Ancestral voices

My three-decades old fear which has never abated, that the Euro would end in tears war in western Europe, is sharpened by two comments below Ambrose Evans Pritchards’ blogpost about Ancient Greek wars.

First, Achilles-Rage (my emphases in both comments):

Every Greek now is an enemy of a German. They are stealing everything from Greece…together with their Turkish friends and former allies. German invasion? Businesses, territories, Democracy, ancient treasures, they have opened the gates of Greece/EU for illegal immigrants coming from Turkey, they are loan sharks, they help Turkey not to sign International laws about sea and economic zone, Greece cannot drill for oil in their territory as Germans are with Turks.

And then, Craigoh:

It is true that Germany is a different nation now and the Germans have given billions of Euros to the Greeks and the Greeks have behaved very badly – they desperately need a Thatcher figure to reform them. But the Germans were foolish to give so much money in the first place, and having realised their folly, they are now wreaking revenge. 

They have been trying to *break* the Greeks over this; trying to shoehorn what ought to be, say, a 10 year period of political / economic reform into mere months. The EU and Germans are happy to impose abject misery on the Greeks, all to save face / buy time for the EU and the Euro. Kick the can a bit further down the road.  

Many European nations are now being given Hobson’s choice: submit lock, stock and ouzo barrel to Merkel / The Germans / Eurocrats, and *still* go utterly stony broke. Given that scenario, I am starting to think what I previously saw as inconceivable; we may, in our lifetimes, see another European War.

My fear precisely, first expressed to people who called me mad, of course, when the EUA (which became the ECU and then the Euro) was first mooted in the 1970s.

Yes, catastrophe was foreseeable and foreseen. The political elites ignored reality and forced their ideology upon the peoples of Europe anyway and for that may they rot in Hell, the road to which is paved with ‘good intentions’ and littered with the scattered feathers of Icarean hubris.

You may well mutter, ‘No, no, no, this is merely understandable hysteria in a moment of great stress’ but just such hysteria in moments of great stress have sparked wars in the past. Human beings do not always start or indeed find themselves unwillingly or shockingly involved in wars purely on the basis of universal sweet reason.

‘Never waste a good crisis,’ they say. Just as Lenin recognised 1914 as a terrific opportunity, there are dictators manqué, some in the shadows, others hiding in plain sight, who are observing this 21st century Greek tragedy with the greatest personal interest.

2 comments for “Ancestral voices

  1. February 17, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    I don’t think even the most committed ostrich is now saying, “It will all come good, just you see.”

  2. nemesis
    February 17, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    I think it was whizzy fund manager Kyle Bass who said he knew things were very wrong in Europe when you have an Italian (Draghi) in charge of the Bank and a German (Ratzinger) in charge of the Church

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