Right-on Dave strikes again

Cameramong’s latest brain spasm, it seems, is to force companies to appoint women, showing once again that he has absolutely no understanding of the concept of freedom.

David Cameron warned that the UK’s inability to exploit women’s full potential as entrepreneurs was “failing our whole economy”.

Okay, this may be true, and I think we can take it as read that in an economy the size of Britain’s there will inevitably be a number of positions occupied by men which could have been done better by one of the female applicants for the job. However, that doesn’t mean that the answer is quotas because it’s just as certain that some of those positions could have been done better than one of the male candidates. Or someone who didn’t apply for the job at all because they were happy where they were. You see, Dave, companies try to get the best person for every job but if they were always successful then nobody would ever be fired, would they? Sometimes they get it wrong and very often the best person isn’t available anyway, but in any case if someone isn’t free to screw up then they’re not free full stop. Why not just let those companies run by misogynistic morons who insist on hiring less capable males over women because of the CEO’s rampant vagina-phobia carry on doing so, and let those who aren’t fussy about applicants’ sex hire those more capable women who were rejected by the vagina-phobes? In the long run the latter should become more successful and the former are more likely to go tits up (pun very much intended).

The Prime Minister is attending a summit in Stockholm to learn from countries such as Norway and Iceland, which have successfully introduced quotas to increase the number of women in boardrooms.

The wording of this sentence is extremely interesting. It says that they’ve successfully introduced quotas, not that the introduction of quotas has been an economic success, and since on a list of countries ranked by recent growth Norway and Iceland are both well behind even the poor performing UK I’m interested to hear what evidence there is that it’s made any bloody difference at all. If it was me, Dave, I’d be thinking of going to summits to learn from, oh, I don’t know, maybe the top four or five growing economies – Qatar, Singapore, Paraguay, India (yeah, that’s right, India which the DFID insist still need UK aid) and Taiwan – rather than countries ranked at 159 and 180. Out of 183. Christ’s sakes, Norway and Iceland aren’t even in the top five for Europe, though to be fair neither is the UK or anyone in the Eurozone, and the only EU member in the top 5 is Bulgaria – draw your own conclusions.

Government figures suggested that Britain’s slow progress was costing the economy more than £40 billion in lost potential each year, roughly equal to the defence budget.

Ah, and more corporate red tape will help, will it, Dave? Ideological state interference with the actual running of a business will do help more than clearing the way for the ones with the best business models, which I’d anticipate would probably include not giving a rip either way about the contents of senior employees underpants, to become successful? It’ll help more than reducing the tax burden on both businesses and their customers so that turnovers and profits can go up, businesses can expand and more jobs can be created? It’ll help more than doing something about the estimated £65 billion annual cost to the economy of Britain’s continued EU membership?

Mr Cameron said the Nordic-Baltic Summit would generate ideas for how Britain can “help women become entrepreneurs and take up leading positions in business”.

Electing a government that stopped screwing up the economy would be a terrific start. Just my 2¢.

A government policy paper, presented to the summit, estimated that if female entrepreneurship reached the same levels as in the US, “there would be 600,000 extra women-owned businesses, contributing an extra £42 billion to the economy”.

And ignoring the possibility, which I’m sure is vanishingly remote, that this figure of £42 billion (wasn’t it £40 billion a minute ago and what made it increase by 5% in a few paragraphs?) wasn’t just pulled out of someone’s arse at the Treasury, is the extra rate of female entrepreneurship in the United States because businesses there have federally imposed quotas for hiring females in senior positions along the lines you’re thinking of, Dave? Because if it’s not and the Obamarised US has no such law – which this 10 week old Forbes article suggests is the case – then it’s all pretty irrelevant, don’t you think?

Dave, you really are the most clueless twat Britain’s had for Prime Mentalist since… erm, well, since the last one.

Doomed. We’re all doooomed.

9 comments for “Right-on Dave strikes again

  1. dan
    February 9, 2012 at 11:06 am

    I cant understand why when he does those question and answer sessions in factories and shopfloors, he isnt taken apart or ridiculed for being such a twat

  2. Mudplugger
    February 9, 2012 at 11:33 am

    Got to agree.

    The problem is, if such idiotic quotas were ever introduced, then every women appointed thereafter would have the stain of ‘quota-totty’ permanently emblazoned for all to see, regardless of her competence-level. Is that what they want ?

    I’ve seen excellent board directors, male and female, just as I’ve seen abysmal ones. Gender is not a significant factor in how they are catogorised. Let them select on ability, then we all know they’re the best ones they could get, whether it’s Dick or Fanny.

  3. witteringwitney
    February 9, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Leaving aside all the above, this is EU driven” – see:


    Once again Cameron tries to claim as an initiative something that he is being forced to do!

  4. Steve W
    February 9, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    Seem to recall a study of the ‘success’ of the 40% quota in Norway didn’t make any mention or analysis of how the businesses were actually performing (before and after introduction of the quota) but had plenty of references to people feeling that things were being done differently and other such bland aphorisms.

    I suppose that if you use an entirely new definition of success and refuse to mention or adhere to any criteria on which such success can be judged, then you can refer to any action as being successful. Perfect for government as every policy they introduce is, by definition, guaranteed to be a success.

  5. john in cheshire
    February 9, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    If Mr Cameron wants to purchase any company, then he can introduce any asinine rules he wants. But, as a shareholder in a few companies, I want the board of directors to give me the best return in my investment as they are capable of doing. I’m not a charity and I’m not prepared to own shares in companies that adopt such stupid policies. If Mr Cameron proceeds with this, I suspect a lot of people will find other homes for their investments.

  6. John
    February 9, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    Firstly, perhaps Westminster should set an example. 40% of MP’s should be women. Let’s see if Politics improves.

    Secondly, if all these amazing women are so much better, then they’d be better off setting up companies for themselves and thrashing the boys. Should be easy.

    Thirdly, when Harriet Harman said something similar a few years ago all the Tories laughed at took the piss. Cue Cameron saying EXACTLY THE SAME CRAP and they all sit there quietly. Has Harriet climbed into a Cameron suit or something? I’m not waiting for Cameron to try some of Gordon Brown’s quotes in public.

    Finally Mr Cameron, IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS WHO COMPANIES EMPLOY. So just shut the fuck up and concentrate of fixing the Government’s finances. FFS you can’t even do that and you’re lecturing the rest of US on OUR shortcomings? Just fuck off man.

    • Lord T
      February 10, 2012 at 1:41 pm

      This is a good idea. Maybe a ,GOV petition worded along the lines that if companies are forced by law to have a certain percentage of women on their boards then goverment should have the same quotas applied for MPs.

      Although I agree. he should just fuc right off. He is starting to make Gordo look competent which is some achievemnt.

      • February 10, 2012 at 2:31 pm

        He is starting to make Gordo look competent which is some achievemnt.

        Careful now. Remember I got a lot of stick at the end of November for saying he’s so bad the UK might as well have stuck with Gordo. 😆

  7. nisakiman
    February 9, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    “Just fuck off man.”


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