Driven to distraction

You’d have thought looking at the potential for corruption and accidents due to being unable to read road signs the government probably should not have allowed driving tests to be performed in any language other than English (or Welsh in specific areas) but as we’re talking about the last Labour Government who allowed it, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised.


Immigrants are to be banned from taking the driving test in their native language amid mounting evidence that rogue translators are helping them cheat their way to a licence.
Government sources last night said that it would ditch the rules ‘within months’ that let learners sit the theory test in any of 19 foreign languages – including Urdu, Russian and Albanian – and ban translators who can currently sit in on the practical test to explain the examiner’s instructions.
Nearly 800 people have had licences revoked in the past two years, after investigations by the Driving Standards Agency uncovered evidence of rogue translators coaching learners during their test.
There are dozens more cases in the pipeline and nine translators have been struck off the approved list.
A Department for Transport source said each investigation costs an average of £10,000 – and warned that the cases uncovered so far may be just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.
Transport minister Mike Penning said the existing rules, which were introduced by the last Labour Government, also acted as a disincentive for immigrants to learn English.

My personal opinions go (as usual) way beyond what government ministers think in that I believe that English (or Welsh where appropriate) is the only language that should be available for anything official in this country. That if people need a translator, they provide their own or in the case of any examination, they get one provided at their cost by the state. That we stop wasting money on translation services and the massive printing costs. The only areas where I can see an exception being made would be for emergency medical treatment, nothing more. It wouldn’t even be illegal under EU law, after all the French do exactly the same thing, you want something from the state in France, you better ask for it in French otherwise you’ll be ignored.

It all stems as ever from Labours desire to eradicate or marginalise the English from their own country as we tend to be rather less than enamoured of socialism in general than other countries and have/had a strong tradition of patriotism and self reliance which is essentially anathema to socialism and the left in general who simply want obedient little drones ruled over by a small elite. So we were flooded with immigrants and the immigrants were allowed to remain apart as Labour instead of encouraging people to learn English, offered them ways to avoid it. That coupled with the endemic corruption of bribing officials in their old states to get what they wanted was a recipe for cheating on a massive scale, after all, the natives did not understand what was going on and were normally accused of racism if they tried to find out or question it.

The bit that gets me though, is why must it take months to stop it? Surely they could simply say that from Monday you do this in English, if you can’t, cancel and come back when you can.

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  1. john in cheshire
    February 2, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    Quiet_Man, you are absolutely correct. And there are people in the last government, including the civil service, who should be prosecuted for what the knowingly did.
    If it was within my powers, I’d instigate summary courts and string up so many socialists that we’d probably be safe from their malignancy for a thousand years.
    And, consequently, we’d also be lighter of human detritus to the level of 5 or 6 million.

  2. February 2, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Why the exception for the Welsh? If we do that, then there has to be Scots Gaelic and maybe Irish. It’s either English or all languages.

    • Mudplugger
      February 2, 2012 at 9:14 pm

      I agree. We have one official UK language, English.
      If splinter-groups, blinkered sects or puerile celtic re-enactment societies wish to add their own dialects, that’s up to them and entirely at their own cost, but everything connected with UK Government services should be mono-linguistic.

      Furthermore, all signage, both public and private, should always be in English, with any additional voluntary variants in no more than half-size fonts. (That alone could solve the unemployment problem in Bradford, needing an army of sign-writers to make most of the local shop-signs legible to most of the UK population !)

      • wiggiatlarge
        February 3, 2012 at 9:37 am

        A few years ago i was working in Londons Dockland area on a Saturday ,having forgotten that the London triathlon was in progress and i had to take a different route home when we finished ,i stopped to check my route and one of the lads working with me asked what “that sign meant” the sign i presumed was about parking restrictions was in every language Urdu etc apart from English ,i couldnt believe it then and still cant ,welcome to the wonderfull world of Tower Hamlets.

    • elaine
      February 3, 2012 at 11:49 am

      Welsh is now recognised as an official language – at least in Wales and is a living language – the difference between this & say other languages is that there would be natural speaking Welsh driving examiners so no translators required. Also there are bilingual signs. I can’t speak for other languages in Britain… I didn’t even know you could have a driving test not in English before – the mind boggles!

  3. Lurch
    February 2, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    ” we tend to be rather less than enamoured of socialism in general than other countries”
    I’m not at all sure this is true, certainly not for the last 50-60 years.
    From what I can see the English bloody love socialism, more’s the pity.

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