The missing children

Churchmouse is right on the money when he addresses the peculiar American penchant for non-mainline Protestants to beat their children to a pulp from infancy.”

He adds:

“This is another reason why I do not advocate pietistic and holiness movements … Yes, some are said to be gentler than others, however, even some Amish and Mennonite communities consider extreme corporal punishment to be necessary for the godly raising of children.”

We can argue about smacking in another post but what is probably beyond all argument is the level of abuse in the dark and horrendous world of Belgium and Holland, not to mention Portugal and in fact, every single country now, from what is being reported.

There is something very, very nasty in the hidden recesses of the state of Belgium, just across the border in Holland and just across the border in France, with Luxembourg thrown in. There is some element or elements which, while they certainly exist in the British Isles, the U.S., Portugal, Germany, Italy, Canada and Australia [and I suspect in South Africa] – in fact anywhere there is an elite in power – were peculiar to the Belgian case.

It’s a country with no local government of note – in fact it’s an artificial country, contrived from the Flemish and Walloons, it throws up nasty people like Rumpy-Pumpy and is home to both the EU and NATO, both nasty in their own way. You can see the word “nasty” being given a fair old workout here.

This story has to begin somewhere, so why not with an abuser’s tale? It was more or less a death bed testimony – Schaarbeek Police, Jacqueline Smolders interview [March 18, 1997]. She started out by saying:

“I am gravely ill and don’t see myself living much longer, and that’s why I still want to testify in relation to the murdered and missing children of which the investigation is ongoing at the District Attorney’s Office and the examining magistrate in Neufchateau.”

She spoke about Le Stanley, a club in Brussels that organized sex orgies. It existed in the 1960s, until 1971/72. She was a member at the time and knew the owner, a certain Marcel Hofmans. Some of the other members of the club included Belgian executives of U.S. corporations as IBM and Union Carbide. Hofmans and his colleague in Le Stanley both worked for IBM at the time.

She goes on to describe the culture where the well-heeled could basically get what they wanted and that there was quite a cottage industry in it. So what, you might ask – everyone knows about that.

It went on:

One day, in 1969, this plane crashed over the province of Namur with all the pornographic material onboard. The police intervened and all the pornographic material was confiscated. That evening, however, Marcel Hofmans had all the copies of the movies in his possession, because of the intervention of apparently influential persons in the judicial sphere of Namur.

Hardly just the actions of influential persons because there were many people who had to have colluded, not only to get that material back to the man but to ensure there’d be no investigation, no public enquiry of any kind.

Enter Mary Porsont:

“In the half year I worked at La Piscine I did not see any pedophile activity. But I did hear enough about the bizarre sexual preferences of so-called higher ups and that there were possibilities to organize orgies with children. A certain Eric and Nina asked me to approach those higher ups who came to us at La Piscine and left their phone number with offers of special evenings.

Especially Nottebaert [small-time socialist politician who liked SM] but also quite a few ministers turned out to be very interested in those kind of evenings. At the union and the Socialist Party I learned a lot about their sexual preferences. Elio di Rupo, for example, who had a relationship with Spitaels’s son.”

Digressing for the moment to the story of Tristane Banon and DSK, the reason that her lot were amazed she took it so far was that the whole leftist political culture was rife with vague or no moral constraints anyway – so DSK having sex with his lover’s daughter was seen as par for the course. What’s all the fuss? This is reinforced by Lucy Wadham’s The Secret Life of France, where she was married into the fashionable champagne left and described the dinner parties in some detail.

However, as is apparent below, this is not just a leftist thing but across all political divisions and social classes. In fact, there is a political division which can be called neither right nor left – they’re just the elite and this behaviour is de rigeur with them.

The story of the Bhagwan in Belgium was one where the veneer of “we’re all adults freely exercising our right to behave as we wish” was peeled away to show something altogether more … well … nasty:

But more importantly, in April 1994, the address of this Bhagwan sect was changed to the Kammenstraat 29, 2000 Antwerp.

About a year later, on November 27, 1995, police conducted a search at this very same address. They were looking for a person named Eric Mattheeussen, who had been accused of taking illegal photographs at a morgue in the aftermath of a rather tragic traffic accident. Mattheussen used this semi-abandoned building as a storage or working place.

When police looked around and went to the first floor they found many boxes. Here’s a brief description of what was inside those boxes:

“In these boxes we find amongst other things thousands of photos of children. These appear to be regular photos, usually taken up front… In other boxes we find hundreds of pictures of corpses of children, often in the most hideous poses. Many of the pictures have been made by himself; other pictures were made on order by other photographers. …

In several boxes we find child pornography. … Hundreds of magazines. … The lecture shows penetrations of often very young children by grown ups, and also some very unusual pedophile fantasies. … Pictures of deceased children in concentration camps… newspaper clippings of prominent disappearances.”

I’m sure the significance in that last paragraph hasn’t escaped you – we’re not just talking sex anymore but about the bodies of children – snuff movies. You might like to look the photo top left of that girl – she comes into the story further down. There are going to be names in this post. No suggestion is made that any name mentioned is in any way personally guilty of these things – they come from the testimony which was collected at the time.

So again, take this or leave it:

The letter specifically mentioned “villa Westflier in Markelo” as a place where abuse had taken place.” After looking around a bit, ISGP reported that the Westerflier estate in Markelo had previous inhabitants with very close ties to I.G. Farben, that after WWII the estate became a boarding school for young girls with emotional or behavioral problems, and … this estate has been in the Schimmelpenninck family for centuries. We described two present members of this family, including the associate of Salomonson … one member, a baron named Coen Schimmelpenninck (b. 1943).

There is a suggested political reason for the abuse:

Even Michel Nihoul has admitted that abuse networks are used for blackmail in an interview with Der Spiegel in 2001: “I control the government. … Everyone has compromising dossiers on one another, to be used as leverage in the right situation. … this is the Belgian disease.”

Very much a weapon to manipulate people in positions of power, to keep them compliant. Nihoul – the one who was never convicted, even though he admits inappropriate relationships and gangsterism, even though he was implicated by so much of the testimony, including that of Dutroux. Protected again – by whom? Certainly the courts went soft on him. Why?

Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulté, and Douglas De Coninck, ‘De X-dossiers’, 1999, p. 103:

Immediately after the first arrest in the Dutroux case, Connerotte had asked all police services in the country if they had ever done investigations in which the name Nihoul had appeared. A very normal procedure. ‘I know that colonel Brabant replied with a negative to Connerotte,’ Delmartino tells. ‘This, while our third financial section in fact had worked on three dossiers pertaining to Nihoul, among them SOS Sahel.’

X11’s testimony:

… As well as Michel Nihoul and a woman who was arrested in the Dutroux case, XI named her procurer T., the lawyer and the burgomaster mentioned above, and a businessman from western Flanders and his son. XI could not establish any links between all these people, except the fact that she had met them on various occasions at orgies.

How far is this part of “the Belgian disease”, how far influenced by NATO and the EU in that country, how widespread across all countries is it?

The EU is not just culpable for its PC statutes and regulations, which Nigel and Dan bang on about, not just for a complete democratic deficit and as purveyor of lunacy and hypocrisy at enormous cost and with enormous corruption and wastage, not just for grabs at various nations’ sovereignty. With its approval, nasty groups like Bertelsmann can get a German Health Department to distribute, nationwide, pamphlets in ever surgery, in every hospital, advocating paedophilia. It’s been tackled before at this blog and here it is again.

I quote Canadian author and public speaker Michael O’Brien … who spoke to as follows:

It is, he said, “state-encouraged incest, which in most civilized societies is a crime.”

The pamphlet advises parents to permit young children “unlimited masturbation” except where physical injury becomes apparent. It advises: “Children should learn that there is no such thing as shameful parts of the body. The body is a home, which you should be proud of.” For ages 4-6, the booklet recommends teaching children the movements of copulation.

Another product of the BZgA is a song book aimed at children of four and slightly older which includes several songs espousing masturbation. The song-book entitled “Nose, belly and bum” includes one song with the following lyrics: “When I touch my body, I discover what I have. I have a vagina, because I am a girl. Vagina is not only for peeing. When I touch it, I feel a pleasant tingle.”

Four years old. An official pamphlet. Direct quote from the pamphlet:

“Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex,” reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds.

Google Bertelsmann and it reads like an old and honoured family firm of Germany.

Coming back to Belgium, the Church is also up to its neck in it. Or the 2002 case, nothing to do with the elite but all to do with people in positions of trust in the community. What sort of message does this send out:

The shadow of paedophilia returned to haunt Belgium when a court found 19 inhabitants of the same village guilty of systematically raping or sexually abusing a girl of 11, who had been prostituted by her father.

I’ll not gratify anyone with the finer anatomical details and to those who deride the Mail sort of faux-outrage where many would do that very thing they’re decrying, all I can say is that this sort of thing is always possible, given a certain set of circumstances. In a small town, particularly where the society as a whole has had its moral compass lowered, in no small part because of the actions of those supposedly above, then the unthinkable can and has happened and just how are the vulnerable to be protected?

Where’s the white knight?

Hypothetical – if everyone was having a turn with the kid and there was no sense whatever of it being unsafe for you, would you have a quick dip, no questions asked or would something stop you, something perhaps in your faith which is screaming, “Don’t do it, don’t do it, it’s a one-way path to hell.” Or perhaps you have a young daughter of your own or perhaps you just have a high moral compass anyway.

Would that stop you when all eyes were upon you and you were now expected to take your turn … and if you did stop, isn’t there now the fear factor on their part that you must be prevented from telling? And isn’t it so that it just takes one moral authority to say, “No, this is wrong,” and suddenly there is the Lord of the Flies scene at the end, when the party running along the beach to murder the last innocent boy is stopped in its tracks by an officer in uniform who appears as if from nowhere?

Which immediately makes every person who took a dip into that girl now examine him or herself and no one wants to know what they’ll find when they do that. So they continue with the go-soft on these things and the rationalizing justifications. They have to continue with it, don’t they? That’s how complicity works.

It goes on and on and it needs complicity across a wide-range of society. It needs the collusion of people in key positions to enable it – bought people.

Police commissioner Georges Marnette played a central role in these disinformation schemes. Both X2 and Nathalie W. identified Marnette as an abuser in the network.

Once again, I’m not specifically accusing Georges Marnette, I don’t know him from Adam. I am decrying the principle.

How does Dutroux’s wife, who’s never shown any remorse, get released in 2011, having been sentenced, in 2004, to 30 years? How can she entertain hopes – dashed by the French, thank goodness – that she can now seek asylum in a French convent?

The central erroneous belief in the Dutroux case and one which the public has been brainwashed enough to ignore – it comes out in polls – is that he acted alone, a la Lee Harvey Oswald or at least that his accomplices were there to assist him personally in his crimes and only his, rather than how all the victims see it – that he was but one of a vast network of organized paedophilia, not only in that country but across Europe, across the pond and in every part of the world locked into the grid.

The cover-up and collusion caused 300 000 people to descend on Brussels – the White March – to make the people’s feelings known.  There are two competing feelings of outrage here – those people over there who wanted to get to the bottom of whoever was responsible and to make Belgium safer … and people over here on blogs who castigate the mass hysteria whipped up by the media whenever paedophilia is mentioned, in some ways quite rightly, e.g. in the government seizing on the Soham murders to bring in CRB checks and to terrify parents nationwide.

To those bloggers, whilst I agree with that, I’d still ask which side of the fence you’d be on if there was a serial killer on the loose in, say, London or wherever you are, he appears to be connected according to testimony and the police, media and courts simply go quiet on the whole affair?

The bottom line was that 300 000 counted for nothing – those people were completely ignored and the [alleged] whitewash went ahead. The removal of an incorruptible investigator was the straw which broke the camel’s back for most people:

Before he was sacked, Judge Connerotte had been concentrating his investigations on a man he suspected was the mastermind behind Dutroux’s abductions. Businessman Jean Michel Nihoul was well-known in the 70s, when orgies became a part of the Brussels nightclub scene. Nihoul mixed with politicians and judges and today claims he has enough information on important people to destroy Belgium.

The day after Dutroux’s last abduction Nihoul gave £10,000-worth of ecstasy tablets to Michel Lelievre, the drug-addict lackey of Dutroux. Connerotte suspected this was a form of payment for the latest kidnapped girls and he arrested Nihoul. Nihoul denied that he and Dutroux had ever met before June 1995.

Then a new witness came forward. Regina Louf, now aged 33, was, as a child, the victim of a paedophile ring. Nihoul, she claimed, had been one of the bosses, and Dutroux was also involved. She witnessed many sadomasochistic sessions involving children and top politicians, judges and businessmen.

She told the investigator she had witnessed the murder of a 15-year-old girl at the hands of Nihoul, Dutroux and six others. She named prominent people, most of whom are still alive today and all of whom, apart from Dutroux, are free.

Her confidential testimony was taken by a team of police. When her story was checked, key elements of it were found to be true. As soon as they reported their progress and began to ask for search warrants, the team was suddenly and inexplicably ordered to terminate the investigation.

That is a key point – X1’s testimony was never shown, in terms of the detail of what went on or in descriptions of where it had happened, to have been wrong. In fact it was shown to have been quite accurate. She was all over the place though with dates and times. The way the authorities dealt with her was to send a spokesman onto national television to assert that there was no paedophilia ring and that the woman was a fantasist.

End of story.

And the sad thing was – it was the end of the story. The whole thing died. The woman herself, Regina Louf, now in her thirties, is bemused at how it was done. It was so predictable in her eyes.


Pause for breath. I didn’t come to this story via Dutroux. I actually came to it through looking into the Solvay family and The Little Gym, a worldwide children’s holiday camp organization centred in Belgium.

Most pundits are well aware that the address of The Little Gym was 5 rue Pletzer, L-8080 Bertrange, which has also been the address, since May 1st 2004, of Itaca International, a company founded by Patrick Solvay, shareholder of the Solvay Group, manufacturers of Prozac, with Alexander de Wit, the company set up on July 3rd 2001.

The former name of Itaca International was “The LifeSkills Company”, which also belonged to Patrick Solvay.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg bulletin of 28 December 2001 listed Patrick Solvay as living in Château des Amerois [1, Les Amerois, B-6830 Bouillon, Belgium]. Chateau des Amerois is apparently accessible via Les Quatre Chemins near the village of Muno in Bouillon. A hunting permit [pdf] lists a Denis Solvay living at that address.

The castle features in the story of one Marc Dutroux and is fancifully named the Castle of the Mother of Darkness, scene of various goings on. Many reports list a chapel inside with 1000 points of light [and do check this link].

Four names closely associated are Solvay, Janssen, Lippens and Davignon:

His [Davignon’s] family has intermarried with some of the more powerful Belgian blue blood families like the Janssens, Boëls, and Solvays. Together with his Solvay business partner, Baron Daniel Janssen, Davignon was a long time member of the ERT.

This post is not about Davignon but:

Together with his business partner Count Maurice Lippens, Viscount Etienne Davignon was involved in setting up SN Brussels Airlines, the follow up of Sabena, which went bankrupt in 2001. Davignon also played a role in the Lernout & Hauspie scandal, which centered around a company that made by far the best voice recognition / language translation software on the market (although it wasn’t perfect).

According to one of the founders of the company, Jo Lernout, it went wrong in 1999/2000 when L&H started to buy up US companies who were working for the CIA and the Pentagon, especially because the L&H software worked almost the same as the NSA’s Echelon spy system. The Wall Street Journal accused L&H of fraudulent book keeping in August 2000 and the 2 founders, Jo Lernout and Pol Hauspie, were arrested in April 2001. According to Business Wire, Davignon became a director of Lernout & Hauspie in May 2001.

Dutroux made claims, which were discounted, about Michel Nihoul and highly placed people in Belgian society but he wasn’t alone in this. A succession of witnesses, many given an X designation to protect them [already mentioned] also accused the same sort of people.

They were also discounted because, by their very nature in having been involved in this type of activity, there were questions over their mental stability. However, it was a bit like this – let’s say there was Count A, Prince B, Commissaire C and Prince D. All are legitimately involved in business and have many interconnections, including children’s charities. They socialize together.

On A, half a dozen witnesses agree he’s a real beast, some bring in B and C at the same time, one brings in D and A together – that’s roughly the way it was – piecemeal and yet the same names popping up the whole time.

For example:

V 151.511, May 14, 1997: “X1 signals that VdBogaert, Vander Elst, Bouty, Nihoul, Bert (Albert & Joost) and Emile Dellaert were present at the murder of Véronique Dubrulle.

Naturally, the testimony of all the X witnesses was savaged by the representatives of those accused and in the case of X1, on state television it was claimed that everything she’d said was fantasy, as mentioned. However, that was undercut by Gent Court, in 1998, which upheld much of what X1 had said. The accused character known as Antoine [or Tony] then had to rapidly change his story and claim it was all consensual between a 12 year old X1 and him.

And so to other testimony

PV 117.535, November 19, 1996: “Parties in Villas in Knokke around the golf court. The villas have been designated [by X2]

PV 116.799. Also in the villa of Maurice Lippens. Parties with underage girls in the Cromwell hotel in Knokke. Present: Delvoie – Karel – X2 – Lippens – Van Gheluwe – Etienne Davignon. The girls knew where to go and with whom. Lippens hits the little girls.”

By the way, just for interest’s sake, the Countess Maurice Lippens and Jean-Pierre de Launoit (chairman) are members of the support committee (Steuncomite) of the Belgian Kids Fund. Also, Barbara de Selliers de Moranville co-organized a huge party for 3500 children in the garden of Countess François d’Ansembourg’s property, as part of the Belgian Kids Foundation for Pediatric Research.

To continue, the “child hunting” parties in the woods came up:

PV 151.044, March 27, 1997: “The events in Chimay [X2]. She went 5-6 times. In an immense wood… She was forced to go. She was never a [visual] witness of whatever was done. Participated: the most violent of the group in Knokke, among them the Lippens brothers. In Chimay she heard shouting and gunfire… It was around the Castle of Chimay.

Pause for a moment to think about the child’s mind in the forest at night, with those people, given a “sporting chance” to get away, knowing what would happen when inevitably caught. It’s too bizarre to accept for most minds, that anyone could possibly be capable of such acts.

From the testimony:

PV 118.383, December 13, 1996, ‘Interview with X2’: “She frequented the Platos… After midnight: orgies, sometimes with consenting minors of 14 to 15 years. At the time of an orgy she had sex with Karel van Miert…. he strangled her until she almost lost consciousness.”

PV 150.565, March 4, 1997, ‘Identification of persons cited by X2’: “Karel van Miert (17/01/42). Ex-président SP; Député européen; Commissaire européen.”

Count Yann de Meeus d’Argenteuil [from a lunatic asylum so read into it what you will] alleged in 1999 that the Boëls and Janssens, both major shareholders in Solvay, were accused of trade in drugs and children. On November 11, 2000, Count Yann committed suicide.

Others are mentioned.

PV 151.829, June 2, 1997: “[X3] recognized the regent Charles, King Baudouin and King Albert, and two others that she calls Charly [De Pauw] and Polo [Paul Vanden Boeynants]… A hunt is prepared by Charly and Polo… Gilles (12 years old??) was castrated by Polo… Baby pulled out of the stomach and given to the dogs by Polo [Paul Vanden Boeynants].”

October 14, 1997, regular session [pdf] of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives:

“The latter [Maud Sarr, detractors say unreliable in general] testified that there existed video recordings [of paedophilia during orgies], which were in the possession of the lawyer Guy Francois. [Congressman/Senator Hugo] Coveliers stated: “This claim has never been investigated.”

In an interview with VTM Maud Sarr gave the names of Paul Vanden Boeynants and attorney-general Jaspar [prosecuted the CCC bombers]…. According to Gijsels, the names of prosecutor of the king Jean Depretre and gendarme commandant Léon François were also mentioned.”

Two of the most prominent names in the X-Dossiers are Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin. Vanden Boeynants was accused by X1, X3 and X4 of being a violent child abuser and/or a person involved in hunts on children.

1999, Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulté, and Douglas De Coninck, ‘De X-Dossiers’, p. 165-166, 259-260: At the time, she talked about a secret studio where snuff movies were recorded. On the E40 Brussels-Luik she had pointed to exit Sterrebeek.

From there she made the inspectors drive until a crossing. ‘Go left here’, she said. A few miles down the road she made the car stop. That’s it, ‘the factory’. De Pauw looked and saw a large board with a name on it [ASCO]. It was the company of a business friend [Roger Boas] of a politician pointed out by X1 [Paul Vanden Boeynants]

De Pauw himself was with the inspectors? Interesting. By far the most convincing evidence was gathered against the Lippens family, of which three members were accused by about half a dozen witnesses of the same type of extreme abuse. And somehow another children’s organization comes into the picture:

Child Focus, or the European Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, was founded in 1998 by Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer and headed by this person ever since. In 2005, de Lichtbuer became chairman of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), headquartered in Washington and founded in 1999.

Formerly with Banque Bruxelles Lambert, the Belgian Bankers’ Association, VP Bank Liechtenstein (with Nikolaus von Liechtenstein), Thomas Cook Traveller Cheques, and the European Financial Marketing Association.

He is also a member of the honorary committee of Cercle de Lorraine, together with Maurice Lippens and Etienne Davignon and is honorary executive president of the Koninklijke Vereniging der Historische Woonsteden en Tuinen van België, together with Prince Alexander de Merode (former chair) and Count Ghislain d’Ursel. Davignon used to be a board member too.

Now, why is this important?

Well, for starters because the Lippens family appears all over the X-Dossiers. X1, X2, X4, and two anonymous letters all name Maurice Lippens and his brother Leopold, the long time mayor of Knokke, as vicious child abusers, not only involved in regular rape, but also in the snuff network. Additionally, a relative, Count Francois Lippens, the honorary consul general of Belgium, appears somewhere deep in the Dutroux dossier.

“Transmitted to examining magistrate Mr. Langlois in Neufchâteau, his dossier 86/0/96 [April 22, 1998]… Annex 161. A note on the existence of a snuff network of which Mr. Glatz of the CIDE would have had knowledge and in which one would find a certain François Lippens, who is close to the mayor of Knokke, whose name is often mentioned in very horrible activities. I conducted no verification or crosscheck.”

Etienne Davignon is another person whose name comes up in the X-Dossier, although he has not been implicated to the extent of the Lippens family. X2, the police officer, apparently was the only one to mention him.

X2 speaks of two Karels in her testimony. The first one is a high official in a Brussels court, whose mistress she was. The other one is Dr. Karel van Miert . De Moranvilles and Karel van Miert are major shareholders of Solvay.

Karel was a Member of the European Parliament from 1979 to 1985 and from 1989 to 1994, went to the Bilderberg in 1993, was vice president of the advisory council of the European Policy Centre, a liberal globalist institution with advisors including Peter Sutherland, Max Kohnstamm and Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, a member of the Brussels Freemasonry lodge Erasmus and a member of the Grand Lodge of Belgium.

He succeeded Etienne Davignon as a director of Solvay in 2003, is a member of the Advisory Board of La Maison de l’Europe of Bibliothèque Solvay, a member of the advisory boards of Goldman Sachs, Eli Lilly, and Agfa-Gevaert, director of De Persgroep [The Press Group].

And so it goes on.

The de Merode family, for instance. Prince Alexandre de Merode was mentioned by both Nathalie W. and X4 as a central player in the child abuse and murder network. Additionally, X2, who was spared the worst abuse, mentioned having been in the presence of the “Merode brothers” (apparently Prince Baudouin de Merode, a Knight of Malta, and his younger brother Lionel) together with other aristocratic abusers.

Members of De Selliers De Moranville family can be found in the Jesuits, Cercle de Lorraine, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild in Genève, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Fortis, Solvay, and Coca-Cola Belgium.

Francoise Dehaye, whose husband was named by X2 as being part of the abuse network, is a quality and innovation manager at Solvay.

The Dutroux dossier mentions Chateau des Amerois, owned by the Solvay family.

X2 spoke about a girl she had known who had been murdered, and how this girl told her about the domain of Princess Liliane de Rety (“a madwoman”) where children were buried. Liliane was the second wife of King Leopold III (d. 1983) and lived until her death in 2002 at Chateau d’Argenteuil. In 2004, the Delwart family, shareholders of Solvay, bought the domain. X2 mentioned having seen Prince Laurent, the brother of Belgium’s present crown prince at these parties.

And still it goes on.

The testimony was not debunked – things like “he could not possibly have been there at this time -just denied and stricken from the record. Now, in a society where one is innocent until proven guilty, every one of these members of Them is lilywhite innocent of any wrong doing [except what they were actually convicted of in the financial area], multiple eyewitnesses notwithstanding.

The concern of this post is not their individual guilt or innocence. The concern is this – would you knowingly allow your child to go to a children’s camp organized by the wife of one or more of the names above or would you err on the side of caution?

The Angers story: April 25, 2005, Time Magazine – Europe:

They brought in customers who “had money, made appointments, and were punctual,” Rouiller says. One man paid €458 for one sexual assault on a child, and Franck V.’s wife, Patricia, regularly took in about €1,200 a month. “Franck had telephone calls from the whole of France,” says Rouiller. “He’s a poor miserable man with no intelligence. He had no reason to have contact with people in Montpellier or Lille.” Much like the paedophilia scandal that rocked Belgium in 1996, Angers is awash in suspicions that a wider ring of wealthy customers was among the child rapists, and is still at large.”

The self-perpetuating nature of it: August 19, 1996, The Times:

Chief Superintendent Brian Mackenzie, president of the Police Superintendents’ Association, said yesterday: “They operate like any other special interest group. Networks and rings form by word of mouth. “Individuals will exchange pornography and quite often they will pass compliant juveniles between groups. The whole thing spreads out and it is difficult for the police to break down.”

The networks can be very complex and in one case children who had run away from homes had been lured to London by a “safe” name and address, forced into a paedophile ring and, as they got older, were made to abuse recent arrivals. The aim was to turn the children into perpetrators, making it less likely that they would complain to the police… Children have been kidnapped by paedophile rings who make and sell videos featuring child sex abuse.”

The following came from X1:

Trying to get new children to voluntarily have homosexual sex is very popular (“You’re a big girl now, don’t be childish”, etc.), just as overwhelming young, extremely neglected children (like X1) with presents and attention, soon followed by the abuser sexually touching the victim. If the child allows the touching, i.e. “volunteers” (after given a few hints by the abuser, thinks: “this person is so good to me, why am I so childish or selfish to refuse him something as simple as sex?”), the game continues with regular beatings for “underperforming” with accusations that as worthless the child already is, he or she can’t even satisfy the one person who truly “loves” him or her.

There are several variations, but this is approximately how the initial psychological game works. Often, in later stages, everything is just about avoiding the pain or not having to deal with the guilt of someone else being tortured for the mistakes you made. Depends on the type of network a child ends up in.

Not good.

On the video one could see how a crying four year old girl was raped in the doctor’s cabinet by a criminal dressed as a doctor, while a 12 year old girl had to play nurse and came in with the necessary instruments on a platter… The videos are very expensive (up to 30,000 euros a piece) and primarily find their way to pedocriminal networks.”

X11’s testimony:

Carine Dellaert. According to XI, it was V. (she gave her first name). She added: “They killed her, too. Clo told me that she was called V.” During questioning on 25 October, statement no. 116.018, XI said: “This happened in a house in Ghent. Clo was there, too […] They tortured her with knives and scissors. Someone broke a bottle and rubbed the fragments into her vagina. Then they cut her in various places with razor-blades.”


PV 118.869, December 12, 1996: “When the contractions started her [X1’s] grandmother made a phone call. The Lippens brothers, Vanden Boeynants and the assistant commissioner of Knokke arrived. [Baron] De Bonvoisin and Vander Elst arrived thereafter… Vander Elst puts a knife on her throat while Bonvoisin rapes her… She must masturbate while Vander Elst makes a number of photos. Lippens rapes her with a razor blade.”


It needs a sense of proportion in that the Belgian town [near the start of the post] raised the question that if the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker were all into the 11 year old girl, would you also have a dip, if you knew 1] you’d get away with it; 2] it was par for the course; 3] not to or to protest might place you in danger from some very guilty townsfolk.

To me, there’s a continuum and that case is about halfway along. At the sewer end of the continuum are these alleged counts and barons. Leaving aside the actual names, as they have never been personally convicted and are therefore to be presumed innocent, could you ever do such things as in that last quote?

We’re all aware of false rape allegations and there’ve been a hell of a lot of them of late, which doesn’t do the cause of women any favours whatever. To jump from that, however, to “all allegations made by girls are false” is, IMHO, a step too far, particularly in the type of detail those eleven witnesses conveyed, which was much of a muchness.

Let’s hypothetically assume, for the moment, that they might have been correct, the witnesses. The implications for society are clear and for the safety of our children, let alone our own safety. One trumped up charge, one stint in prison and there might well be a reception committee awaiting us.

There will be deep anger at this “farrago of lies” peddled on the strength of discredited witnesses [discredited by the accused, of course]. There’ll be False Memory Syndrome, revered “authorities” trotted out to debunk it … or else there’ll be complete silence, as there has been.

I’d like to address the question of how any human being could possibly do such things to a child, let alone to an adult. I’ve deliberately steered clear of any talk of DID, MPD or Satanists because I didn’t want to cloud the issue by giving detractors the fuel they needed. There were copious references, even in the names the children were made to assume, of the occult, e.g. Abbraxas. I’ve not addressed those for the reasons just stated.

Which comes back to the plain, unadorned question again – how could any human being, however depraved and drug-ravaged, possibly do such things to a child, let alone an adult? Let’s split this into two different questions:

1, How could this baronial class, the ancient families, do such inhuman things with such impunity, with such disregard for human sanctity? An answer suggests itself – this set of people has been in control for centuries, if not millennia and who or what has ever acted to curb their excesses? Who or what has ever had the power or been in the position to prevent it? And as their influence was always, historically, confined to a village here or there, then there’d be vague rumours but nothing definitively pinned on them … until, that is, the era of modern technological communication. To inbred and diseased minds, ripping a baby from a child’s womb might be little different to carving up the prey at the end of a kill.

2. If that one is at least understandable [and read the description of the Bollinger in Waugh’s Decline and Fall], then what about the heads of corporations, late risers in the world? With no intergenerational history of such things, how do they live with themselves if they have, in fact, joined in with this? I think of Niehoul here and the wheelers and dealers of Davos?

The explanation might be that men [and women] of this type, being offered the prospect of absolute freedom from constraint, the satanist “do as thou wilt” in full fury, no comeback, full protection, would find it near impossible to refuse. Already powerful, rich, famous, respected in the community, here they are being offered the chance to indulge their worst lusts and not only that, to have the power of life and death over that human being, that lesser creature they’re abusing. The intoxication of absolute power, so far above the common herd that the usual rules don’t apply to them, could easily lead to addiction, almost an affirmation of their place as wheelers and dealers of the world.

And by the way, these are the very people who, being the movers and shakers, are also in charge of our own destinies too -from the politicians to the money to that minor officer at the council, to the EC – and this is the calibre of person we are subject to? In a minor example, look at the Westminster expenses scammers and one of them, the Chipmunk, interviewed about it. She felt zero remorse in that clip.

And another question – how did that baronial class get to be the baronial class in the first place? Speak to a Christian and he’ll be under no illusion a to the answer. Speak to a secular person and he’ll be wondering for donkeys’ years.

Will people rise up on this issue? Hardly. For a start, where is the final proof of the guilt of these people? Sure the paedo networks have been established and the industry exists – the films, real or faked, whatever, have been seen by law enforcement. The people accused above though will say it was someone else they knew nothing about.

Nailing them is of importance, in that it is the way to prevent it going on any more but the prime directive is surely the protection of children, particularly in Belgium and around Omaha and Seattle, for example. It needs an Eliot Ness though, a Jim Garrison without the flaws and I don’t see too many of those about.

Plus there is such a backlash against false accusations, such mocking of “for the cheeeldren”, that as well as innocent males being protected, the real perpetrators can continue with impunity. This post names quite a few names and even though it’s mere reportage, it still brings those names to light. I personally have not one ounce of proof on any of them, not a sausage. If I’m asked to take this down, I’ll have to, without question.

So, what can be done? Sure the numbers are just a few thousand children, a mere drop in the ocean. Sure those children were more often than not already flotsam. Sure we can’t solve every problem in the world, certainly not through a blog.

What can be done?

One small thing which can be done is for males [and those females who also indulge] to clear their porn stash today – delete it. Then, if you have to look, avoid any images of someone looking as young as the girl on the right here – you know very well who’s under an appropriate age and who’s not – and basically starve the mafia of your custom. Stick to MILFs and if that can’t be guaranteed safe, then at least you’ve done what you can.

That will then drive the price to the rich and famous through the stratosphere, which will barely inconvenience them and let’s face it – the type of material we’re talking about in this post hardly seems your Club Seventeen but how do you know how much crossover there is? How do you know where that girl you just looked at ends up or what her other life is? You’re told she’s happy and earning a living but how can you tell? The market rules and if the market collapses, then I think much of the exploitation might not be worth the candle for them any more. What I’m getting at is that it will go back to the Rodox type and there’s always going to be a percentage that can’t be helped but the rampant trafficking might well have its back broken.

Just a suggestion.


The girl in the photo top left was Carine Dellaert. Her grandmother phoned the ring when contractions began, they took her away, raped and tortured her in childbirth, she died of blood loss, her decomposing body later found in a cesspit.

The girl to the right here was Christine van Hees, repeatedly raped, taken to an abandoned champignon factory, tied up, doused with petrol and set alight. Burned notebooks and a satchel belonging to her were found in the same building later.


The bulk of the material came from here and here.


Oh and remember this?

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  1. Able
    March 21, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Oh Dear Lord Almighty! It is at times like this I struggle to see any reason that the total annihilation of, what appears at times to be oxymoronic, ‘humanity’ would not make the world a better place.

    To think I had been labouring under the misapprehension that I had a vague idea as to the depths of depravity which some will sink to. How wrong I was!

  2. March 21, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Thank you for this post, James — excellent research and a message we need to read.

    I must admit, I cannot read much about these cases without becoming nauseated. There really is evil in the world.

    There is another ancient concept connected with this type of abuse, which is adults seeing children as ‘poison containers’:

    As for corporal punishment, yes, it is necessary, but not in the relentless, systematic way fundamentalist Protestants in the United States use it. All this outer ‘piety’ on their part is a load of bunk. They’ve maimed (physically as well as mentally) and sometimes killed their children through it.

  3. Maaarrghk!
    March 26, 2012 at 5:49 am

    I was in Brussells the week after the White Demo’ and have followed the Detroux case with some interest over the years, watching the implications becoming steadily smaller as the investigations were narrowed down to make it look like he was acting almost alone.

    I still have an old VHS tape of a woman who was able to take the film crew to a farm where a lot of the abuse parties were held. She authorities said she was a looney and had never been to this place, but she was able to describe in detail exactly what modifications to the house the new owners had made. Everything from the previous wallpaper patterns to re-location of internal walls.

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