Hey, Since You Like Collective Punishment So Much…

A senior city councillor has claimed officers are vetting every letter he writes to constituents.

Conservative group leader John Fareham said he was “astonished” to discover non-political letters about issues such as parking signs were being checked by the council’s legal department before they were sent out.

Well, got to keep all those council staff in a job, haven’t we?

“This behaviour smacks of the Soviet Union,” he said.

Yeah. Bunch of retards, eh, John?

But, in actual fact, they are vetting ALL communication, not just his communication….

It comes after councillors received a written “clarification” from the legal department over the protocol covering letters.

It states all letters from councillors will be passed to a senior officer to make a final decision on whether they can be issued.

And you won’t be surprised to hear that this is yet another case of ‘collective punishment’:

In a statement, the council said: “The council is not vetting the letters of elected members.

“Both council officers and members are subject to the same rules regarding publicity.

“These rules prevent the use of council resources for political purposes.

“All elected members are free to send any letters of a political purpose they wish, as long as they are not produced or distributed using public resources.”

You couldn’t just act on individual complaints about that, oh no. Far better that everyone gets the sheepdip treatment.

Well, since that’s what so many politicians want for us, I don’t see why they shouldn’t experience it too. Carry on!