchums. This seems to be a creeping meme lately, that if you are ‘rich’ and have nice things, that’s ‘unfair’ and causes issues for everyone else. Leg-Iron noted it in the story of the ‘foetus parties’.

Alison Garnham, the executive director of CECP, said the new map showed a “socially segregated Britain”.She said: “Child poverty costs us billions of pounds picking up the pieces of damaged lives and unrealised potential, so it’s a false economy if we don’t prioritise looking after children today.

“Targeting cuts on families will prove both an economic and a social disaster, with businesses losing billions of pounds of demand and families struggling to keep their kids clothed, fed and warm.”

Just what businesses will be ‘losing billions of pounds of demand’? Demand for what..?

Tony Greenstein, from Brighton Unemployed Centre, said parents are facing the horrendous choice between fuel, food and clothing.But for children the social stigma can be even worse.

He said: “One of the worst aspects of poverty is that it is relative to someone else.

“If you are in one class where the majority of children are middle class or where parents are not having problems it is difficult.

“It does create stigma and we can only overcome that to a lesser extent.”

Oh, well, that’s simple to fix then, isn’t it? Just ship ‘em all out so they only mix with other ‘poor’ kids, right?

But no. I’m betting the answer is ‘give them lots more money’….

So, how accurate are this report’s statistics, anyway?

The report’s authors came up with an estimate for each local area by counting the number of households where nobody is in work and including various other benefits related to low incomes.

Hmmm, would those households also be those where there’s a heck of a lot of ‘black economy’ work going on, perchance?

3 comments for “The ‘Poverty’ Pimps Are On The March!

  1. ivan
    January 16, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    The way ‘poverty’ is calculated – designed by the left/liberal conspiracy – means that it bears no relation to actual poverty, it is just a way of keeping quangos etc. in the trough.

    If poverty was measured as not having a roof over their heads or food on the table only – after having removed all the electronic ‘toys’, TVs etc. – we would get the true picture of poverty in the country, but that would mean all the hangers on would be out of jobs.

    • nisakiman
      January 16, 2012 at 5:25 pm

      Yes, I was under the impression that today’s definition of ‘poverty’ in the UK was not having a 42″ plasma TV hanging on your bedroom wall.

  2. Andrew
    January 17, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    “Just what businesses will be ‘losing billions of pounds of demand’? Demand for what..?”

    For people like Alison Garnham.

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