Which apocalyptic scenario do you choose?

Doom and gloom scenarios are useful in pointing to certain measures which might be wise but which scenario do you prepare for? Here are two:


As the US [read all of us] falls more deeply into entitlement debt, makes itself more vulnerable to uneducable and unassimilable illegal immigrants, makes war on its own private sector business and commerce, cuts its defenses against foreign threat, shuts down its energy infrastructure due to faux environmental concerns, and moves closer to a catastrophic energy infrastructure of vulnerable “smart” grids paired with unreliable big wind and solar — you may begin to see a society rotting from within. Such a society is not resilient to the type of attack and damage which is described in the links above.

The link above describes the demise of the aged and vulnerable first, e.g. those on medication, then progressively down through us to the farmers who at least have access to food and water. Here’s an alternative:

The German model:

You should take as a model Germany after its utter defeat in WWII or Japan after the bomb. Public order is tightened to the extreme, looters and rapers are shot on sight, civil patrols form spontaneously, people help each other, strict order is enforced by the public itself. Voluntary organizations keep water and food reserves and ration it out. Like in an army disorganized after defeat or a ship lost in the ocean, the highest ranking (be he a captain or a sargeant in the army, a doctor or a teacher if civilians) is forced to take charge and give orders. European and Asian societies have a tremendous self-organizational capability, chaos will not reign for long.

This bit about the highest ranking taking over smacks of “leadership beyond authority” and Common Purpose. I think the scenarios we read do not take into account the role of designed outcomes and the Great Work of Ages and it might be useful to look at these again. I look at why Christianity is being so specifically targetted and I look at it from a political, not a religious point of view. What is it in there that the PTB [the real ones] are so worried about?

Well, for a start, it stops the spread of illusion, the breakdown of the sense of right and wrong, notions like chivalry, the family unit as a strong organization and so on. I’m not arguing with Caedmon’s Cat in a recent post but am concentrating on the political/social aspects for readers of this blog. Essentially, what it asserts is that there really is a sentient entity behind it all [Ephesians 6:12] and that militates directly against the idea that things happen randomly. We’re all familiar with the incompetence versus design argument.

Also, this Christian angle allows of Revelation as a factor and while it presents a scene of people being chipped, otherwise they can neither buy nor sell, armies gathering around Israel, the antichrist doing the abomination of desolation in the Temple and the great persecution which begins, it’s useful to bear in mind the supposed Illuminati escapee, Svali [I think she was on the level but you might not] who presented, among other things:

But the military buildup of China is part of their plan. There are members of the group who are Asian, and very opportunistic. The Oriental Mafia groups are very much linked to Illuminati activity. The random factor in all of this is how the average citizen reacts. It can’t be predicted, although Illuminati leadership will often invent different scenarios, and try to decide how they will act if the ordinary citizens react in an unexpected manner.

In reading this post, I’m taking a position you could call pre-belief, looking at the various scenarios and seeing which find some corroboration. This has always been my mindset – to look as widely as possible and somehow the truth emerges from within the plethora of data, most of which turns out to be spurious. You see, you can just assert that “it’s all rubbish” without specifying what exactly is rubbish but when it appears to be corroborated by those in key roles e.g. President Wilson, Senator Jenner and many others, when you look at the religious overtones of the new environmental movement in its upper echelons, all of which have been quoted over an over on my blog, then a picture emerges.

So we have loans being called in, once having got people onto the twin teats of state largesse and credit debt to banks – they are effectively slaves and if vital resources [go back to the Alfin link at the top] are rationed, a la Joseph in Egypt, then there are the means of command and control. Sustenance becomes the ration book and soup kitchen for those not self-sufficient.

Even possessing gold might not be enough because you have to actually get to these resources and if you go to the rationing authority with gold, they just confiscate it.

All of which begs the question and creates the greatest stumbling block for the so-called Rationalists – why on earth would anyone wish to do such things? Two answers immediately spring to mind but no doubt there are others:

1. There have always been those up top we could call the PTB – powerful, rich, able to dictate but they are, in the slogan of OWS, the 1% [actually about 2%]. Their entire aim is to control the world’s and human resources in order to command and control and they are committed to constant fomentation of trouble – doesn’t matter if you call it Marxism or fascism, crony capitalism or whatever – the idea is to keep people undernourished, in thrall, in poverty and able to be disciplined into armies which kill each other over spurious motives – see WW1.

2. If you add the Christian mindset, then there is an enemy who does actually exist and whose chief weapon is the disbelief of the world which he works hard to maintain. Smoke and mirrors. That entity, by definition, is insane, if insane means kicking against the inevitable. This insanity, coupled with a complete lack of morality and indifference to suffering, is precisely the current model of the PTB now. The aim is breakdown – just look at the Italian cruise ship – everyone for himself.

If you take that cruise ship scenario, why are we shocked that the captain and men left? The answer is that we have the remnants of the old chivalry which derived from the mediaeval Christian model in formulated form, handed down intergenerationally.

But people like us are dying off and though we’ve “corrupted” some of the young with ideas of heritage, chivalry and biblical precepts of right and wrong, of faith, hope and charity, the numbers are getting lower and lower and the New Citizen – godless, uneducated except in PCism, self-centred, victimhood-rich, self-entitled, indiscriminately reproducing, bravely facing a future where Man alone triumphs by Himself – see Chekhov, trapped in minutiae about what Millipede and Cameron have said today or whether Tesco is doing well or not or about Huntsman dropping out of the race, rather than looking at the big picture, amused by the idiot box and who was thrown off Big Brother or X factor last night – these masses are occupied with things which simply don’t matter in the long run.

Meanwhile, the real organization proceeds apace. Whether Barosso’s lot, the IB programme, the World Core Curriculum and the mushrooming internationalist schools springing up or Monsanto monopolists, the effective power is further encased in those at the top. It doesn’t need to be legit, only unassailable. They’ve never been tackled by the masses in history and are not likely to be now. Who has ever led a raid on Bavaria, Zurich, the Alps, Tibet, New York or Peking to rout and root out the oligarchs, the old families? Very few even believe in the existence of this lot, despite the mass of evidence even on the net, let alone in the large libraries.

Meanwhile, sites like ours bang on about power being vested in the people, that we are free-born citizens and I’m not knocking that in the least. I’m just saying that it counts for nothing if there is no mechanism of seizing power for the masses and if we do have it, what will we do with it? Nature abhors a vacuum and even if we manage to create a reasonably fair, free enterprise system where people can trade and live as they wish, a Shire of Hobbiton, this is ignoring the evil entities who have created and maintained the means of control.  They will not sit back and allow a happy Hobbiton.  It shifts power away from them.

You don’t cure a disease by treating the symptoms alone. You need go to the root cause and eliminate it. How can you do that if you don’t even share the view that it exists? Thus, many of the best people, e.g. the readers of this blog, unwittingly abet the continuation of the problem. Not only the continuation but the escalation at this time.

Let’s say we eliminate the 650 at Westminster by some miracle and take out Mandelson et al at the same time. What of the indoctrinated Common Purpose graduates in every council up and down the country? What of those at the top of Yorkshire Forward?  What of those who genuinely believe socialism is the way to go and think Millipede is a cool dude?  OK, we root them out. How? Sack them? Execute them?

And who are we? You do see the practical problems when we are all so fragmented anyway and don’t agree on what is really happening and who’s doing it.

And in rooting out the baddies, we also have to go to Brussels and eliminate Barosso’s mob. Then get to the Club of Rome and whatever they’ve become, plus the BIS, the CBs, the Fed, the IMF, the WB, the Bilderberg [although they’re just a showcase to frighten the pundits], Sutherland, Lamy and so it goes on.

Who’s to bell the cat? And little me? Taken off the net – dead easy to do – and that’s one less voice. All the rest of the fine libertarian freedom fighters – easy thing to pick us off.

The Christian would say there is really only one defence but those who don’t subscribe must have this asked of them – just who is going to start the ball rolling eliminating even the visible foe? Do we envisage a V for Vendetta scenario? How many truly altruistic people are there out there, with talent and a willingness to sacrifice themselves for “humanity” who could combine sufficiently to push back the ongoing agenda?  Where are the white knights for the current age?

You see the problem of course.

[H/T Chuckles for the link]

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  1. January 17, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Bloody depressing. There’s no hope. It’s every man for himself now.

  2. January 17, 2012 at 11:32 am

    The “Super PAC, restore our future, big money, authentic inauthenticity problem, Mr. Repositioning, Gore clone, coiffed hair” candidate.

    Awesome, thanks.

  3. john in cheshire
    January 17, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Good summary, James. How to fight against the onslaught of evil? Not sure. In my fantasy world, I do what you’ve suggested; the only good socialist etc. But I know in reality that’s not a feasible solution. Jesus’ teachings have to be the basis for any fightback; but I’m not sure what that means in real actions. That and a determination to teach our children well, while we still can.

  4. Single Acts of Tyranny
    January 19, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    1. You don’t initiate violence
    2. You don’t engage with the state save for when they compel you to pay (no tax martyrdom thanks)
    3. You talk to your friends, family and children and say “Look, no-one owns you, you are free” and you live your beliefs.
    4. You vote for people like that and when the financial reality hits, maybe you win and dismantle the state.
    5. You write an outstanding novel on how the world could be


    Okay forget 5!

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