I Thought ‘Music Hath Charms To Soothe The Savage Breast’..?

A nightclub is considering taking legal action against a DJ who claims he was sacked because there were “too many black people” at his performances.

The nightclub in question? It’s in Croydon.

Yes. I know…

Tiger Tiger said it axed the DJ after he repeatedly ignored warnings to “tone down” the music he was playing. The company categorically denies his allegations and is considering taking legal action.

And what exactly does ‘tone down’ the music really mean?

Speaking to the Advertiser today Mr Simmonds said: “All I have done is told the truth and reported what was said to me. If they want to take me to court for that, then so be it.”The 29-year-old, employed through promoters Rough Hill, had worked at Tiger Tiger every Thursday night since March last year.

His problems with the club’s management began six months ago when they accused him of playing non-commercial R&B music.

Nope, I’m still none the wiser.

A spokeswoman for Tiger Tiger said: “DJ RSI, who has made these unfounded allegations, was repeatedly requested by the venue manager, over a number of weeks, to tone down the music he was playing as customers complained that it created an intimidating atmosphere.

“He ignored these requests and consequently was not following our commercial R&B music policy, which is why he will no longer be playing at Tiger Tiger Croydon.”

I wonder if this bizarre spat is a result of the linking of ‘certain types of music’ with violence, and the rise of special ‘racist’ licensing that has been condemned by (among others) Sunny Hundal?

Form 696 only applies to live performances, though. So it’s unlikely to be an attempt to get round that, is it?