In losing its Common Law, England has lost its Common Sense

The hearing, before the abomination which is known as the “Supreme Court“, in England, scheduled for today, on the question of a legally set retirement age, highlights another area of severe damage inflicted upon the country by the European Union.

Read some background from the FT here (£) with broadcast reports no doubt widely spread and normally ill-informed elsewhere.

Common sense does not function within a Constitutional legal system, which defines what is legal. Under Common Law everything is legal bar what is specifically prohibited; that is why  the European Human Rights stipulations, with which we are now stuck, should not normally be needed by the one time common sense English.

But are there now enough of us left even to grasp this point?

Rights, some of which jar so violently with our history, too often, as in this case, become themselves great infringements on the past reasonable and agreed civilised interactions between individuals!

Many over sixty-five worked on to the delight and benefit of their employers in the past, obviously perfectly voluntarily. Now thousands must retire before they might wish in covert systems seeking to enforce old  limits by other means  and employers are simultaneously  compelled to employ worthless timewasters practically until they are on the verge of death.