Buy A Shredder, Love! Problem Solved…

…in fact buy an industrial one, and when the time comes, we can dispose of a few useless council leeches too:

Tara Kirk, of Newby Garden, Oadby, received a letter from the council after an investigator found an envelope addressed to the girl with a neighbour’s rubbish.

The letter threatened her with a fine and a criminal conviction. All because she put the letter in her neighbour’s sack with his permission.

Tara is nine years old…

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council permits households to leave out three black sacks of general rubbish.

They permit households..?! My, how very gracious of them!

How grateful the residents must be for such largesse!

Tara’s mum Helen said she was given permission by a neighbour to leave one of her bin bags outside his home when they occasionally produced too much rubbish.

She said that despite a letter sent by the neighbour to the council months ago outlining the agreement, officers still sent her daughter the warning letter.

You don’t suppose they even read your letter, do you? It probably went straight into a council bin…

Mrs Kirk said: “I think it is disgusting that this has happened.”

“Apart from being completely ridiculous that they would send this to my daughter, it is a waste of time, energy and tax payers’ money.

“I thought it was a joke.”

It is a joke. A sick joke, and one which we’ve all put up with for far, far too long.

She questioned why the council did not look at the electoral roll or records which held the neighbour’s letter before sending out the warning.

Well, judging from the response quoted here, it’s because they’re too bloody complacent, not to mention breathtakingly arrogant, to do anything that might even hint at hard work:

Anne Court, director of services at the council, said they were happy to rescind the warning, because of Tara’s age.

She said officers could not use the electoral roll to check the letter was not being sent to a child because many people, such as students, may not appear on the list.

More to the point, it’s because you’d rather sit in your air-conditioned office, drawing your local government salary, expecting your index-linked bombproof pension, and dictating how the people who pay your wages should run their lives:

“I would be surprised if we had given permission for her to place her bags with someone else’s refuse because the idea is that every home should be able to keep their refuse to a maximum of three bags, not that some people in the street do while others don’t,” she said.


Newsflash, sweetie. We, the people, pay you, the council, to keep the streets clean and take away the rubbish. Not to start dictating to us about what we can, or should, throw away.

If the man next door produces two bags and his neighbour four, what the hell difference does it make to you if they come to an arrangement? You still end up with six, at the end of the day!

“If she had left out 20 bags of recycling we would have collected all 20, but with black bags we think that people should be able to keep it to three bags.”

And so you issue your edicts, knowing that it’s probably the only chance you get to have anyone, anywhere, care a flying fig about what a non-entity like you thinks…

That’s it, really, isn’t it?

That’s the sort of people that inhabit these ghastly little non-jobs – the sort of people who were bullied at school, never listened to, and now can wreak their revenge and gain the warm, smug glow that comes from issuing order for the good of Gaia…

4 comments for “Buy A Shredder, Love! Problem Solved…

  1. david
    March 21, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Simple solution. Write up a deed of gift making the two bag householder the owner of the rubbish and attach it to the bag.

  2. Lord T
    March 21, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Put some dog poo in with the rubbish. That’ll keep them busy for a while with H&S.

    Howmany of these people are there with the time to go through reading everyones private mail. A shredder may solve the problem, and I would suggest one, but instead of then putting it the recycling it makes nice confetti to spread around a little cheer. Instead of an inspector it gives the street cleaners a bit of overtime. They need the money.

  3. Ed P
    March 21, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    I always put my bag(s) bang on the dividing line with my next door neighbour, along with their bags. Then I watch a “pre-collection operative” gather four or five houses’s worth of bags into one big pile before the crusher lorry arrives. How could they possibly know the sources (& why on earth does it matter)?

    • March 22, 2012 at 5:47 am

      That’s exactly what happens here too! I can only assume they have a special inspection in situ on occasions.

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