It’s not the technology – it’s the incompetents

225mph trains HS2 ‘at risk of derailment’

Secret research ordered into safety of Government’s controversial high speed rail scheme amid warnings of catastrophic failures.

I think it was DK who years ago took me to task over my luddite comments on MagLev and maybe he had a point – the technology itself is fine.  Perhaps it’s not just the technology but who is actually putting it in place that moves it into the sphere of dangerous. For example, there’s no issue with Swiss or Australian rack-rails, German MagLev or even French TGVs.

There might be though some issues, quite serious ones, with an EU, British, Zanzibarian, Somalian or Bangladeshi MagLev.  As Terry Wogan noted:

Nothing works in modern Britain

It’s all well and fine for ScotsToryB to write:

I am not an engineer but suspect a failure in the infrastructure.

… and let’s assume that’s what it was in the case of the failed MagLev. It’s still enough to kill and that’s been clear with our own railways company up here. The reason the trains don’t arrive is not because of faults in those sturdy workhorses but because of a point failure here or a line down there, failure to replace track which is past its date.

The problem is in the country itself and its way of going about things. With the 225mph trains, the problem is that one pesky word in there – government.

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  1. February 19, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    “The problem is in the country itself and its way of going about things.”

    I agree and I can’t help feeling this is a vanity project anyway.

    • nemesis
      February 19, 2012 at 8:22 pm

      An EU vanity project.

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