The Parasite class

Special rates for government jobs used to be a byword in the print industry, it of course meant charging a hell of a lot more for something than they would if it was for a private contract, because generally private contracts would look for the best deal, whereas the government just shook the money tree to pay whatever was asked. It’s this lack of care with the public purse that often enough sets me to grind my teeth and hit the keyboard to have a rant at the government despite the fact that a) They ignore me and b) People are stupid enough to keep voting for the corrupt crooked ne’er-do-wells anyway.


The woman appointed by David Cameron to get problem families back into work pocketed £8.6million last year – most of it from the taxpayer.
Emma Harrison – who lives in a 20-bedroom ‘posh commune’ with 11 close friends and their families – paid herself the huge dividend from her firm A4e, which makes all its UK income from state contracts.
The payout is up 300 per cent on the year before even though MPs say the company’s record on job schemes is ‘abysmal’.
Labour’s Margaret Hodge described the fees paid to A4e as ‘an outrage’. Another Labour MP said the dividend was a reward for failure.
Mrs Harrison was made ‘families champion’ in December 2010 to advise on getting 120,000 troubled households in work.

Not that Labour had a great track record on keeping taxpayers money out of the hands of charlatans, thieves and other assorted political friends of ministers and politicians either. Nevertheless, Hodge has a point, £8.6 million pocketed in a time of recession and rising unemployment from the taxpayer doesn’t strike me as being particularly good value for money and I am to a degree rather outraged that the Prime Minister thought this was somehow a good idea.

MPs voiced astonishment at the size of the payment to Mrs Harrison, and questioned why the firm had continued to win contracts despite the ‘abysmal’ record.
The company even received a share of £63million in ‘termination fees’ when the DWP ended a previous back-to-work programme in which the firm was involved and replaced it with a new one.
MPs were told that A4e had missed its target of getting 30 per cent of people on the previous ‘Pathways to Work’ programme into a job. The committee heard the success rate was 9 per cent.
The company last night claimed a 24.2 per cent final figure.
Despite missing its targets the firm was taken on to run five lucrative contracts.

Talk about reinforcing failure, I doubt any of us would be in line for a bonus on that sort of track record, nor would I expect a contract to be renewed or expanded on that sort of success rate either.

Yet it’s not just this woman or this government being so free with taxpayers or ratepayers money. Hardly a day goes by without the Taxpayers Alliance exposing yet another case of people and politicians getting rich at the taxpayers expense both at local, national, quasi national and international levels, along with the usual waste and bureaucracy, over-staffing and complete lack of shame at balancing a budget or having the auditors sign off the books.

Yet people still keep voting for them! Even today you’ll hear about political tribalism with the statement that someone had always voted Labour/Tory/Liberal… Despite the fact that they know that these people are responsible for the rise of the parasite class, not necessarily as individuals, but at a party political level where responsibility for running the Country/County/District/Town was abdicated quicker than you could say chief executives bonus to unelected irresponsible greedy friends of the political class.

One of the things that needs to change is that people need to stop voting for those that allowed this to happen and that there has to be direct consequences to those who put these people in place, even if it is the Prime Minister.

But that will probably take a revolution…

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  1. February 10, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    In this case, it’s far worse.

    It was New Labour who first bestowed A4E with a licence to print money and David Blunkett ended up as an ‘advisor’ or ‘consultant’ to them, which makes Labour squealing at this stage all the more sickening.

    See full archive at this fine blog:

  2. February 11, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Recently the local offices of A4e closed down, at first I assumed that they had lost their contract but I now think that it is because local unemployment stands at a mere 2% which will include some ‘in between jobs’ and the rump of hardcore idle feckless with whom A4e would have to work very hard to earn the easy money.

    Yesterday I met a builder here on a short term contract. He’s rented a flat so that his wife could join him. She found a job in a Co-op shop even though she would only be there for a very few months. Why then are there ANY local unemployed? Perhaps because she has to be at work by 6am.

  3. Voice of Reason
    February 11, 2012 at 1:07 am

    It can be worse the other way. Here in the US, most contracts are lowest bidder, which results in a) crap work or b) huge cost overruns. The defense industry is famous for the latter.

    • Single Acts of Tyranny
      February 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm

      Well this is why you need someone with experience of letting contracts in the real world. Have a clearly defined and agreed specification upon which to bid and over runs, whilst not impossible are reduced.
      But go with a woolly idea of what you want, get a charlatan telling you he can do it for a sack of magic beans then sit back and watch as he drives a coach and horses through the specification.

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