Australians never learn

A poll in the conservative press

Interesting fight downunder.

Comrade Gillard just does not cut it with the public – she’s hopeless and does not know how to address key concerns of Australians.

A recent poll, which brought on this leadership battle between a current Prime Minister and a past one, showed the public saw Rudd as the only chance of staving off Tony Abbott, the LNCP conservative leader and winner of the last election [though Gillard was given the nod in a piece of legerdemain].

Trouble with Abbott is that he is the right man to lead Australia but Australians, being largely dunderheads, except on the sportsfield, will not give his “sensible conservatism” policies – you know, the ones we see on our blogs the whole time – the backing they deserve.

So the country is caught in this revolving door between a spiteful man who won’t delegate and won’t listen to his ministers v a communist incompetent unmarried and with a toyboy not unlike Brand tucked away at her official residence. That’s the choice Australians have visited upon themselves. Sadly, the Labor Party adores Gillard because she plays the Labor backstabbing game so well and so there is the spectacle in a few hours of re-electing her 2:1 over the PM the public has said they’d prefer … and not by a small margin either.

Pro-Rudd. Pro-Gillard.

Gillard will be voted back in, the Rudd camp knows it, reinforcing that definition of stupidity of continuing behaviours which have been exploded over and over. The poll in the top corner and below says it all. Abbott is keeping relatively quiet, with just the occasional wry comment here and there, as Labor wracks itself to pieces, as it always has done.

Well, he’s not keeping entirely quiet:

Mr Abbott tried to pressure crossbench MPs: “If the independents have any respect for good government in this country, they will ring down the curtain on this shambles. They got us into this mess. It’s their responsibility to get us out of it,” he said.

Here’s the calibre of person who detests Abbott and their reasoning.

A poll in the red press