The Dave Really Has A Sterling Team Around Him, Doesn’t He?

Natasha Dye, of New England Quarter, Brighton, wrote to David Cameron desperately seeking help.

Her three-year-old daughter, Scarlett, suffers from chronic lung disease and other serious health problems and they live in one of the worst streets in Brighton and Hove for air pollution.

Yeah, yeah, really sad story, just like lots of others. Got nowhere with the council (she claims) so tried the old ‘Write to the PM’ route.

And there the story would have ended, because these things are just not newsworthy.

But we’re dealing with the UK Civil Service here…

After failing to get assistance to move from Brighton and Hove City Council, Ms Dye wrote to the Prime Minister.

But the reply she received from the Department for Communities and Local Government said they were sorry to hear about her “son’s” ill health.

Oh, Dave! And you a PR man…

Ms Dye said: “I was livid when I saw the letter. It’s insulting. I was reading it but had to stop because I was so upset…. “I’m quite aware he’s busy running the country and has more important things to do than help me move.

“But if he’s going to get someone else to reply to me they should at least read my letter and have realised Scarlett is a girl.

Sweetie, of course he’s going to get someone else to write back to you. He’s going to get someone else to read your missive in the first place (albeit, not very well)!

And let’s give even them the benefit of the doubt; with chav names these days, how can they tell that ‘Scarlett’ is meant to be a girl’s name..?

And it turns out that maybe she’s not being quite so truthful about her desperate plight, either:

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We sympathise with Ms Dye and will do everything we can to help but our choice-based lettings system is fair and transparent and is designed to provide housing to those in the highest need and who have been waiting for longest.

More than 80 properties have been available for Natasha to bid on that she would have been eligible for and we understand that people should be able to choose the property they want to live in, but the consequence of this in a city with such a chronic housing shortage is that they will have to wait longer.

“Indeed they may not get the property they want in the location they desire at all.”

So, reading between the lines here, it’s not just a move out of her current street she wants, but a move to a specific location that hasn’t yet become available?

The Argus contacted Number 10 but received no reply.

Oh, they probably sent one.

To the Gazette.

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  1. March 14, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Oh, they probably sent one.

    To the Gazette. 😆

  2. LJHills
    March 15, 2012 at 9:19 am

    Scarlett Dye – now i can visualise the mother of the wee tot.

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