Nothing new here.

Brendan O’Neill rightly excoriates the madman Monbiot, not to mention his fellow-travellers, for their smug propagation of pseudo-science. Not over warble-gloamery this time but IQ.

O’Neill is holding his nose in disgust at his (former?) comrades’ adoption of the elitist prejudices of the old toffee-nosed Right as they regurgitate ‘right wing’ (he says) disdain for the lower orders. ‘They’re supposed to be Lefties! How could they!’ he wails.

There is nothing that makes a born-again New Lefty like O’Neill grumpier than a toff attacking his beloved proles, and that goes for toffs of right and left. He lumps them all together as he wields his little whip, except that he stays his hand because, like Nick Cohen, he is busy wiping tears from his eyes as he weeps for the moral bankruptcy of his fellow leftists which he, and Cohen, have just discovered. But of course, they remain pure.

Not for your man O’Neill your toffish airs and graces; not for him any delusions of superiority over the proletariat – only over his fellow political thinkers, for thinking themselves better than the proles, for donning the livery of the class-war enemy, the toffs.

Forget the Bullingdonians. The new toffs, who control the conversation and, all-importantly, the language in which it is conducted, are Toynbee, Brooker, Moonbat, the nomenklatura of the universities and the BBC/Guardian and the media heights. They have and will continue to consolidate power over what the masses think, and thereby over whom the masses are inclined to vote for. If they vote at all, of course, given that one well-promoted mantra is, ‘Don’t vote, it only encourages them’ – a concept beloved of wannabe tyrants constrained, pro tem, by the ballot box.

Long after old-style toffs like Camerosborne have gone the way of all elected politicians, unelected politicians (oh, yes, they are) who know they are born to control the masses because they are more intelligent and capable than they, will still be in power and hungry for more. Their energies will be focused on keeping the ignorant masses down as assiduously as did the Czars and boyars of 19th century Russia.

There is nothing new about this sort of thinking on the Left. The hugely successful – and rich – Fabian eugenics-enthusiast and Socialist polemicist, George Bernard Shaw, said,

‘Give me one good reason to have blind faith in the judgement of the working classes’ 

or something very similar.

Monbiot is following an established tradition of left-wing delusions of genetic superiority which confers, they believe, an entitlement, nay a duty, to assume positions of control in society, and a further duty to condemn all contrary philosophies to oblivion.

The creation of a largely non-voting, near-slave class through welfare dependency, itself swiftly achieved through concerted attacks on the traditional family; the promotion of abortion (and in the case of Barack Obama, its enforcement) and euthanasia for the ‘benefit’ of the increasingly disenfranchised lumpenproletariat – these are no more than the stated intentions of early 20th century Socialism now coming to pass.

It is otiose for Brendan O’Neill to preach against his comrades for thinking as Fabian Socialists have always thought. You have to admit, though, that it’s good for a laugh to see him accusing them of going all toff on him after all they have achieved in the name of the proletariat.


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  1. Jack Savage
    February 9, 2012 at 7:58 am

    What he said!

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