Window Dressing

For a number of years now UKBA (United Kingdom Borders Agency) has been under a lot of criticism owing to the numbers of illegals entering the country, especially when it turned out that vital border checks for criminals and terrorists were secretly abandoned over last summer leading to the suspension of the head of the agency Brodie Clark and two other senior officials.

Well, times are changing, the agency is to get a revamp, or at least a new name…


BRITAIN’S border control system is to be split up in a radical revamp to put an end to the chaos that has seen security checks suspended ­hundreds of times.
The UK Border Agency will be stripped of responsibilities for patrolling the UK’s points of entry – to bring a “whole new ­management culture” to the role, Home Secretary Theresa May told MPs yesterday.
The Border Force will take over that role and report directly to ministers from March.
Mrs May made her announcement as she published a report into the scandal that saw immigration officers suspending border controls hundreds of times without ministerial permission.
The fiasco led to the then head of the force Brodie Clark resigning and almost cost the Home Secretary her job.
The 85-page report by the independent chief inspector of the UKBA, John Vine, showed security checks were suspended without permission, millions of pounds were spent on technology that went unused and briefings for ministers were “inaccurate and unbalanced”.
Ministers and civil servants contributed to the ­débâcle because of “poor ­com­munication, poor managerial oversight and a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities”, the report stated.
On most occasions suspension of checks was done to ease overcrowding in UK arrivals halls or departure areas abroad.
Mr Clark admitted using guidance designed for health and safety emergencies, despite being explicitly told that ministers did not want it to happen.

So, same people on the ground but a whole new management culture, I expect that unless the new management are given protection from the unions then they’ll struggle to make headway against the prevailing culture which is already ingrained.

Not that a lot will change unless we leave the EU, it’s still far too easy to sneak in having obtained an EU passport from one of the Mediterranean states who give illegals a passport so long as they don’t settle there. Nor will it solve the problems created by those already here that the system has lost.

I rather suspect this is just another exercise in window dressing that governments like to do, change the name and act like you’re doing something, then it’s business as usual.

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  1. February 22, 2012 at 7:46 am

    “So, same people on the ground but a whole new management culture…”

    While the old management culture skips straight into another highly-paid civil service post in yet another cobbled-together, mortally-wounded and failing department.

    One also coincidentally created under the previous government’s turn at the helm.

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