The tragedy of Judith Clark

The story of Judith Clark was a tragedy in most people’s minds but the question is, of course – just which part, precisely, was the tragedy?” Tom Robbins noted, as Ron Radosh put it:

Clark was part of an offspring of the Weather Underground that they called the Republic of New Afrika, a non-existent utopia that Robbins writes “existed mainly in their fevered dreams.” She was part of those young people whom Peter Collier and David Horowitz termed the “destructive generation,” the movement of those who had turned against everything America had given them, and proceeded to ruin their lives trying to build a revolutionary movement that would bring the United States down as they rebuilt their native land along a Stalinist-Maoist model.

Just like Barry Soetoro, the current blighter of the USA and puppet extraordinaire of the global nastyists:

Clark had grown up in a Communist household. Her late father was Joe Clark, once the foreign editor of the Communist paper The Daily Worker.

But the left now try to distance themselves from the taint of the label “Communist” or “Marxist”. After the destructive ideologies are exploded, they all move on to some new epithet for basically the same idea and it will happen again when “Communitarianism” runs its course, after enslaving and destroying all around it.

A left-liberal friend of mine poured scorn on any talk of “like parent, like son”, as if parents have no influence, inspiring or reactive, on their offspring. It’s as if children exist in a vacuum, free of any passing-on of values . Of course, as you all well know, there is very much a passing on, parent to child and so it was with Janet Clark.

What is amazing about the profile of Clark is that unlike other leftist terrorists inexplicably freed by President Bill Clinton in the amnesty he granted to Silvia Baraldini in 1999 and to Susan Rosenberg in 2001 — one of the last acts carried out before he left office — Clark acknowledges thoroughly and honestly the depth of the crime she committed. Those Clinton pardoned, including the Puerto Rican terrorists who had tried to kill Harry S. Truman, have never said anything to indicate any regrets for their crimes.

The tragedy is perhaps one part what leftist ideology does to warp young minds and two parts the physical consequences when it is translated into action. Where Clark and Co wreaked their destruction and snuffing out of people’s lives in a small arena, Barry Soetoro has got to do his in the world arena and could quite possibly be doing it for four years more.

Clark was a model of a deluded young person consumed by ideology. Judy Clark believed for a time that she was “the keeper of the flame that flickered out in her parents’ lives” instead of realizing that perhaps her parents had something vital to teach her about disillusionment, and hence believed that “anything less than total commitment to the cause was betrayal.” What shattered the core of her belief system was her daughter, whose existence slowly led her to realize that she had to abandon her loyalties to become anything of a mother.

In my own deluded days of leftism, filled with zeal against those I’d been indoctrinated to believe were the enemy, without looking at my own colleagues in this light, we had a “Judith Clark” in our group and there is something about a leftist female radical which is highly dangerous – she gets a half-arsed version of a story, avidly reads up tomes supporting her oversimplifications and then goes out and demands heads on platters.

Python parodied the type with – guess what – yep, a Judith, in Life of Brian. There was also Patty Hearst as a role model and Hanoi Jane – total horses’ backsides who were happy to betray all that was giving them the chance to do that in the first place. Hanoi Jane in particular enjoys the good life America provides, whilst badmouthing America in the meantime.

And naturally, they don’t see this at all.

The tragedy of Judith Clark, as distinct from all the deluded lefties still wreaking their havoc via the ballot box, was in her very waking up, as I woke up, as many fellow bloggers woke up, as this hardwired, seasoned leftist friend of mine has not yet woken up but one can always hope. In Clark’s case:

No longer using her radicalism to “avoid confronting her own doubts” and walling herself off in “the safety of doctrine,” she acknowledged that what she believed was crazy. As Clark told Robbins: “I’ve experienced so much loss, and created so much loss, for the sake of an illusion.”

That is fantastic that she could confront what she’d been doing and had seen where it was going. That really is the beginning of genuine enlightenment, with a small “e”:

I was responsible for that. There was the human toll. It was a terrible truth, but it was my truth.

Leftists are used by the machine which feeds on their vague compassion and feelgood mindset that wishes to solve all the world’s problems and see a land of happiness and everyone getting along with everyone but the tragedy of the leftist is that she [or he] does not see that the vehicle she [or he] chooses to achieve those aims is an ultimately destructive one.

The Alinskies, Adornos, Learies, Marcuses, Huxleys, Ayreses and so many others are actually destructive people – goaded into this by sampled bites of ideology which ignore the non-sustainability of their draconian solutions. The rhetoric of the left entraps people within its own groupthink.

They speak of tolerance but the policies are intolerant. They speak of “positive discrimination” without the slightest hint of irony, without seeing how this dispossesses others in the community. And so on. They are so hardwired into it because they fully believe that they are the good people, the only ones fighting for humanity whilst all the time, their ideas are abetting the enslavement and destruction of humankind in the regions they are never allowed to see, nor are they interested.

All attempts to show them their folly is met with “Republican/Tory propaganda” and anyway, who wants to be shown folly when what they’re doing is the real deal in their eyes? It’s people like Radosh and even me who are the deluded in their eyes, even though we were the ones who’d been there and had now had our eyes opened. We are now, in their eyes, traitors to “the cause”, “sellers-out”.

Clark, to put it starkly, is the opposite of those like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who to this day revel in their revolutionary ideology, and have never seen fit to apologize for anything they and their movement wrought. Clark’s sentence stemmed most not from her crime — since she herself did not kill anyone — but from her arrogant pantomime of a revolutionary that she played in court.

I’m not sure if she truly repented or didn’t but I bet bells went off and red flags are raised in readers’ minds at mention of the word “repentance”. Is this to become a Christian exercise in apologetics?

No, it’s to acknowledge that progress, the way forward, depends on acknowledging the mistakes of the past, along with the vindications, to own that you might not have been always right, intellectual that you were, with the very truth at your fingertips, as you thought.

Just as with an alcoholic who finally owns his situation, in all its grim reality, so the do-gooding left-liberals need to confront what they are actually doing, just as I had to all those years ago and to see that we were being used, a bitter pill for any to swallow.

Whether Clark has or hasn’t done so, the truth is that if she has – then that is her final tragedy for the rest of her living days.