First they came for the language…

Charles Crawford has turned his fire on the Left’s attack on ‘elitist, bourgeois’ teaching of grammar. His bull’s-eye of the day is Michael Rosen. Good.

I have added my pen’orth to Crawford’s blog, more or less thuswise:

Michael Rosen?

Would that be the ageing grammar school boy, Oxford-educated Socialist Worker polemicist and Respect Party candidate?

The comrade of the Israel-hating apologist for Islamist mass murder and friend of Saddam Hussein, Gorgeous George Galloway?

The Radio3/Radio4 pundit?

The ‘Children’s Laureate’ so warmly welcomed into the rapidly dwindling number of LEA ‘schools’, that is, schools controlled by the SWP/NUT/NASUWT?

Would that be the Michael Rosen who tramps the permanent-revolution road, albeit staggering under the weight of all those ‘hero of the culture war’ garlands hung about him by his academic comrades and fellow toilers in his lifelong work of commandeering the teaching of language in order to redefine it — the sine qua non of their mission to dismantle and conform all education (from primary school to university) to their Marxist-Leninist and occasionally Trotskyist agenda, so as to ensure that their cadres, apparatchiks and useful idiots crowd out opposing opinions from public discourse and form public opinion by controlling both the language of and admission to all public debate, thereby establishing their political thought as both ‘popular’ and normative in societal attitudes and public policy?

That ‘language expert’ Michael Rosen?



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  1. Uncle Badger
    March 5, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Well said!

    And how very typical of the BBC to provide an endless platform for the Marxist idiot.

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