It’s not fascism when they do it?

One of the most laughable claims of the left is that somehow or other they are torchbearers for free speech, when what they really mean is that you can say what you like so long as you agree with us. Just look at the hysterics outside the BBC Question Time studios when Nick Griffin was invited onto the panel along with the reaction of the typically leftist BBC audience and Dimbleby himself to any attempt by Griffing to make his point. Again and again it is the left, not just the far left, but the left in general who have proven that they are the enemies of democracy and free speech. After all, look at who introduced hate speech laws to criminalise people for saying what they think in a total rejection of freedom of speech itself. People have ended up in prison for comments on twitter and facebook, there’s even the case of Emma West who is to be tried by crown court over her comments on a youtube recording. Was it unpleasant? Possibly, should she have been arrested? Certainly not, but the new legislation has given the state the opportunity to do so and the power to remove her child as well.

There was a demo in Aarhus, Denmark yesterday, it got a mention on the BBC if only because some of the EDL were there, there were the usual extremist/right wing adjectives thrown about and the hint that there would be trouble because of the nature of the demo.

Well, there was trouble and it came from the usual sources…

AARHUS, Denmark (AP) ā€” More than 80 people were arrested Saturday as protesters hurling rocks and bottles tried to interrupt an anti-Islamic demonstration by far-right groups from across northern Europe, Danish police said.
There were numerous brief scuffles throughout the day as police tried to separate some 2,500 counter-demonstrators from a few hundred people attending the anti-Islamic rally in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city. One police officer received minor injuries after being hit by a bottle, police spokesman Georg Husted said.
Police said about 200 to 300 people from Denmark, Britain, Germany, Sweden and Poland took part in what was billed as a “European counter-jihad meeting” to protest what they called the Islamization of Europe. They were met by a 10-times larger counter-demonstration by left-wing groups under the banner “Aarhus for Diversity.”
Both demonstrations were peaceful until a group of black-clad, mask-wearing youth from the counter-demonstration tried to break through police lines, but officers in riot gear held them back. After the rally finished, protesters hurled rocks and bottles at a bus carrying the far-right sympathizers as police vans escorted it out of the city centre.

And that sadly is the lefts answer to everything, violence, it’s all they really have, their economic theory amounts to imbecilic larceny, their hypocrisy knows no bounds (Yes Ken Livingstone we’re looking at you) and they associate themselves with all of the most horrendous human rights abusing states and organisations on the face of the planet, yet have the nerve to accuse others of the very things they support in general. Left wing regimes in the 20th century were responsible for just about every atrocity on the planet, it’s estimated their regimes were directly responsible for the murder of over 100 million inhabitants on this planet, only Islam can claim more and they have a 1500 year head start. Yet everywhere you go on the MSM it’s right wing that equals evil and this mostly stems from the lefts attempts (successful) to fix in the minds of people that the Nazi regime was somehow right wing when it can be demonstrated to most peoples awareness when confronted with the actual facts that it clearly was no such thing.

It’s my opinion that the approbation alluded to the term right wing, should actually be attached to the term left wing, for the left are clearly everything they accuse the right of being, including racist, fascist and homophobic as well as being class traitors to the ordinary people of the UK.

Who are the real fascists? Well you can judge them by their behaviour and it isn’t the those the left accuse of being right wing, if anything it’s the likes of the EDL who champion free speech, it certainly isn’t the violent anti freedom left.

4 comments for “It’s not fascism when they do it?

  1. April 2, 2012 at 8:39 am

    “Who are the real fascists?”

    I think we know who they are. Good post.

  2. john in cheshire
    April 2, 2012 at 9:27 am

    Yes, good post; echoing my feelings about all socialists. And I still don’t know what ‘right-wing’ means.

    • mikebravo
      April 2, 2012 at 12:45 pm

      “Right wing” means anything that points out the endless failures of left wing dogma.

    • DerekP
      April 3, 2012 at 12:55 am

      Socialist ‘tags’:
      Denier – someone who politely asks an acolyte of the religion of CAGW to provide some evidence-based real science.

      Right wing – someone who has pointed out with examples the intolerant, dictatorial and murderous nature of so many Socialist governments and their supporters.

      Racist – someone who is winning an argument against a Socialist (often by the ideologically-unsporting tactic of using facts, numbers and logic).

      Fascist – someone resisting violent attacks by Socialists who, when losing the argument, want to restrict free speech.


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