Why did Sharon Bowles MEP apparently ignore questions over Mario Draghi, Greece and Goldman Sachs?

I was surprised when watching the Politics Show yesterday on BBC2, to learn that LibDem MEP Sharon Bowles had been re-appointed in her position as head of the European Parliament’s Committee of Financial and Monetary Affairs, in view of the mounting anti-British feeling in that institution.

Acting Man Blog has undertaken some very detailed research into her role in the appointment of Mario Draghi as head of the ECB, for the coming eight years, given the serious questions raised before her committee on his role while working at Goldman Sachs. Although set-up prior to his arrival the arrangements continued during the period of his work, while the Greek Government( under  Goldman’s advice) ice were falsifying the true extent of their national debt, a major element in the crisis now overtaking the EU and all its institutions. Acting Man’s report, with much detailed inquiry and many links may be reached from here.

The report which facilitated Signor Draghi into his role at the head of the ECB for the next eight years, prepared by Sharon Bowles is linked here. Sharon Bowles seems to have remarkably little experience of life for such an important role, assuming the background provided on Wikipedia is correct, see here. Is that perhaps the reason she has now been maintained in place?

Clearly this is another immense failure by the European parliament, perhaps we might hear from a UKIP , Conservative or Labour MEP on the fact that only 2 MEPs on the Committee voted against the appointment of Mr Draghi for such a long period of office.

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  1. Rossa
    January 28, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Because it was all heading towards this and they need as many placemen/women as possible.


    Spearheaded by Berlin, the Troika engaged in overseeing Greek debt management effectively cut out the possibility of a disorderly default late yesterday. In a strongly-worded proposal circulated to EU finance ministers, a German proposal called for Greece to cede sovereignty while all Greek State income to go first to creditors – by law. This is, basically, the takeover of a sovereign EU member State in order to calm markets and protect exposed banks in the eurozone and elsewhere.


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